Save the Book Babe Update

The Save the Book Babe website ( that still has available tickets for as little as $25.00 ) updated with the schedule of events:

2:00 – Intro – Emcee Shannon Hale (a hilarious and talented author)
2:10 – Acoustic Musical Performance by Adam Kump
2:35 – Acoustic Musical Performance by the Adam Watts Band
3:00 – Author Panel – A lively discussion featuring eleven popular youth authors, including Stephenie Meyer. At the discussion, all eleven authors will be on the stage, answering questions, and entertaining us with their witty banter. Who are these fabulous people? See the “Who” section below, or CLICK HERE to read short bios.
4:30 – Raffle Winners Announced
4:45 – Closing – Emcee Shannon Hale
5:00 – Event Ends
5:10 – Platinum Member Invite Only Reception (SOLD OUT)

Dean Lorry has just been added to their list of participating authors.

Now if you can’t make it to Arizona ( if you can, say hi to Pel, Be My Escape, Danobanano, and Nena Cullen who will all be there) consider making an online donation even a dollar helps when they all add up. There are also a number of one-of-a-kind author items that will be going up for auction. Stephenie Meyer has promised to auction some annotated early manuscripts, the epilogue of Forever Dawn, and her Eprom ball gown…which brings us to our next point…(we pause now as Pel rolls up her sleeves and takes over the rest of this entry)

Pel wants that dress, so does Dano, they been goading each other for a week over it. Nena Cullen can tell you that it hasn’t been pretty. On Friday, it came to Pel’s attention during a live podcast ( nothing like being put on the spot in front of 300 people) that so does Kara of Twilight Moms. In fact you can see photos of Pel(Laura) and Kara’s banter in front of the crowd over it. If Pel recalls correctly, she seems to remember threatening to stab Kara with her Visa card.

You can see the photos and captions over on Twilight Moms. There’s a good old fashioned throwdown going on. Let’s just see who is wearing that dress this summer! (Insert evil laughter here.)


  1. good luck with the bidding and the event. just made a donation, wish i could be there in person!

  2. Bwahahahaha… just this battle alone is going to be worth the price of my platinum ticket!

  3. There’s no way that I’m going to be allowed to go so I hope everyone who’s going has fun and gets some great stuff. (:

  4. If any of you would like to donate to the “Dano’s going to win the Prom Dress Showdown” fund, send me a PM on the forums.
    Now I’m off to apply for an increased credit limit. **shhh don’t tell my husband at least until I can bring that dress home**

  5. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    She looks so lovely <3

  6. brunetterebel010 says:

    Pel, you will look gogeous in that dress, if I had the money, I would help you buy it.

    Good Luck!


  7. sorry ladies that dress will be on me at TwiCon- but I’ll let Pel borrow it for some other event 😉

  8. stab her with a visa
    you ladies are hilarious!!
    this is almost as interesting as cast news, i love it. haha, how exciting … the battle for the dress is on! 😀

  9. wolfgirl says:

    good luck to all!

    But what would happen if some random fan won it?

  10. Nancy, bellarocks says:

    Interesting thought, wolfgirl, but knowing my friends, one of them is going to reign triumphant. Just to see what would happen, *I* might have to join the fray! Muwahaha!!

  11. They left out a major way to help with the fundraiser! Twilight Teez has designed an ultra-cool shirt that you can purchase and all proceeds go to Save The Book Babe! Go to to get one! Hopefully the Lex will post this as well at some point before the event is over.

  12. The Twilight Teez shirt looks cool, and I’m so getting one, but I don’t think ALL of the proceeds go to the cause. They don’t say that on their website.

  13. I will be at the event and don’t count me out for the fight for the dress. i am a red head and very scrappy!

    Alison from

  14. I have not yet met Pel… But I know Kara and I think she means business 🙂

  15. rubyxjade says:

    I love Stephenie but those guys were TERRIBLE choices to portray Edward and Jacob.

  16. kellan fan says:

    that dress is beautiful!!

  17. rubyxjade, I have to disagree with you on the Edward and Jacob models. Those two young men will forever be the my first choices for Edward and Jacob. They didn’t have to say a word but they oozed their characters auroas perfectly. I still remember the reaction at the I Love Jacob After Prom Party when those two walked in the door. WOWZERS! Oh the memories. Oh and by the way Kara and Pel, go ahead and invest your money in AIG because neither of you are going to get that dress! I’ve already bought the shoes I’m going to wear with it, and Infinite Jewelry is going to glamour me up with the bling bling to match.

  18. good morning ladies-
    I’ve had a lovely evening going through my piggy bank and liquidating my 101K (yea that’s all that was left) I’ve got a plan and an Amex outta my way!!

  19. bettingonalice357 says:

    Would the manuscripts and Forever Dawn epilouge be released on Stephenie’s website after the auction or would the only people to see it be the winners?

    Good luck with that dress!

  20. Good luck to Pel and Kara!

  21. ooh, that dress is gorgeous! ^__^

  22. That’s hilarious Pel. You know us TM’s love you, BUT Kara really needs that dress for the TwiCon ball. lol

  23. KaseyHeartEdward says:

    GET THE DRESS!!! You can soooo do it!!!!!
    Bring the Scepter of DOOM!!! And gets it!!
    Good luck girl!!
    I hope you get it!!!

  24. BTW you can see how lovely I will look in the dress by going here:

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