EW Runs Down the Total Look of Twilight

Now that everyone (well almost everyone) can play Twilight at home, hit pause, and obsess over every detail, costumer Wendy Chuck goes into detail about where she got everything from Edward’s peacoat (unfortunately you can’t buy that she made it) to Bella’s mittens and brown hoodie(check out Nordstroms).

According to EW:

”She’s (Kristen Stewart)in lots of warm earth tones, with some Southwestern elements thrown in. Having come from a warm, sunny climate to the rainy gloom of Forks, we wanted to make her unprepared for the cold and the rain.” Which is why, Chuck explains, we don’t see Bella in a raincoat until later on in the tale.


  1. I love bella’s brown hoodie. I think I may need to get one of those. (:

  2. heatherh says:

    I don’t know why, but I really want to know what kind of shoes she’s wearing in a lot of the scenes… they look like Vans or Keds, but I’ve checked their websites and can’t find any styles that are exactly like the ones Bella has. It has become my person mission to discover what brand of slip ons she’s wearing. She wears them in the meadow scene, the scene where they are flying through the trees and a couple of other scenes as well.

    Does anyone know?

  3. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Not only did the screenwriter, the director and the set designers do their part to change Stephenie’s book but even the wardrobe ppl?? Oh come on! Bella has been to Forks before. Her Dad lives in Forks. She has always been painfully aware it’s cold and wet!! To say she was unprepared??? Insulting!

  4. the brown hoodie and the blue one in the meadow scene ๐Ÿ™‚

    so is the brown hoodie available NOW at Nordstroms? What’s the brand?

  5. FYI: All this info is in Catherine Hardwicke’s book and in more detail like the shoes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BloodSuckingLeech: In the first chapter of Twilight it states that she doesn’t have an coats or anything warm. She has not been to Forks since she was little. She told her Dad she didn’t want to go anymore because of the rain so they spend 2 weeks in California every summer.

  6. The shoes she is wearing are simples you can check out their website i have seen them there

  7. GenevieveCullen says:

    I was a little miffed over their book wardrobe vs. movie wardrobe too (Edward dressed in whites, creams, tans, and on occasion black, just like his room) but I guess the switch to blue hues was to emphasize cold vampires vs. warm humans.

    I’ll live with it =/

  8. GenevieveCullen says:

    Hmmmm… Looking through the whole article, I was miffed about Bella’s prom dress too =/ I know it was cold out and everything but it’s not even close.

  9. Genevievecullen- I completely agree the only big wardrobe change that I missed was bella’s prom dress. I was SO excited to see what they did for that but her dress actually looked less fashionable then some of the other girls at prom, and we all know that alice would not stand for that.

  10. switzgal says:

    I love that turquoise bracelet. Unfortunately, they didn’t say where to buy anything in this article. Just where they found it. It said they found it in LA. OK that was helpful…. NOT!!!!

  11. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    I’m with you GenevieveCullen…there is not much they did not change from the book. The Cullens wardrobe was supposed to be chic, expensive and dazzling, like themselves. Bella was supposed to be plain, not hip and stylish. Her prom dress was supposed to be in Alice’s style (leggings???? and a sneaker???) Edward’s tux more classic and chic.

  12. heatherh says:

    thanks, bananas! i found them and they are on sale for $15!! woohoo!

  13. Rachel A. says:

    #3, I TOTALLY agree with you. It is almost as if they didn’t really read the book, they just read a summary. The prom dress bothers me just because there is a picture of the actual dress on Stephenie’s website…the one worn in the movie looks like it cost $20 and it is nothing close to the book description. Oh well. Hopefully NM will be better as far as wardrobe goes.

  14. I care more about what Alice was wearing. Nothing of Bella’s was really extraordinary; I even have a brown hoodie that looks A LOT like that, even though it’s not the same one.

    Anyways, what happened to Bella’s skirt combo that she wore when she was first going to meet the Cullens? And I was looking forward to seeing Alice and Rosalie’s prom dresses. But they weren’t even at prom. :/

  15. Actually, it says in the first chapter of Twilight that Bella had “said goodbye to the sun” and that her “carry on was a parka.” That, to me, does NOT sound like someone who was unprepared for the cold, rainy weather of Forks.

    Once again, the movie crew (first the director with the “no ‘I love you'” decision, and now the costume director with her wardrobe decision) made choices that make NO SENSE if you have read the novels.


  16. Ashleigh says:

    I agree with you Jimma. They also state that Bella’s been there for holidays and such so she wouldn’t have been totally in the dark about the weather and what to expect.

  17. Can I just point out to the Lex that not everybody can see it at home yet!!! Got a while to wait back home in the UK, and it sucks so bad knowing that you guys all have it already! =(

  18. I really need my DVD now! It really sucks to watch others enjoying theirs!

  19. ok back to the jacket…I’ve re-checked the Director’s Noetbook and it did mention the shoes but no real details on the two jackets (light blue and brown)… :/

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  22. Did anyone else HATE the prom dress….? I thought she was supposed to be beautiful and Couture? Instead it was an off the rack dress that there is no way Alice would have loaned her with sneakers. Stephanie Meyer posted on her website Bellas dress and the movie did NOTHING for her vision. I was really surprised she allowed that. I hope wardrobe is amazing in New Moon!

  23. love the book’s got school to get them i’v started a new fashion
    GO mr

  24. Nobody knows where I can find her brown hoodie??

  25. what about the brown shoes that she wore? the other pair that belonged to CH? does anyone know? thx

  26. Wow! i like her hoodie, i need to get one of those! I like her hair her mittens and her jeans, on second thought i love her


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