Miley Cyrus on Edward Cullen vs Robert Pattinson

Miley Cyrus was talking to Teen Vogue and expressed something we’ve seen a lot of on our boards and blog. She said, “I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love with Edward.”

So what is your take? What category do you fall into, and if you don’t fall into a category here what did we miss in our poll?


  1. I’m sorry, I just had to roll my eyes when I read that snippet in the morning headlines.

    No wonder Radiohead had no desire to meet her.

  2. i know i don’t think Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen are the same people, I like them individually.

  3. That’s kind of insulting and childish to say to the general public.

  4. Julie M. says

    I agree with all of the above! I’m sure there are a lot of girls on this site who like Miley, but I could really care less what she has to say. It seems like every time a celebrity is interviewed they have to be asked about Twilight just for the sake of asking. Know what I mean?

  5. “I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love with Edward.”

    I wish she wouldn’t generalize, it really doesn’t make her sound very intelligent. I’m a Robert Pattinson and an Edward fan, and I know the difference between both of them. *sigh* I do enjoy his work and his interviews, and that’s all it takes to be fan. (not all of us are ‘in love’)

  6. Oh, shut up Miley.

  7. Oh God… She truly has no idea who she is saying this too. If Rob was playing not Edward anymore we would revolt. We love him. We know he is different from Edward. I hated her before, and I hate her even more now.

  8. TotalTwilight13 says

    Wtf? Ok. One, Miley shouldnt even be commenting on what Twilight Saga fans love or dont love. Two, Who cares what she has to say, there are tons of girls that like/love both rob and edward, and even if they like/love one or the other why does it matter? So Miley can just shove it.. I mean really since when does her opinion of twilight characters, fans, or anything for that matter, count for anything? THE ANSWER.. SHE REALLY DOESNT!

  9. She’s just put out because Twilight blew BOLT out of the park. Snotty little kid!

  10. You know, Miley does have a right to voice her own opinion. In some ways (notice I said SOME) she has a point. But then again, there’s a reason I’m on Team Jacob. But oh well, enough of me. I don’t want to get skewered anymore than I probably will be.

  11. well i am not a fan of miley or her fictional character hannah montana;boy she sure is one to talk.

  12. hey miley,
    we all know the difference between you and hannah Montana, you’re a fake bitch and she’s not!

  13. yaytwihard says

    oh god.
    here she goes again. why cant she just go away?

    first of all, i dont “love” edward… too perfect, too boring, too dark.. love jacob more.

    BUT i love robert pattinson… funny, cute, and modest. he’s the perfect guy for me.
    ugh i can’t stand her; her voice is so nasally that i just want to cover my ears when she’s singing.. no offense to those MC fans.

  14. AriLovesEdward! says

    Um, I actually love Robert Pattinson, thank you very much Miley Cyrus. And since when should a person speak for other people?

  15. I LOVE EDWARD!!! AND ROB!!!! I thought Rob was hot in Harry Potter, so i am a fan of both big time!!!!!!! When he jumps out of the tree when you first see him in harry potter i about died, he was gorgeous.

  16. And I’m not a fan of Miley OR Hannah Montanna. >.>

  17. Zookie Monster says

    Miley Cyrus needs to shut her trap >_> She has no idea what the heck she’s talking about. She’s just being a snotty brat.

  18. Wow. I guess I’m old because I have no idea who Miley Cryus is. Anyways, I’m a fan of Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen. Since Edward isn’t a real person I’m a fan of his character. I’ve been a fan of Robert since I saw him in the Deleted Scenes of Vanity Fair, because of the persona he gives off on the screen.

  19. Lets see…
    Rob Pattinson is an actor. He happens to play the part of Edward.
    I’m looking forward to watching him in Little Ashes and How To Be. I enjoy his interviews.

    Edward is a character. Of course we love him. That’s how he’s written.

    Rob is not Edward. Rob plays Edward

    *sigh* now, if Rob were Edward, that would be a different story.

    Has anyone actually seen Rob in the sunlight 😉

    I agree that Miley has every right to voice her opinion, If she dislikes the books, or Rob or whatever, that’s fine. Just don’t be so general.

