April Fools Around the Twilight Fandom

So we weren’t the only site to have some April Fools fun.  Kaleb Nation (the source of our spoof) went Dr. Suess. Twilighters Anonymous were taken over by Google. Twilight Series Theories broke the news about Rob starring in Footloose.

Various entertainment sites also had some April Fools fun:

Ropes of Silicon announced that Rob would retire from acting.

Reelz Channel had Rob replacing Toby Maguire in the next Spiderman.

IF Magazine had all footage of New Moon accidentally being destroyed prompting a recasting.

Cinefantastique had Stephenie taking over the Narnia franchise as a script doctor.

Other sites, how do we put this, attempted fun and in our opinion went too far.

4TNZ Sent out the below press release to about 20 Twilight sites (and no we didn’t fall for it, but others did.) Now in the end harmless enough, but sending out a press release saying it’s not an April Fool’s prank, NOT COOL!

Amongst all the fake news on this April Fools Day, we’ve got a real scoop! Midnight Sun is happening!
Here’s the link: http://www.4tnz.com/content/stephenie-meyer-finally-release-midnight-sun
If you want, excerpt and link it!

Now for the truly tasteless and very unfunny (and several other things but we’d be violating our PG-13 rule if we said them) you’d have to go to 2SnapsTV

They reported that Stephenie had committed suicide. They go on to do an entire write up including the names of her minor children who she supposedly left behind which was then picked up by various news outlets.

No doubt in response to some of this Stephenie Meyer updated her own site tonight stating:

“Also, despite some really tasteful Fool’s Day pranks on-line, I want to assure you that I am in excellent health, thank you very much. Also, I have no current plans to write any scripts, sequels, or collaborations, nor have I been to any conventions this year.

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope to see many of you this weekend at the Book Babe event!