Who Else Has Sold That Many Copies?

Yesterday the news broke that the Twilight DVD sold over 3 million copies on its first day, quite a record for an independent film shot by a small company. So just who else has tallied numbers like that? According to EW, in the last two years the only films to manage that are: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Dark Night, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Transformers.

And in case you want Bella’s look, you are in luck. Her blue jacket from the meadow scene goes into wide distribution this July.

According to costume designer Wendy Chuck, ”I literally brought that on set just before they rolled cameras.” TY to Kaila

According to BoxOffice Mojo Twilight’s sales totals are still on the climb since the film hasn’t gone to DVD in a number of foreign markets yet, and in fact it hasn’t even opened yet in Japan.

Domestic: $191,368,000 51.3%
Foreign: $181,980,944 48.7%

= Worldwide: $373,348,944


  1. i think that it is funny that all of those other movies on the list cost like …a bigillion dollars to make and ours only cost 37…..hehehhe

    twilighters ROCK!!!!

  2. Bette Zinn says:

    With it grossing over $350 million, why is Summit only spending $50 million on New Moon?

  3. Yes! Twilight World Domination!

  4. I can’t wait to see what it makes in the end… when all is said and done.

    I love that jacket, too. Might have to get myself one. 🙂

  5. That’s amazing,Twilight is taking over. I’m still waiting for my dvd that I ordered off line because it was all sold out in stores near me.

  6. sweeet. I’ve been looking for a similar jacket as Bella’s 😀

    It’ll hit $375MM once it;s opened in Japan 😀

  7. the bbdakota site is useless. i hope we can purchase the jacket online on July 😐

  8. Lexicon, please tell us WHERE the jacket will be available in July. We want to know!!! Thanks!

  9. oh dear! I can’t believe it’s still going…CRAZY!!!

  10. They should spend a lot more on making the next movies. They can’t say they don’t have the money.

  11. GenevieveCullen says:

    Well they can add another $24 and change to that. Just got the 3 disc addition from HMV 😀

  12. I WANT THAT JACKET I NEED THAT JACKET!!!!! i have been looking for it for like 7-8 month’s!!!! WHERE!!!!! I MUST KNOW…NOW…PLEASE!!!

  13. umm heard of harry potter? why yes, harry potter DID sell more DVD copies, books, etc. then twilight. so get over yourselves. and we’ve been translated into more languages, so twilight is not a “world domination”.

    furthermore, the jacket is ugly.


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