    No one will really remember this in a month anyway.
    Unless she’s cast in one of the movies, then we have some issues… (I’m kidding)

    • coulnt agree more with you
      some people have to really understand the difference… by the way i like your comparison of “have u seen rob in the sun?” lol that was funny

      miley… should just keep doing her own thing … really
      besides u cant take her opinions really serious she is like wat 16 so yeah

  20. She is SO wrong.
    I love Rob for being Rob, and Edward for being Edward.
    I just love them BOTH. Miley doesn’t know what she’s talking about. 😛

  21. Miley = idiot.

    I agree with most of you here. I love Pattinson on the interviews…which is why I became I fan of him. this girl needs to get her head out of her a$$.

    Don’t speak for everybody girl. Take Radiohead’s advice.

    “oh god. here she goes again. why cant she just go away? ”
    <— LOL. I wish she’ll just go away. It may be sooner than we think. These disney starlets don’t last very long.

  22. Twilight Nymph says

    Oh, please she’s just a child trying to sound like she’s intelligent, but in reality she’s not. If we didn’t like Rob there would still be people whining to replace him. We know the difference between Rob and Edward Miley, one is flesh and blood who portrays Edward and the other is a fictional character from an awesome series by an incredible author. So, with that being said, do your research next time before you open your big yap! LMAO

  23. Edward kinda bothers me sometimes. However I wouldn’t say I’m a Rob fan. Because I find being a fan of people to be kind of weird (at least in this context).

    I think I get it when he talks about weird things and people are like “what is he on?”. To me it makes sense but maybe we run in the same vein of insanity.

  24. I think I like Jacob Black a bit more than Edward Cullen, so I’m more of a Team Jacob girl. I’m kind of tired of Edward. *dodges tomatoes from angry Team Edward fans* But I like Robert as an actor and artist. Plus I enjoy his dorky sense of humor. So I vote Rob fan only. I’m not crazy obsessed over anything, though.

  25. PS: Although I don’t like Miley Cyrus (for reasons that would take forever to list), I think she has a point. Sometimes girls get so caught up in “love” the actor’s role, that they obsess over the actor too, because they confuse him with he’s the character he’s playing. It all gets mixed up in this one big blob and before you know it, fans insist Robert sparkles and when they see him walking down the street, they’ll call out “Edward!” Some fans don’t even know who Robert really is as a person. Just saying. (I am not claiming I know him either, though, so don’t throw tomatoes at me for that too! lol.)

  26. I agree with you Frerard, there are a LOT of girls that don’t dissociate Edward from Rob. (I’m not saying everyone…). But there are plenty of people who call Rob “Edward” and call Jackson “Jasper”…. etc. You all know this. PLUS, I am not a Miley fan, but ROB HIMSELF has said stuff like this in interviews! When he’s asked how he handles all the screaming girls, he always replies “They’re not screaming for me, they’re screaming for Edward.” I’ve seen him say things like this in more than one interview.

  27. I think the whole statement is kinda sad because from interviews you can tell he thinks what she says is true… i do believe that there are a lot of people who have pushed there love of edward onto rob, but there are still those who like rob as an individual and not just the character he plays…. I am a fan of both edward and rob (i adore his music).

    also… I never have understood this “edward is too perfect” stuff…. he’s such a flawed self-loathing character who makes so many mistakes and is over-protective… I think what makes him brilliant is that he wants to be good… he tries so hard… even when he feels like he is a lost cause.

  28. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says

    Okay, when i read the books, Edward was my favorite character, cuz Jacob was a dick for practically the whole series and Bella is just whiney and complaining and annoying… Edward was really the only cool character………. Until Robert Pattinson ruined him. Seriously, he metaphorically beat Edward Cullen with a crow bar, and dropped a gravestone on the head of the character Stephenie Meyer created. His looks aren’t even the problem, even if i do think rob pattinson is NOT good looking enough to play Edward Cullen…. I mean he was wearing lipstick to pull the look off…… and his eyebrows are odd and hairy, i could go at them with hedge trimmers. But anyway, the real problem is his acting!!!!! He is so dry and flat and he whispered through the whole movie, while at the same time looking angry THE WHOLE TIME! his expressions were off, his gestures didn’t match, they were forced, and what really got me was how HE WAS MEAN TO BELLA and HOW I DID NOT GET THE SENSE AT AAAALLLLLLL THAT HE LOVED HER! They had no chemistry! when i read the books i actually liked the love story, it was cute and sweet, but here there is no love story, i missed it completely, and i guess that’s why the Twilight movie irked a weeee bit, the love story was toned down….. everything else i liked about it…. Anyway those are my feelings about Robert Pattinson, and how his atrocious acting ruined Edward Cullen and the movie Twilight!

