Meet Caius!

UK Actor Jamie Campbell-Bower is slated to play Caius according to an exclusive on the BBC. Americans will most likely remember him as Anthony (the sailor who is the love interest of Joanna) in Sweeney Todd co-starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter.

According to the BBC:

“I do know who else will be in it – but I can’t tell you, unfortunately.

“But go online and have a look at the rumours,” he said, then added: “They’re all false. You’re putting me in a terrible situation.”

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  1. im not sure if im exited about this, hes a great actor, just not what i imagined as caius.

  2. Hmmm… I always see Caius as much older, not quite how I pictured him.But,if this is accurate, I wish him the experience of a lifetime.
    Come to think of it he does have a great smile and looks a bit “imp”ish -this might be a good fit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. casablanca says

    LOVE IT! Nothing else to say. Fell in love with the casting choice from the get-go!!

  4. I always think that Caius will be like Aro, old with onion-like skin.

  5. I hope this is some mix up with the part of Alec, since he looks much more like Dakota’s twin than someone who is supposed to be a super old vampire . . . this doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

  6. sillygirl says

    I too always thought he was older, with his white hair and all. Interesting choice.

  7. too young…

  8. Yes, Volturi are old vampires but they are changed when they were young(er). So they have to look young.

    To be honest I was afraid they will cast someone old… I think when we see him with hair and make up done it will be good. It is always difficult to judge just by the picture.

    But I agree he could easilly be Alec.
    I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see who will be Aro, Marcus, Alec…oh and Felix of course :D.

  9. Though this is purely my opinion, but I think the onion-like skin was never meant to be a requirement in casting, I think it was always relegated to be the magic of make-up.

    I understand a lot of people (I’m actually surprised how many) saw the three Volturi leaders as older men. But I always saw them being around Carlisle’s age, ranging from 25 to 30. The oldest I saw them was 35. I do admit, I thought Caius was the oldest (in human age before he was turned) because of his military expertise.

    As for this casting rumor, I know the Lexicon is pretty good at spotting the truth from the rubbish, but I’ll wait for a confirmation before passing judgement.

    But I do like him, he will make a great vampire no matter who he is.

  10. Hmm…maybe. I pictured all of the Volturi a tad older (Carlisles age, perhaps)…he looks like a little kid here. More like he should play Alec, not Caius. But we’ll see =)

  11. Too young in my taste.

  12. I like this trend… I also had thought of those three as older, mainly because SM said they were 3,000 years old. However, we have no idea how old they were when they became vamps. Also, he can still look old and creepy with the aid of makeup and CGI… I like this decision by Chris Weitz and his team. Can’t wait to see the other two-

  13. No!!! They’re making this Twilight 90210!!! Oh how I hope this is wrong. Caius and Aro, while not _old_, are supposed to be _older_, older than how Carlisle looks at least. How are we supposed to feel fear or athority from a bunch of kids!

  14. Maybe I need to go back and reread the descriptions, but just because they were old vampires doesn’t mean they were old when they were made into them. Methinks we need to give it a chance….

  15. i’m putting my faith in the makeup department. i’ve only seen him in sweeny todd so i don’t know how he’d do other roles but his voice is too pretty, wouldn’t scare me. but i’ve never seen him try to look mean, he might be great at it and once they’ve paled him up and misted his eyes he might have potential.

  16. Okay…he looks a little young to me. I always pictured Caius to be older. I guess we will have to see how he looks with the makeup and everything.

  17. Katie_Coven says

    I don’t know what to think about that… I mean he’s even younger than Rob. I hope they don’t work on a vampire version of high school musical. Well at least we would hear Rob sing…

    I think someone older should play that role. Altough the fact that he’s british is an advantage.

  18. higgin704 says

    It never states that they are old, but I too pictured him as older. I don’t know, except his face does look like it could pull off creepy, especially with the makeup.

  19. First off… this is EXACTLY how I pictured Alec!!!!! (He and Dakota look like siblings!) Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be a great Caius. To the doubters… don’t fret! It’s important that the actors portraying vampires are young… it would look bad if they had less-than-smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt skin… even for the translucent-skinned royalty. I’m trusting that the hair and make-up department are going to be able to make this work. At least the wigs look better this time ’round.

