New Moon Filming Under Wraps

Between off-duty Canadian Mounties being hired to keep fans at a distance while the cliff diving scene was shot last weekend, and reports of local police cordoning off the roadway where they are shooting scenes at Jacob’s house this week it looks like it’s going to be very difficult for fans to get any type of glimpse at the filming of New Moon.

According to Edi Gathegi, Ashley Greene, Rachelle Lefevere, and Kellan Lutz, the paparazzi are in Vancounver and are really annoying. Additionally, various actors are being accompanied around town by security details.

While Twilight was being shot there were fans everywhere. We witnessed this ourselves when we had an invited set visit last year. Their limited security detail was constantly trying to remove bystanders so they wouldn’t be seen in background shots at the beach and create a contest and continuity problem. Other locations, like the Port Angeles frat boy scene were easily viewed at a distance with a height advantage, or fans waited at the outskirts of the Kalama HS property hoping actors would stop by on breaks.

So what do you think? Is it a good or bad thing that fan access and glimpses into the film are much more limited than last year?


  1. jellyheadsunite says

    totally fine with it! I can’t wait to see the movie but I don’t want to be too spoiled either! 🙂

  2. I understand that fans would love to be around for the filming and catch some of the scenes being shot, but you also need to think of the actors in this scenario. This is their job and it takes an extremely high degree of concentration and focus to act out scenes (especially some of the scenes we all anticipate in New Moon) and I can’t imagine that it necessarily helps to have 1,000 screaming fangirls waiting for you two minutes from the set. So just try to look at it from the business standpoint, the less they have to corral fans and silence screams, the better the movie should be =)

  3. Definitely good. Some people took it way too far last time around and that just gives everyone a bad name.

  4. kellan fan says

    keep the fans away so they can film faster and release more teaser trailers!! :p

  5. I think it’s a good idea. If you’ve read the books you know what happens so the plot is not a surprise. At the same time I don’t want to see too many pictures from the set because there is the element of surprise on how it will be played out in the movie

  6. Yeah. As much as I would love to see all the pictures from filming, I don’t want to spoil it. I’m soooo excited.

  7. Absolutely the right thing to do. Of course it is exciting to see something like that up close. But, my first thought would be the security for the actors and crew. They are so vulnerable to any wingnut that wants to visit. I think that should be the first priority. The secrecy of the film and the storyline should be second. Wants of the fans third.

    Of course we are all uber-anxious to know about and see details of the film. But in truth, we can wait. I vote for safety first.

  8. I think its great…keep those crazy twilight moms out of there…..they thought they were in charge of everything

  9. We get that you guys are fans and want to see some of the action..but, When it becomes a problem with the filming and is causing them to have to work around so many people so they aent in the way. THAT is the time you guys need to BACK OFF. get a good glimps and leave.Do you guys WANT N.M. to come out to the best that it can? well it doesnt seem that you guys are helping much but quite the opossite. Sorry not trying to be rude,just honest.

  10. I’ve been happy to read that the filming locations are getting more security and that the stars are being escorted at times by security staff. My impression has been that the ramp-up of fan and paparazzi interest has been stressful for the young stars. Also, looking forward to a really good New Moon movie!

  11. lirael cullen says

    i think its great… by the time the movie came out in november last year i was convinced i had seen the whole movie. so yeah i approve. And for the people that crowd the filming scenes and everything…take it down a notch okay???

  12. I also think its fine. While I was just as interested as the next person last year, I think we got to see to much. I want to be surprised this year! I dont want to see the whole thing before it comes out. If its not there to look at, thats fine by me!

  13. Although I loved to see the pictures of them on the set in the costuming. We as fans need to give them breathing room so that they can do their jobs. I was hoping that the DVD of Twilight would have more behind the scenes footage (Solomon’s poetry, Practical Jokes) so that maybe the fans could see it without interfering.

  14. I think it is a very good thing, implementing more security and keeping the filming secret. I think last time, the little tidbits that trickled out were kind of like spoilers. In the end, we almost knew what parts went where, and I, personally, was disappointed… Hopefully this means that New Moon will be tons better than Twilight 🙂 Yay!!!

  15. I totally agree. Why do people always want to ruin the surprise?!? I don’t want to see the whole freaking movie before it comes out. I don’t want these young actors to be hounded day in and day out. I swear some of these fans and paps are like rabid dogs!! Sheesh! Just back off already. Patience is a virtue, you know.