  29. heavenlysamuraigirl says

    It’s funny how everyone has to jump on someone just because they are stating their opinion. I’m not going to agree with her, cause she did generalize that too much. But it was just how she viewed things. What’s funny too was the statement on how if Rob was not Edward there would be a revolt, when in the beginning there was such a HUGE negative response to him being Edward.
    I kinda feel sorry for her. Maybe not, She’ll probably have as much haters as she has fans…hehe But I’m still okay with her…
    I suppose I like Rob and Ed differently. Cause no matter what he does, no matter how he acts, or how he speaks, I still can’t see him as Edward. While others call him the “perfect Edward” I dissagree. Stephenie once said that to accept Rob people had to let go of their Edward. It’s kinda hard to let go of my Edward when I bear little attraction to the image of the one replacing him.

  30. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says

    So yeah, thank god he is only in like two minutes of New Moon… leave the movie for Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart who can actually act….

  31. I love Rob.
    I love Edward.
    I hate Miley.
    Enough said.

  32. miley cyrus has no idea what she is talking about.

    dont worry rob, i still love you.

    who needs disney channel stars anyway?

  33. Edward is my favorite character, but when it comes to real life I can distinguish between the role and the actor. Rob is pretty talented, and he seems like such an awesome guy.
    I’m definitely a fan of both 🙂

  34. c’mon… such a childish comment… oh wait! she’s a child… so what could we expect?

    anyway, i’ve been a fan of robert’s since harry potter… and of course that i like him and i like the character itself he plays for the Twilight movies…

  35. Savannah says

    hmmm Miley’s quite rude, isn’t she.
    most of us like both of them, but I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘in love’
    She’s retarted.

  36. I am a fan of both. I like Rob’s personality better. Gentle wins for me everytime. Not that Edward has many faults, but, let me rephrase, I prefer WARM and gentle.

    Poor Miley, she is falling like a sack of bricks in popularity and thinks she has to bash to keep the spotlight on her. Too bad. Just keep digging your own grave sweetheart.

  37. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Miley Cyrus can go @#$% her underwear model boyfriend and leave us the hell alone.

  38. I’m a fan of both Edward and Robert.
    Ilove Edward as a character and Robert because he is so hot
    I think Miley is generalizing fans and it is slighlty insulting

  39. I am going to agree with what Britt said earlier.

    I Love Rob (his music is genuis)
    I love Edward (the best fictional character)<noticed I said FICTIONAL!!!!!

    I hate Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana (the only good thing is like 2 of Miley’s songs)

    ENOUGH SAID——Just stop generalizing!!!

  40. Personally I don’t care what Miley Cyrus thinks about Rob/Edward. Rob is a real person and Edward is fictional. You can’t really compare the two as the “SAME”. This isn’t Hannah Montana where he takes off a wig and is Miley Cyrus. I love Robert and I love Edward individually, but equally. Rob is a great actor and Edward is an amazing character. BTW I don’t like Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus.

  41. I don’t like it when people say that. It is such a generalization, and I find it insulting. As if we Twilight fans are so mentally incompetent that we are not able to separate a fictional character from a human being.

    Personally, I love both Rob and Edward. But not because Rob plays Edward. I like Rob because of his amazing personality, hilarious sense of humor, phenomenal acting skill, and his beautiful music.

    And I like Edward too, but not as much as I like Rob. I’m more of a Jacob girl. :]

  42. Sterling Snow says

    I actually prefer Rob to Edward.
    Edward was the first fictional character I ever fell in love with, so of course he is important to me. But I really prefer Rob’s personality to Edward’s. Rob can laugh at himself, he’s very honest (sometimes too much so) and he doesn’t try to be someone he’s not. Plus, he all his interviews make me laugh 🙂

  43. To quote Miley as Hannah, ” Miley Cyrus say what?”

    Puh leaze!
    Does Miley Cyrus actually realize that Rob.Patz and
    Edward Anthony Mason Cullen are 2 separate entities and one is entirely fictional? Doubt it.

