Access Hollywood: Twilight DVD Release Events


  1. Nicole-ee-olee says

    Ashley Greene is a great Alice! I can’t wait to see her in New Moon since we will see more of her then.

  2. So, she says she is wearing extensions in the video. That must mean that the hairstyle in the Borders video posted earlier this week could be her real style!

    Ashley is fantastic and plays a wonderful Alice.

  3. I think she said that she wanted the wig to fit her better, that’s why she cut her hair. What dedication to the film to cut her beautiful long hair. Ashley is awesome!

  4. They were all so sweet! I was at both the Hot Topic event and Kitson. Ashley wore extensions at HT and that is her real legnth at Kitson. I will post pix soon 😉

  5. Haha Kellan is so cute <3
    “snuggie party” 😀

  6. Bella-Swann-Cullen says

    I was at the Walmart in Utah and met Rachelle, I Had no idea she would be there. It was awesome.

  7. This is probably going to sound lame, but Ashley’s in a moving car and she’s not wearing a seat belt. The only exception to not wearing a seatbelt really is if you’re in a limo because they don’t have any. None of us fans want anything bad to happen to her, or any of the other cast members, if for some reason the car gets into an accident. Plus what kind of example is she setting, especially since in California we have a law of “click it or ticket!” She should set a better example to everyone who is watching her. Besides that I adore Ashley and she seems like such a sweet person.


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