New Moon Cast on the Paparazzi

The entire New Moon cast has had to deal with the paparazzi more so than before.  Last film it wasn’t as bad, and lenses seemed to mostly be trained on Rob and Kristen. Now it’s everyone.

According to Edi Gathegi:

“There is a mole, and the mole is feeding information. [The paparazzi] took pictures of every single one of us leaving the airport! It’s like, how are they getting this information?”

The fact that the paparazzi caught Stephenie Meyer at the airport on an off week before shooting started and sold the photos to TMZ supports Edi’s claim.

Kellan Lutz isn’t getting mad. He’s getting even:

“It’s great; we have been doing some pranks on them. I can’t really share any, but a lot of the pictures are planned.”

See the whole story on MTV.


  1. lol, I wonder what pranks Kellen has done?

  2. That is horrible. I wish the fans as a whole would put their respective fan foot down and let the paprazzi know they won’t look at photos of the stars of the Twilight Saga films gotten at random moments.

    I’ve always been extremely anti-stalker-razzi. Film and TV stars are still humans beings who want to do normal things. Going out to Starbucks at 5am, NO ONE looks good. NO ONE wants to have a stranger standing on the opposite street corner snapping 20 or 30 shots of them.

    Unfortunately, the fanbase as a whole would have to agree to stop obsessively analyzing all the ill-gotten photos of the stars… and that just isn’t going to happen, unfortunately. It’s almost like they EXPECT these people to give up their lives for the sake of the series. And that? Is just effing sick.

  3. I think the paparazzi is out of control. It needs to go back to the earlier days when the stars did films, had promotions and photo opportunities, were in the public eye and then went home and had somewhat of a normal private life! What would happen if our neighbors or strangers were always taking pictures of us at all times of the day? We would take them to court or get restraining orders (umm stalking anyone)why should movie stars be any different when it comes to living a private life??

  4. A mole, aye? Dirty, dirty mole. Let them live their lives in peace… and let them do their jobs.

    As for the pranks… that’s great, though. Teach them a lesson. I’d love to know what they’re up to, though. 🙂

  5. Kellan looks adorable with that little girl he’s holding…. awwww

    Yea but this whole paparazzi thing is insane! But thats the way it goes. The stars know that its there and honestly if that dont like it they dont have to act. There are plenty of stars that stay out of the lime light. Not everyone is a trashy Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. And really, I have not seen too much on the twilight stars.

    But I DO agree that the fan base needs to relax and take a breath. Some people out there have absolutely lost their minds.

  6. I like seeing pics as much as the next person, but lets have it with the actors ok. I just want them to leave them all alone so they can concentrate on doing NM well!!!

  7. oh sweet! i hope kellan is talking about the pictures where all of them are smoking! that would be awesome to find out they didn’t!

  8. Wolf Girl says

    God that would be SO ANNOYING, being followed around having your picture taken all the time. I feel bad for them. I don’t think people would be as interested in all the gossip sites, nor would a lot of the gossip sites even exist, magazines too, if it weren’t for the paparazzi. I don’t mean to sound judgemental, (I’m sure I totally do. sorry!) but the paps need use their photography skills for more interesting things. Being a photographer should be about art, not about being a stalker.

  9. Wolf Girl says

    Oh and I really like what MAC had to say. I always think of that too, old Hollywood & how it used to be, and how rad it would be now if it were still like that.

  10. Ugh, I really can’t stand how the Papparazzi do nothing but exploit other people. Honestly, how much lower can you get?

    Really though, I love Kellan twice as much for what he said about the pranks. ^_^

  11. I totally agree with Wolf Girl. I mean, have you ever watched TMZ? Those people are the scum of the earth how they follow celbs around. So much of what is in the media in so fabricated and untrue also. It really is sickening. I want to see what’s going on with New Moon just like everyone else, but let’s be respectful about it.

  12. IndigoMisfit says

    That’s really sad. I mean, I like seeing photos of them on set and in costume and I like to know when they are filming. However, I really don’t want to see pics of them just causally walking around or buying starbucks at 5 am, because 1. Its really really really boring and 2. I know that’s what I look like when I wake up and I wouldn’t want people taking pictures of me either!

  13. Rockin'It says

    I secand all that’s being said. Just because they’re actors, doesn’t mean that they want their lives publicized every minute of every day. Give them some peace.

    but I’m really impressed with how well the cast takes it. Very professional. And go Kellan and Edi for making a game out of it.

    On another note, though… Wow, that lucky little girl that got to sit on Kellan’s lap!!! 😉

  14. I just saw a whole bunch of pictures of the crew taking breaks and almost all of them are smoking. Don’t they know that a lot of kids are looking at those picture.

  15. Oh come off the smoking bit.
    I would like to say first, I’m a nonsmoker, and second, both my parents smoke.
    There are smokers in this world.
    They have to take smoke breaks sometime.
    I don’t begrudge them stepping outside to smoke.
    Where else are they going to do it?
    And the whole behind a tree thing is silly.
    Are we going to stick all the smokers in the world behind trees now?
    Just because they are “public figures” now, doesn’t mean they can’t make thier own choices.
    And perhaps we should tell the stalkers taking picture that we don’t apreciate them taking pictures of people during thier private time.

    I know I would be a bit annoyed if someone took a picture of me with my feet up reading a book, my hair up in a bun, drinking my sugarful coke.

    Parents smoke. Perhaps they should be the ones to quit for thier children. Not actors who play parts in movies.


