Music Feature Saturday

For today’s music feature we bring you a  new voice in the Twilight universe.  This week the Lexicon is proud to feature Aaron Galbreath.  Aaron wrote the song “Bleed” after being inspired by his wife’s love of Stephenie’s books and the amazing love story between Edward and Bella. The lyrics tell Bella’s story of longing while Edward is away.  You can hear Bleed at Aaron’s website.  You can check out Aaron’s recent performance of Bleed below.  We also conducted an interview with Aaron.

Why did you become inspired to write a song for New Moon?

My wife and her best friend are huge fans, so I gave it a shot. Turns out, it’s a great book, great epic love story. I tend to write songs about love and relationships so I was immediately connected to the subject matter.

Check out the rest of the interveiw here.  We also have the lyrics to Bleed for you to check out and comment on.

UPDATE:  If you would like a free download of the song, you can get it here.