Stephenie Meyer on Save the Book Babe

Stephenie has updated her site that further clarifies the information put up yesterday by the Project Book Babe website. There are still tickets available for the event. Even if you can’t attend, please consider supporting this cause by buying a Book Babe Tee from Twilight Teez or making a donation on their site. Faith is good people and could use the help!

If you win the lunch date with her its not any place in the world. It’s in Phoenix. She has photos of the marked up manuscripts that she is offering, the Japanese book editions, a rare Twilight Saga messenger bag , and more. Note, as was speculated earlier in our blog comments, if you win the Forever Dawn epilogue it comes with a confidentiality agreement which in all likelihood means that you can’t scan it and put it online.

Stephenie also discusses the history of the E-prom dress that will be an epic battle among at the very least Kara of Twilight Moms, Dano of the Lexicon, and Pel. Pel now has minions who have photoshopped her into the dress (take that Kara! :P) “My Eclipse Prom dress — This is the story behind my rather over-the-top dress: the idea for the Eclipse Prom began with a fan suggestion that I do one of my events with a formal dress requirement, to give us all a chance to dress up. I loved the idea, so we created the Eclipse Prom. In order to encourage people to come all fancy without worrying about being overdressed, I promised that my dress would out-formal every other dress in attendance. I made this promise rashly, as it’s harder to find ball gowns than one might think. After much searching, I saw this gorgeous red satin wedding dress in the window of a couture bridal shop. Yes, it’s actually a wedding dress. I bought it in a panicked rush a day before leaving the country for some events. I had the shop take about eight feet of train off, and make me the little jacket with the extra fabric. And, though it was close in a few cases, I think I made good on my rash promise.”


  1. If the confidentiality agreement is true then I guess I’ll have to make friends with the owner who buys the copy of FD. Either that or hope someday it is released for fans to read, as with MS.

  2. Pel! You’re so awesome!!! I love that you had (I’m guessing Nena) Photoshop you into that picture! The dress is yours! It has to be now! Good luck!

  3. PS – As a member of the SLTA, I have to root for Dano! So, Dano best of luck to you! Pel, I hope you get it if Dano doesn’t. 😉

  4. Even with a confidentiality agreement I wouldn’t be surprised if it was leaked anyway. We all heard what happened when Stephenie let someone she herself trusted have a peak at the MS manuscript. With a fan getting their hands on FD I think there is an even bigger chance of it being leaked. Unless of course said fan/bidder is gonna protect that script with their life and not let anyone besides themselves read it. I hope whoever wins it will understand that if they leak it they’re betraying Stephenie’s trust, and a piece of legal documentation.

  5. You look better in it than Kara does. 😀 I’m really excited to watch this go down!

  6. How do I get a Jacob and an Edward to go with my dress?

  7. I love the picture Pel, you look amazing in the dress. Good luck, I really hope you get the dress.

  8. Omg that is so pretty I hope you get it!!

  9. the wedding dress looks amazing!!

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