Hot Topic Twilight Release Video

Hot Topic just sent us a video of their release party footage. They also just sent me a package of goodies for one lucky fan who played along on our Hot Topic pre-DVD release guessing game. After I finish getting everything out of the box which has 3,000 pounds of tape on it we’ll pick a winner. We’ll also put up some other DVD release coverage that has come our way later.


  1. awww ashley’s so sweet to the fans. wish i was able to go that branch…I’m stuck here in WA 🙁

  2. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Hope I win, since I played along devotedly every week AND because the Hot Topic I went to took everyone’s raffle tickts w/ info but then never gave away any of the prizes!

  3. Why does this keep playing every time I click on the main page? I am not clicking on this! Annoying!

  4. misslelie says:

    I played along every week i think… im pretttttty sure. I hope I win though. <3 I cant really afford any of the merchandise but I really love Twilight.

  5. Um I went to Borders in Manhattan and had a blast. It was not boring.

  6. NezziLautner says:

    i was sick with the flu and strep throat so I had to go to target, but i am really happy for all of you that live in big cities and aren’t stuck in boring towns in new york!!

    i really wish i went to hot topic though. ours is really small( the size of my closet!) but i was sooo jealous when i heard the prize, something that TAYLOR touched and signed and touched and did i mention TOUCHED!!!!

  7. Sweeet!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I was there!!! And I see me!!!

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