    I think the poll question should be:

    Does anyone really give a ————- (fill in the blank)
    what Miley Cyrus thinks about anything?

    Nuf said! Love to everyone reading the Lex. and sorry for my rant!

  44. no one likes miley cyrus, and she can stfu.
    i love rob and edward the same.
    its not just bc he’s edward i like him
    MILEY’S UGLY AND A HOE, she has no room to talk

  45. I think Miley Cyrus is right in some cases, wait hang on a minute before you go crazy. There are people who are Edward fans who project his personality onto Rob, but the thing is those are the people who just read the books and watched the movie. People (as in all the people on this site basically) who do their research i.e. watching interviews etc. know that Rob is not Edward and most of them love Rob as an individual. I hate Miley Cyrus as much as anyone and as far as all the TRUE twilight fans go she’s totally wrong but there are others out there that she would be right about who think Rob is Edward. But, she’s about 95% wrong I mean I love Rob more than Edward, he’s REAL and she’s obviously not a Twilight fan and she’s just blabbing her big fat mouth when she probably doesn’t have a clue what the f— she’s talking about.

  46. bellamarie670 says

    this girl is dumb. doesnt know what twilight fans really care about. no one should listen to her speak.

  47. Oh also I wish Rob would read this because Rob himself says the same thing all the time in interviews that fans don’t love him, they love Edward. And to i think it was Bart? I kind of agree, all the acting in the movie sucked, but that’s not to say I don’t think Rob is a good actor, now nobody kill me for saying this, but I actually think it was because of Catherine Hardwicke I think that Rob and Kristen are both REALLY good actors, but they both kind of sucked in Twilight, I mean anyone who’s watched the movie with the commentary has to hear that Catherine said parts that even Kristen and Rob thought were bad were her favorite parts. I think Catherine Hardwicke worked really hard on the movie and put in her best effort and I don’t have any problems with her, I just think that the acting would have been better with a different director. Anyway to Bart or whoever that was don’t get too set against Rob yet, I think the next director will make a huge difference. Now that isn’t to say I didn’t love the movie, even with the bad acting I continue to watch it over and over again. Also I don’t love Rob for his talents, I got to love him by watching interviews, he’s just a really funny, normal and great guy. Okay sorry for my two REALLY long rants.

  48. I’m not sure it was a bright comment for her to make but I’m one of the people love Edward and doesn’t particularly think much of Rob.

  49. Ok, i’m not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, nor her altar ego Hannah Montana, and i’m definitely not a big fan now. But just because we don’t like her doesn’t mean we have to be mean… no i don’t think what she said was right but she’s aloud to say whatever she wants. it’s the same as what were doing when we comment. No, i’m a fan of Rob nor a big Edward fan either… i like Emmett which has nothing to do with the topic but i thought i might get that out there. There’s more to Twilight then just the movie and the books. The fact that we’re dissing Miley because of a statement just shows how mean people really can be. If she said something about a book that only a few people know about then it wouldn’t be a big deal. People only make it out to be a big deal because it’s about Twilight and it’s now popular. if this was said when only the books were out then this conversation-ish thing probably wouldn’t be happening. give the girl some slack. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need people getting mad at her because of an innocent comment!

  50. wow you people who say rob cant act make me so mad. i mean have you seen any of his other movies???? he is one of the most brilliant actors i’ve seen. so dont judge an actor by just one movie.

    btw i HATE miley and she has no idea what she is talking about. i think we are smart enough to tell a fictional character from a real person. i love rob and edward in different ways.

    • i aggree with you, abby, because thats just one movie so there! ans also i now HATE MILEY~S GUTS AND I HOPE SHE FALLS IN A HOLE AND BREAKS A LEG!!!! (sorry for miley fans out there… i was one up until now)but seriously!!! like miley, talk for yourself and not other people!!god!

      • aww thanks for agreeing with me
        and if miley didnt fall in a well i would push her in one lol