  20. Just a quite note, I just saw a trailer for a movie called Orphan, and it reminded me of all the other movies in which children or young adults have come across as frightening and intimidating. Its certainly possible.

    Its not in the appearance, its in the acting. Though the makeup and their actual looks will contribute, i would rather not have the actor depend on that, but actually have the skill to act in a way to make us believe they have authority, can intimidate, and have lived 3,000 years. Also, the way the other actors react to them will also help the illusion come to life.

    I do admit the make-up will have to be kick-a55 though.

  21. Cool. I’m OK with this. Makeup can change someone into a completely different person.
    If anyone’s seen Sweeney Todd, he looks really different. Paler, older, creepier. Much more vampy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Oh, I just bought my Sweeney-Todd DVD a few days ago and I haven’t watched the full movie yeat, but I really can’t tell if he’ll be a great Caius. Can he really act such a mean, scary role?
    Well, we’ll see – New Moon is going to be extremely interesting.

    By the way, why didn’t he get the Alec part? Maybe he’s too old for that… Anyway, I’m excited for New Moon.

  23. WTF?? Caius is HOT…never pictured him like that but, hell he’s much better looking than the Caius in my head…I’ll take him!!

  24. WHY are they making the Volturi leaders look 14-15 years old? Yea it never states exactly how old they are but I think it would just look bettr if they do choose older actors for the roles.
    So much for my wish list of Crispin Glover,Gary Oldeman or Ralph Fiennes being part of The Volturi.NOW THAT would have made for a scray room all of those guys together..Um yea i would be more than scared.
    So far i havnt really had any problems with any of the actors or decisions made for New Moon…BUT choosing really young actors to play the roles of The Volruri I don’t think is the best idea they have had. I HOPE they choose a GOOD one for Aro. They know we are waiting to see who.

  25. Enamorada says

    UM…He looks like he should be Jane’s Twin instead. NOT one of The Volturi.

  26. I think he’ll be a great Caius. I think they’ll make him look older and evil.

  27. i like him, ok i might have imagined the character to be a little older but as long as he acts it right and gives the right effect i dont mind
    and bonus he is a brit, i never expected that

  28. Ya I agree with Marcela once they add all the makeup and stuff I think he will do fine

  29. I don’t get why people are saying..”Well with a little make-up he can look older.” IF they wanted someone older for the part why would they use makeup and cgi to make him look older and not just Hire someone who was older? It’s dumb.
    I don’t think this is the best decision they made..I was hoping That they looked AT LEAST Carliles age since Carlie had to live with them for a while and learn from them and so forth.
    well,we will see what happens.

  30. At first glance I thought he looked pretty young, but now that I think about it, he looks pretty good to me. I think the reason so many people picture the Volturi as older is because they are always called ancient and all that and their skin is “onion-like” or whatever. but they very well could have been changed as a young age. in my opinion he looks like he can be menacing and a little frightening. I trust the makeup department as well. I’m all for it.

  31. I think he is too young to play Caius. Just like most comments I expected the actor to be closer to Carlisle’s age when he was turned.

  32. lirael cullen says

    no kidding??? huh, hmmm i’ll wait for confirmation on this because the lex has been fooled once too… but in any case if it is the real deal than all right, i’ll give him a shot.

  33. FilDeCuivre says

    I liked Jamie in Sweeney Todd, his performance was amazing! Hmm, I always thought Caius were a lot older, though. But have it been said in any of the books, really? As far as I can remember that Aro, Caius and Marcus were thousands of years old. There was no talk about how old they looked. Correct me if I’m wrong!