  16. SuperVixen says

    I too agree, its a good thing that they’ve hightened security. I wouldn’t want some fans to screw anything up for the movie or the actors. If its a horrible experience how can we expect them to be excited for the roles they are playing? Not just now for New Moon, but for Eclipse later and hopefully Breaking dawn!

  17. I have no problem with waiting until the movie comes out 🙂 I don’t need to see glimpses of the sets/filming/actors. And I feel sorry for them not being able to wiggle (or smoke, hee hee) without everyone watching.

  18. Wow. Am I the only one who actually wants set pictures (barring crazy/disruptive/life-endangering ones)??? Lol.

  19. Shadowdragon says

    I absolutely agree. The stars are “working”. Let them do their job in peace please. You wouldn’t want a bunch of screaming people up in your face while you’re trying to work would you? And in their off time let them relax and have a life. I am totally and completely hooked on all things Twilight Saga, and I feel that if we give them the time and space they need we’ll get a better movie from it. Plus, they might be willing to have another “set visit” with our favorite fansite so they can share with us!

  20. I dont ever remember a movie that the papps and fans were constantly stalking the actors while filming a movie. Let them make the movie and leave them alone so the movie can get DONE. I am sure it causes great delays when they have to deal with all this extra outside aggrevation. Leave them alone. I also think there should me MORE security so they can live some sort of a normal life without being photographed in everything they do. I really dont care if they smoke, or buy bagels in the morning. I just want to see a good movie 🙂

  21. twilighted says

    Yeah, It’s probably a good thing…..but I’m withyou Maggie, I miss the set pics.

  22. I think it’s a good thing! We’ll just have to wait.

  23. I’m happy it’s hard for fans to catch a glimpse. I remember the original interviews, and how all the cast members hinted that the fans storming the set and taking pictures from trees freaked them out. Heck, it freaked me out.

  24. I think it’s a very good thing. I don’t want fans or anybody to ruin the filming of the movie or cause problems.

  25. I think it’s a good thing. Last year there was way too much obsessing over every single detail whenever a photo was released, I almost felt like I’d already seen the movie before it even hit theaters! I think the film would be more enjoyable if there was more kept hidden before the movie’s release… builds the suspense and hopefully would make for a pleasant surprise on the release date!!

  26. Last year i loved getting set pictures and seeing little scenes being filmed out, but that was before the stars got so popular. I mean the fans probably doubled or tripled in this year alone, so i vote for safety first. And hopefully the lack of disruptions will make everyone’s acting that much better. I just hope we will get to see some scenes early, like what was it ET did last year in like April and sneak peeks at comic con and trailers coming out early on the net.

    Oh yes, and i’d like a dang cast list right about now. lol.

  27. FilDeCuivre says

    I think it’s a good thing not to have fans around there. I’m really looking forward to see the movie, but I don’t want to see half of it in 3 second videos. And like Kerry said, I think the movie will be much better when we can’t see that much before as we saw in Twilight. It actually did feel like I had seen the movie already, when I first saw it. There were only few things I didn’t know there would be when I saw it and it wasn’t much of a surprise.

  28. I am happy fans can’t get into it like they did with Twilight, but I am looking forward to something from Larry and the MTV team. I need my Twi Fix. Knowing filming is going on and only having small to no news is making me anxious. I know stupid, but the shots from the professionals eased my mind last time, it made me a little more confident that things were being done right and that the imagery was close to what my mind had conjured up.

    Still, I avoided the fan crazed posts last time so it’s not as though I will be missing it lol.

    I hope Larry starts posting soon 🙂

  29. I think its great that security is tight, I want to see a great New Moon movie, so let them work!

    Although Twilight Lexicon I love watching last years interviews with the cast… it would be nice for you guys to do the same with New Moon without interrupting the production¿?¿ Maybe you can work something out??

  30. Very good!
    Continuity errors bug the crap outta me.
    Of course, I would probably have a different opinion if I actually had access to a car and the gas money it would take to get from about Nashville to Vancouver and oh yeah! A driver’s license, but I don’t, so I think it’s great that they’re trying to give the other obsessed fans the boot.

  31. I think that it’s a good thing. When you have fans as crazy as the fans of Twilight, they are bound to be disruptive. The absence of fans in this movie will mean a faster, smoother production than what it would be if there were fans there.

  32. good for the filmmakers and actors! they’ve got enough to worry about without going back in post-production and noticing that they’ve got to photoshop out people in the background. i think it’s also a mix of good and bad for the fans. the good is that we get a quality product (in the sense that these people aren’t distracted and annoyed) and bad if you’re visiting the set and are stuck nowhere near it. i do appreciate the footage and pictures that we get to see but if a lack of them means that I’m getting a great movie, I’m willing to take the hit.

