New Website Not an Endorsement Like You’d Think

The LA Times has an interesting piece on a new website called Filed By Author.  They are highly critical of the site. According to the LA Times article:

“Without permission or advance notice, FiledByAuthor has cataloged the information of about 1.8 million authors into individual pages. There are biographies, photos, links to purchase books from online retailers and links to share the author’s FiledBy page through a dizzying list of social networking sites. And everyone is there, from the novice self-published author to Stephenie Meyer.”

Now FiledByAuthor hasn’t broken any laws or anything like that, but after a quick look on our part accuracy isn’t their strongest point. We found a couple of hilarious errors regarding Stephenie’s work:

Our Take: It takes true talent for an author to publish the third book of her four-book saga 40 years before the first one comes out and a good decade before the author herself is born.
And it pretty much goes downhill from there.


  1. “…a good decade before the author herself is born.”

    LMAO oh man i needed that. Sad sad website, good laugh though.

  2. LOL!!!!

  3. That’s sad beyond belief but extremely funny.

  4. AnkouBlake says

    aahahahahah borrowed the TARDIS, the Doctor Who fan in me giggles.

  5. Wow, who the heak is running that site, and why the heak do they still have their job?
    I mean, a little mistake on a not very popular book is almost excusable, but come on, this is TWILIGHT, Stephenie Meyer!
    They have to know that we’re analyzing every letter with a microscope.

  6. Is this site a joke because what they’re saying is really random and fictitious. They’re either joking or have no idea what they’re writing about!

  7. wheeee! tardis! i wonder what the doctor has to say about twilight….

    anywho…hahaha…. there is no reason for those dates to be so wrong! it’s rather hilarious. 😀

  8. kellan fan says

    maybe carlisle shud check out the guys who made that side “how many times did her mother drop her on her head when she was a child”

  9. That was really sad…

    may I also add that I really love the TARDIS reference, it puts a smile on my face for sure!

  10. NuttyNetty says

    wow how crazy is that? is this a “serious” site??? LOL

  11. Sounds like Alice may have helped Catherine out with the Director’s cut…LoL

  12. Wow, that’s pretty funny. They should be ashamed.

  13. Rockin'It says

    Wow… that’s really pathetic. Haha, gotta love a good Dr. Who reference! You gals never cease to make me smile!

  14. the TARDIS line made me bust out laughing. Nice.

  15. LOL

  16. haha…the TARDIS!!! I love Dr. Who (season 3 of the old version was one of the best Doctors ever!)

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