Save the Book Babe Auction

Project Save the Book Babe has updated with a detailing of what is being auctioned and where. We can promise you that if you are at the event, the auction showdown over Stephenie’s eprom dress is going to be memorable. There are at least three die-hard Twilight fans who would just about do anything to get that dress, especially since all auction proceeds are going to a great cause.

“Stephenie Meyer is generously donating some exciting items to auction LIVE AT THE EVENT ON APRIL 4th, including her dress from the Eclipse Prom:

Forever Dawn Epilogue

The Host Manuscript

Eclipse Manuscript

Twilight Arc

The Dress

Lunch with Stephenie “


Since there are so many items that authors, publishers and other donors have been donating for this cause, they will be auctioned online right here, very soon!  Here are some of the items that will be available to bid on including (in no particular order):


Twilight Saga Box Sets

Japanese Editions of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse:  Illustrated and signed.  The set includes 9 books (three volumes for each title).

One set of Audio Books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and The Host

there are also various online items from other authors.

OK, Pel is now taking over the blog and channeling her inner Margaret Hamilton. She’s launching herself into cyberspace and cackling “Surrender Kara”. Even if Kara thinks she can raise enough money to get that dress the answer is no. NO, NO NO! That dress is so mine, live auction, in Tempe…3 words…BRING IT ON!

Pel will be the one in her Twilight Teez (click here to get your own Tee and support the cause) Save the Book Babe tee outbidding Kara and her minions. Clearly Kara underestimates the powers of Laura, Dano and their….er…well, we don’t have minions, but we have friends with cash! One of us is getting that dress.


  1. That’s right Kara, gather your nickels and dimes you’re going to need them to buy some tissues for all your tears when I walk away with that dress.

  2. I’ll totally be your minion, if need be.

  3. The Forever Dawn Epilogue.
    Is that, like, an epilogue of the whole Twilight series or is it the epilogue from the original Forever Dawn or is it, Idk, a summary of Forever Dawn?
    I’m super curious about that…

  4. OMG. Whoever gets the Forever Dawn thing needs to post it online!

  5. seriously “surrender Kara?” Have I mentioned my hubby works on Wicked- I have no problem bringing flying monkeys!!! Maybe I’ll bring 100 monkeys!! So should I wear the defying gravity shirt as I win to keep with the theme???
    BTW I’ve already talked to Alice- I won- Pel came in a close second though….

  6. You know how much money they would raise if Stephenie would donate a finished midnight sun? That would be the craziest bidding ever. There would probably be some sort of fight. haha

  7. I’m cheering on Kara here cuz she needs someone stow this in a safe-house that is unknown to anyone but her and I!

  8. I want the Forever Dawn epilogue so badly! I would rather have that then her dress lol. I wonder how much the epilogue will go for and if the winner will post it online!

  9. 08ertwilighter says:

    emily – it would be awesome if that were one of the items available. i’d watch the auction just to see what sort of mayhem might ensue!

    rachel – obviously FOREVER DAWN needs to be posted ASAP…

    kara – love the fact that you’re husband works on one of the productions of wicked – my friends and i LOVE that show (i haven’t seen it yet, but i love the music!)

    overall, watching this dress war has been pretty funny.

  10. somethingblue says:

    People are clearly underestimating the power of Lex, Pel and the SLTA, a combined force that has been known to move mountains and mole hills. Get ’em, pel!

  11. Muahahahaha!!!

    Pel… watch out for those flying monkeys!

  12. Whoa! this is going to be really good!
    *note to self: bring popcorn* *nom nom nom nom*

  13. Wowwww…why is this happening during a recession. I’m working 3 jobs and couldn’t even begin to put in a bid. What I wouldn’t give to pick Stephenie’s brain at a lunch with her. I hope whoever is lucky enough to get any of those will post lots of pics and let us fellow Twilighters get a peak at their fun. I’m soooo jealous that I couldn’t even go to the event. Why couldn’t this have been a few years ago…oh well good luck to everyone who does bid…and hope everyone has fun…and I expect pics and stories.

