Vote On Our Name Change

APRIL 1, 2009

Now that we’ve seen the light and have gotten over that silly werewolf (who needs the fleas and the fur is hell on the carpets) and that morose vampire (seriously, have you tried kissing marble) we need to rename ourselves. So what do you think we should be called?


  1. HUH? I am confused… why would u change your name? am I missing something

  2. What wrong with you guys? This is supposed to be the Twilight Lexicon to give us information on Twilight things not all Kaleb stuff, he has his own webiste for that. And even if your joking- no dissing the werewolf and the vampire here, I’m like super pissed right now, I thought I could trust this site, but I guess not, how unfortunate. But really I mean come on here, don’t be so fricking gay!

  3. How about “APRIL FOOLS”.

  4. Hahaha! Mmmm nice joke?! Cuz if the name change is true then its also true that I’m a vampire!!!!!

  5. Good One!!!

  6. i liked it better before, so neither.
    can someone explain please why you changed it?
    that guy had his own website if i’m correct,
    soo… why is he now all involved in this?

    ~~Admin: Because we need more KALEB!!!!!!

  7. Ah, reminds me of Mugglenet’s traditional April Fool’s bit. Fun, though I had to think about it since it’s still March where I live. πŸ˜›

  8. sarah grace says

    The Sexicon. That’s what the new name should be.

  9. Sarah Grace: LMAO.


  10. kellan fan says

    this is so obviously a april’s fools joke. nice try πŸ˜‰

  11. hopefully its an april fool’s joke.
    i’m not trying to sound rude i’m really not,
    but if i wanted a rundown on whatever this guy has done or is doing i would go to his website.
    learning about him is not why i’m here, thanks though.

  12. Wow, okay Its still March in California so you can’t blame me (:

  13. Uhh, April Fools’ ? Haha, if not, then I’m totally for Kalebcon. Hahaha.

  14. Lexiguy sounds like a feminum napkin, stay away from that one please. I love the new color scheme.

    ~~Admin: OH! You’ve just given us something we could possibly market!

  15. Haha Aprilfools… I was so upset when I first got to the website. I was like am I missing something… and you said we’ve gotten over the morose vampire which we never would. Good one guys.

  16. Magiclily says

    I’m glad i read the comments, i’m so busy with school I didn’t notice today was the first xD
    Good joke, really ^^

  17. @ AliC so with you there..especially when i got the news on twitter about checking out the page, and came here to see all this :))
    it’s still 03/31 in Idaho πŸ™‚ Good one!
    the colors look awesome, hope you keep them for a while.. having Kaleb here, no ofense, but i love the site like it is with you ladies in charge. as previous readers said if i wanted kaleb i would visit his website.

  18. Hahahahaha… Nice April Fools joke… I saw Kaleb freaking out on twitter!

    To all those people who are b****ing: it’s April fools people don’t take it to heart. Sheesh….

  19. Aww I like it! And I don’t mind the site being about Kaleb for the day, he’s awesome. Better than the April Fools Joke on the Phantom of the Opera forum I’m on. Last year they replaced everything with the Teletubbies. *Shivers* I had nightmares for weeks.

  20. Samantha says

    You’re kidding right? Yeah, he’s talented, he’s got his own site. This is the TWILIGHT Lexicon. Not the KALEB Lexicon. Bring back the Twilight, guy. Not funny.

  21. BloodSuckingLeech says


  22. Amber Pederson says

    Seriously, people, get over it. It’s an April Fools joke. Don’t have an effing cow. Go read some Kaleb Nation posts. That’ll cheer your moody butt up. πŸ˜›

    You guys totally gave me a heart attack for a second. I was like, “OH SERIOUSLY!? ILY, KALEB, BUT WHERE’S MY TWILIGHT!” He has obviously bought the rights to it, I see… Loooool. Twilight? What’s that? I’m heres for KALEB! /random, nonsensical babble.

  23. okay this has got to be a JOKE! when I saw the layout and that Lexicon is changing its name, the first thing that came to my mind was APRIL FOOL’S DAY. It has got to be that! soo…. i’m not going to stress over this πŸ˜€

    if this isn’t a joke, then is the world coming to and end? lOl.

  24. guys chillz its ust a joke its april fools day for petes sake obviously kaleb is taking over the site for the day and its a joke the site will be back to normal april 2nd wich is tomorrow. so lay back chillz and enjoy the joke…cause i sure am.

  25. Vampangel says

    Wow, that’s a relief. For a moment there, I thought all of the changes were for real.

  26. Ashley Renee says

    lmao – nice April Fool’s joke guys. XD

  27. papermoon says

    *agrees with Sarah Grace*

    though i do love me some Kaleb πŸ˜‰

  28. NuttyNetty says

    YOU ARE GREAT PRANKSTERS hahaha very funny guys xD … wait… you are joking right?!?!?!


  29. Whhoa!
    I didn’t realise it was a joke at first. Lol. I’m a bit slow to ctch onto things.
    Haha. I’m just like, “WTF?”.
    Lolllll. But it was pretty funny.
    Don’t take it seriously. Just a joke. Chill.

    @ Sarah Grace : LMAO. Hahaha. Sexicon.

  30. You were freaking me out this morning until I realized what day it was!

  31. APRIL FOOLS! hahaha. you scare for a minute there
    I was kinda pissed off with the change of name
    I was like WTH? :O
    haha. I was really anoyed! i couldn’t believe it
    well, good jooobb guys!

  32. wow… good one, i didnt realize it was the first. lol

  33. jellyhead says

    ha ha! I was waiting for something like this!

  34. hahahah good one!!!

    Kaleb’s Palace of course!!!

  35. Arienette says

    April Fools. :]

    but Sexicon, ftw! ;]

  36. Wendy’s Twilight Fandom πŸ™‚ I think that has a much better sound than the Lexicon. you guys scared the crap out of me….practically broke my heart till i looked at the date….if it’s all still up tomorrow, i might just have to egg you guys!

  37. pixiekat says

    Ok, you’re kidding right?! April Fool’s and all?!

    Please, don’t change your name…

  38. AlbertaJenn says

    I was ready to go nuts on you guys for changing the name! Phew! Wonder what’s on Kaleb’s site….

  39. somethingblue says

    This is the BEST idea the Lexicon has had in 5 years….HAHAHHHA

  40. Nice April Fools Joke guys….very clever. πŸ™‚

  41. lirael cullen says

    ahah! Funny! Happy April Fools!!

  42. haha u got me for a while, i got really mad for a while!!!!! APRIL FOOLS!!

  43. har har april fools

  44. A day of celebration to acknowledge the one and only Twi-Guy, finally!
    Nice touch, ladies!
    Not sure how you could ever top this one..

    Now, about those comments regardng my favorite werewolf with fleas and shedding hair, and a morose, marble lipped vampire….;)

  45. Ooops!
    forgot to give you props for the complete overhaul and new look to the Lexicon for the day!
    Seriously, you must have been planning this for a while. I hope Kaleb appreciates the effort that went into this “tribute”
    You ladies rock! πŸ˜‰

  46. Good joke! And you did a really nice job with rocking out some extra, interesting publicity for Kaleb’s book coming out, so you’re probably getting Karma points for the good deed!


  47. Not a funny joke at all. All of those name options are ridiculous anyways.

  48. Ditto what everyone else said!

  49. Ummm….come April 2nd, things better be back to normal. Cool “TL” logo, artwork and love for all things Edward & Jacob.

    If I wanted to love the Kaleb, I’d be on his website, with it added to my favorite bookmarks. (No offense, Kaleb)

  50. Great April fools day joke! You got me! I was pretty upset for a minute there! lol