  16. This is insane.
    Sure, I’m a crazy Twilight fan, but these are regular people! They need their privacy, just like the rest of us. I’d hate it if I had someone was following me with a camera, trying to capture every second of my life on film.

    Anyways, Ashley’s hair in that video is ADORABLE, and the little girl sitting on Kellan’s lap is really cute too. 🙂

  17. smoking kills. enough said.

  18. Then teach your children not to smoke.

    Don’t let an actor teach your children.

    Yes, they see pictures. But it’s up to the parents to teach children what is right and wrong.

    Smoking, for however bad it is, is still legal for those 18 and over. Just because it kills, means nothing. High Fructose Corn Syrup causes all sorts of issues. Have you stopped giving your kids kool-aid?

  19. I know it must be bad with the paparazzi following you and stuff, but it’s part of the job. Without the paparazzi, celebs wouldn’t be as famous or successful.

  20. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says

    i’ll stay out of the smoking/paparazzi issue. all i have to say is:

    if i knew all it was to get that close to them and be wrapped in kellan’s arms was a candy necklace, i would have made a candy dress and made my way down there.

  21. brunetterebel010 says

    Who is that cute litte girl with Kellan? Thats so sweet.. 😀

  22. ScarletRubie says

    i hate being around people who smoke, it really bothers me and apart from that some one gives these people room to breathe. They can’t go get coffee without someone across the country knowing about it, they can’t step out of line because they get attacked by someone. It’s like lay off a little, they can’t go out anywhere unless they like wear a hoody and sunglasses, looking all shady and that’s no fun. I do enjoy from time to time seeing what they’re up to but it seems like they might want a minute of peace.

  23. At least high fructose syrup doesn’t cause CANCER, and most importantly it doesn’t hurt anyone else when you drink it. Then, yes i agree you should be able to have the choice if you can drink it or not. Though, when you choose to smoke, you can affect everyone around you! I’m eighteen and i am happy to say i chose not to pollute my lungs. It’s nasty and it doesn’t make you cool. You can say whatever you want, but smoking is smoking. There isn’t anything good about it.

  24. Enough of the smoking comments. Get over it people. Jeesh!!!

  25. I really feel bad for the whole cast.It’s already more than enough to endure a wild fandom,but now they also have to be followed everywhere.

  26. I browsed through your comments and it wasn’t mentioned. Very random and of no importance, but I wonder who Kellan is holding??

  27. 1.) That little girl is adorable, and I love how Kellan kept leaning into her. (: 2.)Are we still on the smoking issue? I thought we got all of the steam out before[I know I did.] 3.) I am so happy that they’re not letting this get to them, like so many other celebrities do. I think that they realize that this is going to be a part of their lives from now on and have just chosen to rise above it and not let it affect their work. They are handling this VERY well. (: 4.) I agree with most of you that although I love to see pictures of the cast, I would much rather not have them being assaulted in the process. You can tell that some of these pictures were taking right in their faces, and I think that the paparazzi need to just learn some respect. Maybe try taking one or two shots a safe distance away, and then going home[instead of becoming crazy stalkers!] I realize that this isn’t a perfect world where just because we don’t like something it’s going to change, but it’s just an idea. Sorry for my rant. (:

  28. It’s funny…all these comments about the paparazzi yet everyone looks at the pics they provide. And yes, actors need their privacy. Who wants to be photographed making an early morning coffee run then have people comment on how bad you look? Or when people complained because Kristen wasn’t smiling at the airport when she just came back from promoting Twilight. I can remember many attacking her. But luckily other Twilight actors are now saying how difficult it is so maybe fans will stop the negative comments on her.

  29. I completely agree with you Kim.
    All of the cast is over 18, so if they want to smoke–and I’m sure they know all the risks that comes with it–then that is their choice. It’s not like you have to light up too. And also it’s not their fault they are being followed and having pictures taken of them every second of the day. So, when would you expect them to smoke? The only place where they have total privacy is probably a bathroom stall at this point.

  30. “Planned”? OOoooh this is interesting! XD

  31. Kellan is sooooooo cuuuutttteeee!!!

  32. StinaCullen says

    Get over the smoking issues already…. I agree with you Kim, Children see ALL kind of pictures and movies with smoking, sex, drugs, and other crap EVERYDAY… And there isn’t anything you can do about it, So smoking isn’t the right choice for you, obviously your parents raised you well enough to know that, but that doesn’t mean you get up on your high horse and put actors/people down for what they choose to do with there spare time!!!! Goodness people, your ALMOST as bad as the freaking paparazzi!!!

  33. Sterling Snow says

    The little girl Kellan’s holding is named Charlotte, I saw another video with her, she’s sooo cute!

    Ugh, give the people some space! Nothing more irritating than being followed day and night by stalkers with cameras.

  34. The paps can be extremely aggresive and do go overboard. However, when stars begin to complain about it they should remember the days when no one cared about them one way or another. The success of the twilight franchise depends entirely on the fans and how much they are willing to support the films, dvds, merchandise etc. I agree that there is a way to do things. But if you are an actor it comes with the territory you don’t get paid massive amounts of money and have great perks for free. The day no one wants to see your photo is the day you should start to worry.

  35. OME! I just saw the other video with Charlotte! She is so adorable. (:

  36. i am wondering if miss or mrs. meyers telling the tablouds were the new moon cast are doing and who they are going out with or something know fands and magzen people are fallowing them avery were bugging them i just wish averyone 1 from the auther of the twilight new moon eclips and breaking dawn to the fands and the magezen people would just leave alone when will all this crazy stuff end wake up people get on with your own lifes and leave the cat of new moon alone.


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