  14. i’m rooting for Pel! 😉

  15. SuperVixen says:

    Good luck Pel! I’d so love to have that Forever Dawn Epilogue. My husband would kill me though 🙁

  16. KaseyHeartEdward says:


    ahhhh man if i wasn’t a poor college student i would go!! And i would love that lunch with Steph!! That would be amazing!!!
    And that Forever Dawn Epilogue!! Dang i never thought she would release that.

    again go PEL!! Kick her Bippy and get that dress!!!
    love ya

  17. amoremorte616 says:

    oh no. U HAVE A MINION.
    if I can’t afford that dress, I’m gonna have a say in who does darnabbit! lol

  18. waaahhhhh!!!!! I am soooo jealous. what I wouldn’t give to get to go and just meet stephenie! I wish those live items were online instead. I am so sad!

  19. First, whoever gets the Forever Dawn epilogue, do NOT post it online! Didn’t you learn anything from the Midnight Sun fiasco? It’s not yours to share with others; it’s Stephenie’s!

    Second, I would love to have lunch with Stephenie. That would be what I bid on. I would love just to get to know her.

  20. Lunch with Stephenie OME!!! That would be a dream come true….. no wait MUST NOT GET DISTRACTED!!
    Eye on the prize Eye on the prize!!!

  21. Good luck Pel!

  22. good luck Pel!

  23. Jenni_elyse the person who buys the Forever Dawn epilogue has a right to post it online since they’ll be the current owner. The difference between this and Midnight Sun is that she didn’t sell a copy of MS, but rather someone close to her leaked it. The owner who buys FD will have full rights to do almost whatever they please with their copy, but of course they can’t try to claim it as their own work. If they want to post it online then I’m sure they’ll be allowed to. It’ll still be Stephenie’s work, but just be owned by whoever wins the bid.

  24. Sara, from Stephenie’s website: “Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn’t mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it.”

  25. PS – I’m not trying to be evil about it. I just want to make sure Stephenie’s rights aren’t violated more than they already have been. I really feel for her.

    I understand that once you own something, you can lend it out to people or whatever, but you’re still not supposed to copy it in any way shape or form. That’s all I’m saying.

    I also don’t want to be a downer in this AWESOME event! I would love to go and participate. Alas, I don’t have the money right now.

    I hope everyone that is going has an awesome time and I hope Pel and the SLTA get everything they want during this awesome adventure. More stories for me to hear and live vicariously through. 😉

  26. Too funny, gotta love Pel, but man them are some Fightin’ Words…. LOVES IT!!!!

  27. *^* I want the Japanese light novels, because I WANT THOSE ILLUSTRATIONS DARNIT!!!

    waahhh I wish I wasn’t a poor college studentttt

  28. LizzieMademe says:

    I am flying from TX to attend the event. What I wish I could bid on would be a signed copy of a draft of Midnight Sun.

    Y’all can keep the prom dress.

  29. Jenni:

    This instance is way different from what happened with Midnight Sun. Stephenie is auctioning off her epilogue to the highest bidder knowingly. In the case of MS, it was leaked unexpectantly. Stephenie is taking a risk by selling FD and she probably knows well that it may end up being shared. She knows what she’s doing and can take care of herself.

    Once the copy of FD is out of her hands she has limited control as to whether the buyer shares it, but at least we’ll know that its finished unlike MS was. Its really up to the buyer as to what they’re going to do with it. I don’t think we should criticize them though if they do plan to share it because they aren’t leaking anything.

    Anyways I think this auction is great and I would love to bid on any of those items, if only it were online!

  30. …I’m still with those who are saying NOT to post the little bit of FD that they are getting XD.

    I mean if she REALLY wanted to share it with us, wouldn’t she just…you know Share it?

    Who ever wins it should keep it locked up where only they and their friends can enjoy it…

    its not for our eyes to see, you know?

  31. Actually, my understanding is that if you give away an item which hasn’t been copyrighted, and comes with no other non-disclosure or similar clauses the owner of said item can pretty much do what they want with it from wallpapering their bathroom to putting it online.

  32. Just posted on Stephenie’s website about the auction items: “* Anything that involves my unpublished writing is copyrighted. If you win one of these items, you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

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