Borders Gives Twilight Fans a Thank You

This just in from Borders. They wanted to thank Twilighters for coming to their stores to celebrate the DVD and book releases, so this is what they are going to do: Their merchandising team is doing a first in its coupon efforts here: Twilight fan appreciation. What they did was create a coupon that is Buy ANYTHING in the Twilight Saga (books, DVD, apparel, you name it) that is at the store and get the next item 50% OFF. It’s an in-store only coupon (meaning not available for online purchase). It’s the first time any of their items like the sweetheart candy, Edward Cullen doll or t-shirts have ever had a discount.

From what Borders told us, “The thing is the fan sites we love are the only folks that are going to get this coupon to share with the community so it truly is appreciation for you all as it won’t be posted anywhere else – not even our site until you all have put it out there. Ending this email as I started it, with a BIG thanks and hope this offer is something that will help the fans get their hands on those items they really want that are out there :- )”

The offer is good April 6-12, 2009 Get the coupon here.


  1. How cool! Thanks so much, Borders!

    What to buy, what to buy….

  2. Thanks Borders you guys have done an amazing job. You have given us all great products and a lot of fun with the Twilight Saga. I look forward to seeing what you cook up for the New Moon release in theaters.

    One of the few male fans!

    • HowlingJuanjo says

      Another male fan here, bro! R we the only ones? I don’t care, I love this!

    • By your name you and I would probably get along just fine! Love hearing guys appreciate Twilight, too! Nothing is sexier than a guy who gets bit by the whole Twilight series. Welcome Misfit!
      πŸ˜‰ arazcal

    • Thanks Borders! You really know how to support the fanbase and by doing so you further encourage reading.
      Ahh, it’s nice when things work out in many ways..;)

      Now,.. where can a girl get a pocket Jacob?!!

  3. that’s sweet, wish i lived anywhere near a borders πŸ™

  4. ::prints out coupon and drives to Borders:: what to get what to get?

  5. This is so cool! Thanks borders! πŸ™‚

  6. Rad! I’m getting the Edward figurine for sure now!

  7. i was about to say thanks but yet again its only in american stores. we twilight lovers in England have borders stores too you know

  8. JessakaMitz says

    Thanks to the Lexicon site & Borders for the coupon πŸ™‚

  9. I just registered on this site this morning, and had planned to go get Breaking Dawn today. I saw the coupon and said, “Lets go to Borders!!!!!” LoL I just got home and ended up with Breaking Dawn and the Twilight Score soundtrack. Im listening to it now and love it.

    Thank you Borders, and Thank You Twilight Lexicon!

  10. YAY I love shopping at Borders!!! Thanks to Borders for the coupon and thanks to the Lexicon for sharing the news! *excited* πŸ™‚

  11. NezziLautner says

    thanx Border’s!! but i just need to know… is the lack of updated news due to the weird new tightening of security or is this just a slow week?? i hope it wont always be like this! i need to know what my boy taylor is doing NOW!!

  12. ScarletRubie says

    YAY i love borders, if i could own a borders I WOULD!!

  13. HowlingJuanjo says

    Yay! U r very welcome, Borders! Thank U!

  14. I love Borders!

    Only problem with them is that the closest store to me is Nashville, which is 2 hours away. They took away all the Chattanooga stores, and most of their e-coupons are only in store purchases.

    I am feeling so left out of the great deals right now!!

  15. u require assist! movies are for enterntainment.