Stephenie Meyer Up For Time Magazine Award

Each year the TIME 100 honors the most influential people in the world, and this year is giving readers a chance to vote on who they think should be on the 2009 list. You can vote for her here.

According to Time: “Users can rank the level of influence for each person on a scale of 1 (least influential) to 100 (most influential). Last year, Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, was voted into the number one spot. The last day of voting is on April 28. To cast your vote and to see the latest results on who’s up—and who’s down—click here.”


  1. did you see who was cast in the ‘new moon’! the wolf pack casting just came out!

  2. I know it’s a little off topic, but Blue October’s new CD is out today so you all can buy “My Never” a.k.a. Jacob’s song in Breaking Dawn!

  3. Stephenie Meyer all the way!

  4. 😀 YAY! I voted for Stephenie! She’s 11 right now, crossing my fingers the fans will pull together and get her into the top 10.

  5. NezziLautnerBlack says

    voeted 100% she has changed my life and i wasn’t even in twilight! really i found out where taylor lived(valencia ,ca) now i want to live in cali. I was always taylors number onen fan though!!! since 2005! <3

    hey what was that about jakes song in BD?

  6. Stephenie’s definately up there! If everyone votes like 5 times she’ll pass everyone! (:

  7. stephenie, you deserve it! just like jk rowling you have got a whole generation(s) reading again!
    please put us out of our misery and finish midnight sun. then, if you choose, just take it further and further. i for one want to hear jake and nessie’s story. if you write it- we will read it! you’re a rock star.

  8. Voted a 100 for Stephenie. 🙂

    I agree with you Karen. I’d love to read more from the Cullens or Jake and Nessie… whatever she wants to give us, really. But I also respect her wish for some “her time.”

  9. Time called it an “emo-vampire series”?! I’m insulted. >:/

  10. I voted 100% for her and she’s now #9 on the list of top 100! =)

  11. I find that offensive that they say her books can’t win any awards under the cons rude! Plus Twilight isn’t emo so the person who wrote the pros and cons must be a hater.

  12. Does Stephenie Meyer really deserve the title of being one of the top 100 most influential people? I am confused as to how a writer of a teenage vampire romance, whose writing is mediocre at best, can be placed above people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Even Britney Spears is up there–pathetic.

  13. I just voted!!!

    Stephenie Meyer had a dream and she overcame her fears and followed through with her dream.

    Hillary, Barack, Britney, Stephenie….they all deserve to be top influential, because they all had a dream and they went after it, they may have made mistakes, they are not perfect, but they still fight for what they want despite what people say. They hit walls but still get back up and try again.

  14. Kerry, are you lost? This is a FAN site. And yes, Stephenie has influenced a lot of people. I’ve heard a lot of people say they didn’t like to read before her so I think that does deserve credit! Even Obama has read Twilight!

  15. Stephenie who?

  16. Stephanie should get the award . It was her heart and sould that got the movie off the ground . You go stephanie . Best Wishes…..:)

  17. robbie…. Honestly?

  18. The great influential people of our time of recognisable status aren’t just leaders of our countries or great business people. They are writers, speakers, artists, leaders, business people and countless other people whom have created a noticeable influence on what happens and what people do.

    Stephenie was able to encourage people to read and that I think is worth recognising.

  19. C’mon fellow Twi fans. Britney Spears is higher up than Steph! What’s up with THAT!?!? Let’s get voting!!!

    OT: I’m dying to get my Blue October CD in the mail! I pre-ordered it and can’t wait. I LOVE Dirt Room!

  20. Stephenie is 7th already – come on fans – show the world some more twilighter power!

  21. Twilight may have been written poorly, and it may not be the best story in the world, but it’s certainly a good read that has made people actually read something when they didn’t read before, unite kids with their parents, inspired new generations to actually write and dream of publishing their own stories, and created a new pop culture phenomenon! If that’s not enough influence right there, then people are crazy. It may not all be as great as saving lives, but Stephenie has definitely influenced so many people by a lot. Having said that, she does deserve to be on that list. So there. 🙂

  22. Vanessaisyours! says

    There is almost no doubt that the Twilight books will be on the list and win that award and if she didn’t the votes were probably counted wrong and she already has like a million awards for the Twlight books anyway.

  23. What the HELL!?! This is the WORST nominee, even worse than Hitler and Stalin and Lenin!!!! At least those three people influenced the world, whether good or bad, in some major fashion! Stephanie Meyer just took a bunch of ideas that were already cliche and put them together into one big saga of cheesiness. JESUS. THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!! J.K. Rowling should be considered WAY BEFORE Stephanie Meyer. HER SERIES WAS COMPLETELY ORIGINAL and it actually influenced nearly a billion people.


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