April Fools Retrospective

We’ll we can see that we fooled a bunch of you with our own little April Fool’s humor. Now if you were really fooled, don’t feel too badly. We actually had our contacts at Summit wondering if it was for real or not. (*waves* hi guys!)

Those of you who have been here for awhile know that every year we do something. This year was the year for Kaleb Nation adoration. Who knows what we’ll do next year? Here’s a look back at what we’ve done in the past:

2008: The Volturi Takeover

2007: The Human Takeover
(The music used to be Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take it, but apparently no Twisted Sister is allowed on YouTube so we had to do an audio swap.)

We’ll be flipping the site back to normal at around midnight eastern US time. Well…almost normal. Remember how we’ve been telling you that we were doing a major site revamp? Well, midnight is when we are going to do it. You’ll still see our signature image, but it will be more stylized. Colors and designs are way easier on the eyes, and a far easier navigation.


  1. cheyanne bardsley says

    I just heard on MTV News Canada, that Summit is planning on making a Twilight TV series?
    The reporter said that it will take place in LA, with Bella and Edward being 6 years old both human, and where they both attend an arts school…

    And no, it wasn’t an april fools episode

    I almost cried, please tell me this ISN’T TRUE.


  2. cheyanne bardsley says

    Thank goodness, it was really strange because none of the other news were jokes so I was soooo confused as usually a TV show would put a couple jokes on to make it clear.

    Then again, MTV canada has mixed stuff up before, they even reported that Vanessa was trying out for new moon and all that rumor stuff.

    Thanks for the clarity

  3. GenevieveCullen says

    Awww… thanks for putting up the previous years pranks. They were cute but this year was total awesomesauce 🙂

  4. Yea…i like this year….lol…KALEB ROCKS!!!!!

    can’t wait for the new design!!!!

  5. I love the Twilight Lexicon Video that was AWESOME!! WA HA HA!!!

  6. GenevieveCullen says

    You know, I’m starting to like the red layout. It sort of matches the books. Hope you guys keep it.

  7. allieimmortal says

    I liked this year’s prank, but the Voltouri Lexicon was better…IMHO, you should do the La Push Lexicon next year, or have Renesmee take over.

  8. Very funny! I loved it but I’m sad some people got upset.

    I’ve only been on the Lex since just after BD so seeing the pranks of Aprils past was funny.

    The Volturi music was cool!

  9. i love it happy April fools but on the “The Human Takeover” i could not read all the words will you please tell us what they say. thanks

  10. Great job on the Lex!
    It’s funny to see how some people have been fooled. Threatening not to visit again is really Erm Hrm.

  11. Good, back to sort of normal. My kids have been in rare form today and I am exhausted. I got sprayed in the stomach by the rubber band on the sink sprayer trick twice before my morning coffee. They changed the clocks, pass worded my desktop, And put creepy non professional pictures on my phone. It takes me hours to fix the techno jokes. Come on April 2!

  12. I wish I had been here the last two years on April Fool’s!
    I love the site even more than before! Great work Lex!