New Moon Movie Scene Slated to Film

This just in from Krystyna who runs the Justin Chon fansite and The Twilight Files. She also works at a paper (The Little Nickel) that the New Moon crew is using for props.

Hey all I just got some news for ya about the Little Nickel today!

“I just found out that they called asking for more papers today about 6 bundles of this week’s paper. That’s way over 240 papers for the rack they will be using in a scene tomorrow.

The scene I heard it will be used for is the ‘movie theater’ scene. We all know what scene that is, where Bella tries to organize a group outing to the movies, and slowly couple by couple people start to flake out and all that’s left is Bella, Jacob and Mike!”


  1. Hey everyone. I just thought I would let you know that my friends and I have just finished filming an hour long feature film that is very similar to Twilight. It is about a girl whose lover sacrifices his life for her, and therefore she becomes immortal. I really think that fans of Twilight will like it!

    I’ve created a teaser trailer for the movie, which I will release whenever I feel like splitting it up into 10-minute sections for YouTube. So I just wanted to get the word out, and I encourage you to take a look!


  2. TwiFan21 says:

    So glad this scene will be in the movie!

  3. borninwashington says:

    I read The Little Nickel all the time. I love that they have this attention to detail for keeping everything local.

  4. What would they need so many newspapers for?

  5. I don’t get the newspaper stuff either. What does that have to do with the date at the movies?

  6. dunno what papers got to do with movies (‘cept movie time and reviews) but i’m happy that they’ll have the theater scene, which would mean they may still have everyone getting sick.

  7. Sugary Giggles says:

    Now I can’t say for certain, since I have zero involvement, but honestly the papers will probably just be in the background somewhere, like they would be in every day life.

  8. TwiFan21 says:

    I don’t have my book with me… but doesn’t Jacob grab a popcorn bucket and some newspapers to keep Mike from puking all over his “new” car? It was the first night they drove it out.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I’m not sure I’m getting what they need the newspapers for either…but I guess we’ll find out in NOvember 🙂

  10. Woo hoo! Some more cool news! Yea I think your right TwiFAn21 he does grab some newspapers and a popcorn bucket.

  11. Sugary Giggles says:

    I don’t remember him grabbing any newspapers, just the popcorn bucket….

    So far it seems like they’re aiming to leave in most of the scenes from the book. There are only a few major scenes (as opposed to Twilight where basically everything built the story) so it might be easier to condense. Bella and Jacob spend a lot of time just tinkering in the garage, that can be easily condensed.

  12. heatherh says:

    hey, so i was on the New Moon page of IMdB and noticed that the characters formerly mentioned as having been cast as Sam, Jared, Paul, etc… all have different character names like instead of Sam it’s “Lakota”.

    did melissa rosenberg changes the Quileute kids names??!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    I sure hope not or I will be writing a very strongly worded letter to, to, to… someone. I don’t know who y et.

  13. Corinne says:

    How do they know it will be the scene w/Jacob, Bella, and Mike? It might be for when Jessica and Bella go to the movies.

  14. twigirl says:

    I just don’t get the connection with movies and newspapers. ???? I’ll be glad if that scene is in the movie though…it’s one of my favorites.

  15. Like many people here,I don’t get the newspaper thing either.

  16. shortstuff says:

    its probably just a background prop for the theatre… for a newspaper stand. you’d be surprised how much detail goes into small things for sets and props..

    i’m hoping its the jake/mike/bella scene.. its one of my favortie scenes from the book!!

  17. yayyyyy! i was sooooo afraid they wouldnt do the scene and find another way to do it yay! this is one of them i rele wanted to seee

  18. rebelangel says:

    maybe its to announce that there has been wolf sightings or something…

  19. FT-twilight says:

    woooo! so glad they are using this scene in the film, cant wait to see it.

  20. Lakota and Hualapai are the kinds of Indians those guys are. I wonder why they are posted as the names of the characters. That is so bizarre. ;(

  21. SpunkRansom says:

    Maybe the newspapers are for the front porch of the cullen house, when bella stops by..that would signify nobody being home & a ‘stack’ of newspapers would be a subtle reminder of how looong the house has been vacant..??? but then again i could be wrong, just my imagination running

  22. SpunkRansom says:

    P.s. Newspapers still being delivered would hint @ how abruptly they moved that they didnt have time to cancel their subscription to the paper. Idk, just a possibility in my attention to detail eyes (winky emoticon)

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