Save the Book Babe Auction

Project Save the Book Babe has updated with a detailing of what is being auctioned and where. We can promise you that if you are at the event, the auction showdown over Stephenie’s eprom dress is going to be memorable. There are at least three die-hard Twilight fans who would just about do anything to get that dress, especially since all auction proceeds are going to a great cause.

“Stephenie Meyer is generously donating some exciting items to auction LIVE AT THE EVENT ON APRIL 4th, including her dress from the Eclipse Prom:

Forever Dawn Epilogue

The Host Manuscript

Eclipse Manuscript

Twilight Arc

The Dress

Lunch with Stephenie “


Since there are so many items that authors, publishers and other donors have been donating for this cause, they will be auctioned online right here, very soon!  Here are some of the items that will be available to bid on including (in no particular order):


Twilight Saga Box Sets

Japanese Editions of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse:  Illustrated and signed.  The set includes 9 books (three volumes for each title).

One set of Audio Books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and The Host

there are also various online items from other authors.

OK, Pel is now taking over the blog and channeling her inner Margaret Hamilton. She’s launching herself into cyberspace and cackling “Surrender Kara”. Even if Kara thinks she can raise enough money to get that dress the answer is no. NO, NO NO! That dress is so mine, live auction, in Tempe…3 words…BRING IT ON!

Pel will be the one in her Twilight Teez (click here to get your own Tee and support the cause) Save the Book Babe tee outbidding Kara and her minions. Clearly Kara underestimates the powers of Laura, Dano and their….er…well, we don’t have minions, but we have friends with cash! One of us is getting that dress.