  33. Samantha LeAnne says

    I think it’s a good thing. I loved seeing the set pictures just as much as everyone else, but we will still get set pictures from people that are invited. But I would rather have to wait for set pictures later in filming, than have the film or the actors compromised. Some fans are rabid when it comes to catching a glimpse of the actors and I think they need to chill with it. We will get pictures and stuff, but we have to be patient and wait for it and stop badgering the actors and let them do their jobs.

  34. I do miss seeing what Robert is up to, but they need their privacy. They are working and distractions will only set back production. Just give us a teaser trailer soon! Please! Robert we miss you!

  35. I think it’s a good thing because that way there won’t be any way to be spoiled. We will have a very nice surprise when the movie comes out in November.

  36. Fans= bad.
    Actors= much better
    Crew/overall movie= probably much easier

  37. I’m on board with it, too. The actors deserve the right to privacy and to be able to focus on their work. I’m sure they were constantly distracted during Twilight. I’ll eagerly await an invitation for the Lexicon to visit.

  38. April (yes I know it's long) says

    I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good or bad thing. All I know is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. If the security detail wasn’t so strong than people would see little bit and parts of the movie and be really excited to see it which might make the movie more successful (if that’s even possible). But since the security is so strong it makes it harder for the paparazzi to take pics of the actors which they will enjoy. so either way there are all ways pros and cons.
    Plus I won’t be on set anyway.

  39. I think alot of fans lose the main objective, the actors are there to do a job not entertain & sign autographs for you–that’s what meet & greets are for people! Let them do their job, I know I’d personally like to see “New Moon” on it’s scheduled release date! Don’t delay them! I like the fact that it’s being kept under wraps for this very reason! Leave them be–I want them all focused on the task at hand!

  40. It’s great security is tight but it shouldn’t have to be. Fans should realize that to make an awesome movie (which I’m sure we all want) they need to worry about things other than being inundated with people. I personally would LOVE to see what is happening, BELIEVE ME! BUT, I just think they should be left to working on making this movie ROCK!

  41. NezziLautnerBlack says

    OMTC i think is absolutely horrible! i think every fan should get a chance to..
    wait i change my mind! i guess if they compesate with alot of promo events and meet and greets and stuff. i kinda don’t want rabid fans ruining the fan rep… so yea, its a good thing. especially if i lived in vancouver, that would mean i would have much better chance of being on the few people that have the skills to sneak on set and be remembered by the cast.. wow thats messed up!…

    all due to my OTC (Obsessive Taylor Disorder!)

  42. It’s a good thing… they need to be focused on the acting, not the fans right now… wait for when they begin to promote the movie to see them.

  43. I think it’s a good thing… it takes some of the magic away to see every little detail of a story get made. It’s the same reason musicians don’t like their songs getting leaked on the internet before the album comes or why *ahem* certain authors don’t like certain manuscripts getting leaked before it’s officilly published *ahem*

    So yeah, I’m all for secrecy. It will making the first time viewing of the movie that much more enjoyable for me. 🙂

  44. It’s too bad they have to keep fans away but letting them close is now dangerous. And with the paparazzi added in they need security. I wake up pull on last nights clothes and walk out for coffee all the time, it would be horrible to be photographed while doing so especially since these guys income depends on looking good. The casts privacy is really being invaded now.

  45. I think it’s a very good thing! I don’t want my suspense to be ruined.

  46. Kadee Taylor says

    well sure im bummed, but it makes it almost that much more exciting that it’s all on the D.L. now! like its gonna be way legit and kinda top secret haha i dont know.

  47. Though I enjoyed the set pics last year, I did think it was unprofessional, how the spectators and fans seemed to have been just permitted to go on and off the set. I was iffy about Catherine Hardwicke because of that. I think it is right that they tighten security for the next movies; the actors should be able to do their work in the right environment.

  48. i think it’s a good thing.because that way the movie won’t have people that don’t know what they are doing…and it will help the actors concentrate on their lines better.

  49. aww i’m annoying ^^
    (well i havnt gone looking for them yet)

    but as awseom as it would be 2 c new moon film, i can respect that they want thier privacy.
    i still wish i could see them…oh well, i can understant what thier tlking about
    theres a romour going around vvancouver highschools that they will be shooting @ byng (a highschool) @some point…


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