Forkfulls: Tidbits of Twilight News

According to James Woods is slated to direct Kristen Stewart in an upcoming and unnamed project that is slated to shoot in Boston.

Both Mike Welch and Peter Facinelli are slated to appear at Altanta’s famous Dragon Con which  is kind of like the Comic Con of the east, just not quite as big and with more of a fantasy edge. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that more Twilight stars may make an appearance pending their Eclipse shooting schedules.

Ashley Greene gave a quick shout out to Entertainmentwise. She reveled her upcoming workout plans to get in shape for Alice. “Before the second film I’m going to take some dance classes to get back into that. Alice is a thin girl so there was a lot of cardio.”

Billy Burke and Rachelle LeFevere walked teh red carpet at the premiere of Blood River.

Taylor Lautner looked good going into the Kids Choice Awards. He pretty much managed to stay slime free which is no easy job when the people giving you the award are covered in goo.


  1. edward4evR says:

    More Ashley please! This is a great little piece, but I wish she got more attention. Alice is so central to the story but she hasn’t gotten as much press yet.

  2. I’m so excited to see more of Ashley in New Moon than we did in Twilight 🙂 I love the interviews with her, she seems so confident and amazing, it’s hard to believe she’s still quite young.

  3. NuttyNetty says:

    It would have been nice to see Taylor get slimed *sigh*

  4. Edward4evr & Marcela- I completely agree! I already loved Alice but now I love her even more because of Ashley. She’s always so upbeat and happy and is definitely someone worth looking up to. (:

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