M Squared Productions Twilight Parody

The gals over at M2 have released their latest parody.


  1. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I don’t thnk it was as funny as their usual stuff, probably because of the scale of the production. The best things were definitely Charlie (I freaking love that guy!) and Jasper hahaha wtf

  2. Um thats funny last time I checked Edward wasn’t a girl lol. I think if they wanted to use a girl then they should have at least had her put on a wig. I do love the beginning when they do the volleyball scene and the one who plays Jessica does a good impersonation. I also thought it was funny when they talk about her lip color changing rather than her eyes. Omg look at 8:55 too haha. My favorite parody is still the one by Hillywood that was posted here a while back, its amazing. This one is still a lot better than many of the other parodys that have been going around though so props to them.

  3. I agre with the charlie and jasper being the funniest but i really liked it… LOL they did the faces soo good during biology, very funny

  4. Chrystina says:

    I thought this was so funny! They did a great job.. and I love how M is pretending to be KStew, pretending to be Bella.. great job!

  5. kp~love says:

    hahah the best part was that this was filmed in a mormon curch. i totally know that whole layout. ๐Ÿ™‚ haha oh man.

  6. NuttyNetty says:

    i loved it xD i saw it when it came out of course but it STILL makes me laugh buckets! ๐Ÿ˜€ my fave part is JASPER and when Edward and Bella argue about the ipod headphones AND of course Bella’s facial expressions in the biology xD

  7. Symantha says:

    that’s what SHE said.

  8. hehe this was awesome!!
    i agree with Chrystina about the girl acting like KStew acting like bella.. that was hilarious

  9. I see most of this was filmed at el camino ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Adrielle says:

    Jasper’s face was really funny! And the La Push the button rap.

  11. Twilight Nymph says:

    I just enjoyed Charlie and Jasper and the Kaleb appearance. Other than that not really funny.

  12. Jaspeer is HILARIOUS. haha. and Charliiee! ahhaha
    But in my opinion the best was the girl doing Kristen/Bella
    it’s exactly like in the movie. I don’t know why she did so much brow movement. It was weird.
    anyways. And the “la push the button la push la push” hahaha
    Really funny! and it’s rally impresive that the clothes it’s really close at the ones that they used in the movie

  13. Katheryn says:

    haha i loved this. it was so much more like the movie than some other parodies. and they got the lines and expressions so good. i found the bit about headphones well funny… even i was going “yeah, how did they stay in?!?!” lol and “thats what SHE said!” lol hahaha

  14. hey guys!!! I thought it was funny .It made me laugh, the jasper thing was really funny as well as the la push thing..I also thought rose and emmett were funny. I loved when she was on the net and it said the gray peacoat… GOOD JOB>>I also saw a really funny parody posted on twihard and thirty i was laughing so hard i cried.If you go to the site they have a behind the scenes look with rob p falling…I have never seen anyone fall like that lol..

  15. Sorry guys its thirty+twihard… i had it mixed up…

  16. it was rele funni…especially jasper and charlie.

  17. kp~love says:

    can you post the link to that video?? the falling one and the parody?? please!

  18. Hi kp-love..You can go to you tube for both..The twilight spoof is from a group of youg peeps they are called Evillguana production, the guy playing ed has a blue shirt on in the picture. The one w/rob falling down is a shot when they are filming the prom scene,its a little blurry..but just type in robs fall or play around with the wording.I hope this helps i found both things funny but it dosent take much for me to laugh….have fun

  19. Zookie Monster says:

    EDWARD IS A CHICK! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! JASPER WAS THE BEST THOUGH! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hahaha that was great…but not as great as the others I’ve seen (Evil Iguana, Twilight before Christmas…)

  20. 243venus says:

    one word…

  21. tanner nicole says:

    Did anyone not notice that she googled “Adrenaline rush”? hahahaha the part where edward tells her she can ‘google it’ when they’re in the greenhouse is one of my favorite parts in the movie. i was laughing hysterically when they included it in the parody.

  22. tanner nicole says:

    …and is it just me, or does jasper look like edward scissorhands?


  23. okay

  24. not good

  25. Omg! Edward Scissorhands!
    That’s exactly what I thought!

    I enjoyed Bella’s incessant eye blinking/darting around during the biology scene. Just like K-Stew.

    Drinking game every time Kristin Stewart blinks.

  26. NezziLautner says:

    LOL I just lOVE how edward’s a girl!!! no offense but i am 100 % team jacob. i also LOVE how Bella’s acting like K-stew!!

  27. Sterling Snow says:

    Lol I looove the guy who plays Charlie, he’s so hilarious in all their parodies. And they totally made Jasper look like Edward Scissorhands. I loved the google scene, too.
    Very well done, M2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. michaela says:

    thats what she said.lmao
    and i loved jasper.hahaha.
    la push la push la push the button la push it again!

  29. that was so stupid
    it looks like they were lesbians
    not funny

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