  34. Miss Blush says

    He looks a little young. I always imagined Aro, Caius and that bunch to look like they’re around 25-40. But Jane and Alec I imagined looking like they’re 14-15 years old. But I think a younger Volturi can work. Kids, teenagers and younger people can be scary. My favorite rumor was Ben Barnes as Aro. He is beutiful and charismatic, and even though he may look a little young, I think he would be perfect for the part. But I think this kid will do a good job as Caius. I haven’t seen a movie with him in, but from what I’ve heard he is decent. Have a little faith. We have had doubt in a lot of the actors. Rob, anyone? And Nikki too. We were a bit sceptical about her as well. So have a little faith people, it’s gonna be great anyway. And I agree, makeup can do anything. It can make him look scary. Because he looks so nice in the picture ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. Hmm, I’m having a hard time imagining him in the part. I’m re-reading New Moon right now and it just says that the three of them have that papery-looking, powdery skin, and two of them have black hair while one has white. So I’m assuming the white-haired one was much older when he became a vampire? I think Caius was actually the white-haired one.

  36. He could play Alec… but his jaw is a little too thin to be a twin with Dakota…I sort of see him as Cauis i guess—with hair&makeup&earing out& hair untangled. He could be an amazing Caius. See ive always thought that the Volturi were changed young but he has been changed with the thousands of years inside. We should give him a shot but then again it could just be a misunderstanding or a trick (Like the Emily Browning thing on IMDb as Bella{she would have been better sure but} Rumors fly and im sure there r going to be more rumors up until the movie comes out in November or at least until the trailer comes out—-until then everything is still a rumor. Set pictures cud be fake too…until the movie no one really knows.

  37. So they are going with someone young…I always pictured the Volturi to be old. I pictured Caius as very Snape-looking (Snape in the books, with the slick-backed black hair). I pictured Aro looking very grandfatherly (like a young grandfather–mid-60s) and looking very kindly until you see his deep, sinister underside. Marcus looked to me like a combination of the two, except with long hair. I guess I was WAY off on what Stephenie had imagined, if this actor is indeed what she had imagined.

    Jane, on the other hand, is basically exactly as I pictured her.

  38. I can picture him as Caius. He does look like Dakota, yes, but that’s without makeup and everything they will put on him to make him seem like an ancient vampire. I just looked at some pictures of him from Sweeny Todd and I think he could pull it off.

  39. hmmm…not exactly who I pictured and maybe a little too young
    but I’ll give him a shot. Who knows? Makeup can work wonders these days.

  40. I think he would make a good Caius. He’s a good actor, and at the heart of it thats what matters. It’s not like Cauis is really a big role anyway – one or two scenes max.

    Just because the vampire is old, doesn’t mean the man was when he was “turned”. Plus, that is the wonder of the hair and makeup trailer.

    Also, when the brothers were turned (many many MANY years ago), living even to 30 was kind of a big deal. Even at that age, they would practically be senior citizens, so it stands to reason that they would rub off as grandfatherly and be suitable for a leadership position

  41. Michelle M. says

    Wow, okay that’ll do, I’m honestly just wondering who’ll play Aro & Alec…but this guy looks ok, i guess i just need to see him in costume, but either way i think he’ll do good! : )

  42. Just dont know…?

  43. you know..logically I knew they were youngish…but for some reason, reading the novels, I always pictured the Volturi as older, more ancient. Or at least middle-aged haha.

  44. I think he did a wonderful job in sweeney todd.I also was expecting older characters to play the members of the Volturis.I would guess that the rest of the family will be casted by young actors.I really think they should have casted the roles more according to age.I am sure he will do a great job he is very talented.Maybe him and rob will sing a song together…..

  45. Yes! You must remember that even though the Volturi are very “old”, they still appear young. I loved him in Sweeney Todd; I thought he was adorable. By far my favorite good-guy character, it will be interesting to see him play the bad guy.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Good job to the casting department.

  46. To young, we all pictured these roles as older people. Could all the fans of the book be so off? Doesn’t seem right to me. Alec, yes. part of the ancients. NO WAY!

    I will say I am happy about the wolf pack choices, could casting have gone so wrong with the ancients? I pictured them as easily 35+

  47. nightrunner says

    not a bad choice, i see people are saying he is young but he is 20 so i think when they scrub him up abit he will look mature and brilliant for the part

  48. If this guy can pass for Caius, then I hope Ben Barnes gets the part he wanted as Aro.

    As for the aging; they can do ANYTHING with makeup/wardrobe today. That’s not even a concern imo.

  49. Awesome choice, love it!!

  50. Yay! I hope this is true, I really like him and I want to see how good he could pull off someone as cold as Caius.