EW has the Best of Rob Pattinson’s Commentary

 On Saturday we asked you what your favorite parts of the Director’s commentary were.  EW has a run down of all the best Rob comments including the many eyebrow moments.


  1. All I can say is I REALLY hope he and Kristen do commentary for the remaining films.

  2. I agree with that! Haha. My husband made fun of me for watching the movie with the commentary on, but I could not stop laughing. It was great! I normally don’t watch movies like that, but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. Definitely glad I did!!

    “Never trust a man who plucks his eyebrows.” Love it!!

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  4. Rob is hilarious! The entire commentary is hilarious, though. Probably the most watched commentary ever. 🙂

  5. they defidently forgot:
    “…what do we eat”
    then rob blurts out in a strange,hilarious voice
    thats easily the best part in the commentary :]

  6. sounds like rob has some self-esteem issues. i mean it was funny and all but he just constantly critiqued EVERY single thing about himself. from his looks to his acting. i love rob but it got annoying. well im going to watch the commentary maybe it sounds better when i actually hear it rather than read it.

  7. i was actually reading this article earlier and watched the dvd with the audio comm. on last saturday. funny stuff 😀

    I just got back from target where i bought 2 copies of the 3 disc edition. um…so now I have 5 copies of the dvd..wth. lol…I’ll give the other 2 to my friends who are equally obssessed with this =D

  8. Twilight Nymph says:

    Nicole, Rob has said he can’t watch himself in a movie cuz he’ll end up criticizing himself throughout the whole movie, so yes I agree he has issues. Yet, we were warned.

  9. lol, i love that commentary. i’ve only watched it once, but i need to watch again really soon 😀

  10. I loved the commentary…I wish we could have actually seen them watching the movie, I think it would have been absolutely hysterical. And I honestly think Kristen had a more difficult time watching herself than Rob. She hardly spoke at all and when she did it was “oh my God I’m so embarassed” aww =( lol I think I’d be the same way, though ha

  11. I don’t usually watched commentaries either because they’re usually boring or they don’t talk half the time. After the Lex said it was pretty funny I had to see for myself and boy am I glad I did, it was hilarious. I want to watch it again!

    And I love Rob! He was soo funny. His accent is to die for!! Love him <3

  12. GenevieveCullen says:

    I usually get annoyed with self-depreciating people but hearing Rob talk in his British accent makes it completely forgivable. It’s too funny.

  13. Well I don’t have control of my TV or DVD player because of the kids and the basketball tournament so I haven’t gotten to watch this part of the DVD yet but it sounds funny. The movie has been played 4 times at my house since Saturday morning however. It will be interesting to see how a male director tones down the hair and makeup on the guys. I am just sure he will.

  14. I live for audio commentary on a DVD, but I wish they had done a cast commentary. I would have loved to hear from other people in the cast.

  15. Rob was hilarious, but give props to Catherine and Kristen too. All three of them together made this commentary awesome! I agree with Freakin Loon that they should do this for the rest of the movies.

  16. The commentary was my favorite thing on the dvd by far. I absolutely love hearing Rob ramble on about random stuff in his british accent. It’s amazing.

  17. @Freakin Loon. They better or “I’ll sue.” I think if you add in Peter and Edi it will be like stand up comedy or something.

    She forgot to mention the Cheeseburger comment and the Butt chin comment. Oh Rob…

  18. allisonlovesedward says:

    nobody has mentioned this one!!!

    when he’s unbuttoning his shirt to show how his skin glitters, rob says “i don’t see nothin’ wrong!!!” like from the song bump and grind. [i don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little bump and griiind] he says it in a really funny voice. i cracked up on that part.

    ahahahaha… so funny.

  19. I actually really liked Kristen’s little comment of her taking a drink of water, and she says that they stuck with the take where she’s taking a “thoughtful sip” of water instead of downing it. I thought it was funny.

  20. I thought the commentary was way more entertaining than the movie itself!!!!
    Robs comments made me smile and Kristen is just soo effin chill!!!!

  21. the commentary was entertaining to say the least. there weren’t very many moments where you got to actually watch/hear the film and i liked that. the list that entertainment weekly made is LOOOOOONG but that simply shows how hilarous some parts really were. the cheeseburgers line is missing, i loved that one!

  22. i envy you people because the dvd will be available in coutry in april. just reading your comments i’m more eager to have it asap

  23. FilDeCuivre says:

    maria: I’m from Finland and the dvd comes out here in April 29th. I want to see the commentary! It sounds amazing! The only commentary I’ve seen before was PotC: Dead Mans Chest because it was from the scriptwriters and I thought it was interesting.

  24. I was wondering which Twilight dvd is better based on the commentary. I ordered the target one, because I heard a lot of good comments on it, but I don’t have it yet. Is the commentary all in all best on the target version or the borders?

  25. Sterling Snow says:

    The commentary is my favorite extra on the DVD! Sooo hilarious!! I love the cheeseburger thing, “I know what I want, I want it now”, everything about the eyebrows and the bouffant, “I was hoping it’s a horse”, and too much else to list 🙂

  26. ahhhh!!!

    OME, I LOOOOOOOVED the commentary!! Rob was hilarious!!

    One of my favorite parts was the scene when Edward is talking to Bella at the salad bar and before that when it was a close-up on Edward he’s like “That’s where I was talking about how much I hated cookies.”

    and then Catherine says “You’re not supposed to eat anyway! Just sit there and look pretty!”

    ahahahahahaha! ^,..,^

  27. My favorite part was when he was singing “Bump and Grind” I remember him talking about singing that song with the cast in one interview. The whole thing was great. I loved the end too where he immitates Catherine “I hope you guys thought this thing was totally Wild!” lol. Rob is great.


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