Michael Welch to Appear at Movie Premiere

According to ProNetworks:

“Producers Reel Energy Entertainment have announced that the NewFilmmakers LA festival has selected Lost Dream for its Red Carpet Premiere on May 7th. Designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world, many well known films have debuted at NewFilmmakers including Blair Witch Project. The event will take place at the Stanley Kramer Theater in Hollywood.

There will be a limited number of tickets available to the general public at the NewFilmmakers LA official site. The event will include a Red Carpet VIP screening and reception. Cast and crew will also participate in a Q&A after the screening.”

We have confirmed that Mike Welch will be in attendance at this event as he is one of the stars of this intensely gripping film. From what we have learned the film is gritty, deeply moving, and a darker project from Mike’s normal fair. According to our source when we asked for more information about the project, “the film is the realization that many young people explore and get disillusioned, but some go too far and it ruins their life.”

In his recent interview over at Touched By Twilight, Mike spoke about this film as being the most challenging venture of his acting career. On the film’s just launched official site Mike states, “The entire cast and crew saw the film’s potential and believed they had a chance to be a part of something powerful and thought provoking.”

The film is not yet rated, so please be advised that if you are going, based on the material and the description we have been give, it is definitely intended for mature audiences. Now we certainly aren’t the MPAA, but given the description we’ve been given it sounds like the film would probably receive an R rating.

So if you are in the LA area, and over age 17 try to get yourself some tickets for this great event!


  1. Excellent piece! Thank you so much for the link and mention. I can attest to the fact that the material is for more mature audiences. I saw the film 3 times — an early cut of the film and then a later cut twice, and there are themes of sexuality and drugs, in addition to the ones evident from the poster, trailer, and synopsis if people happen to see any of those. I agree that it is definitely R material.

  2. Does anyone know if Mike or any of Bella’s human friends
    will be in new Moon. they have not been mentioned at all
    about appearing in the film.

  3. Bite Me...please? says:

    Marianne: yeah, we know Mike will be, because the “movie theater scene” will be in the movie, but I’m not totally sure about the others.

  4. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Will Micheal still be Mike in the Movie???

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