Meeting Edi Gathegi

So, I got to meet and interview Edi Gathegi on behalf of Borders on Friday night in their incredibly glamorous basement alcove about the size of my linen closet. After going back and forth several times as to which media outlet got to interview Edi and in which order, we finally got to go last.

Now here’s the thing, we didn’t 100% know for sure it was going to be Edi, but once we realized that Edi did a live NYC based TV show that morning and Border’s flagship, NYC store was down the block…well, let’s just say that you didn’t need to be Alice to figure this one out.

So, Be My Escape and I scrambled and had an “I Heart Black Olives” tote bag made up because Edi first made the “black olives” reference in an interview he gave us last year and then he did it again on live TV that morning. Vito, the guy at the printing shop, thought we were nuts. “Lady, I can make it (the bag) for you in two hours, but really I don’t need to know what you want it for.”

I took a laundry marker and inscribed on the bag: “To Edi, We love you! All your fans at the Twilight Lexicon.

So it’s finally my turn to interview Edi after about 10 people who were ahead of me all of whom asked the same questions: What are you looking forward to the most, what’s your favorite part, were there any practical jokes. So I look at Rich ( our Borders rep) and I say don’t worry, I have better questions.

Now I don’t want to give away too much of Borders material before it launches on their channel but I’ll give you some hints about what I asked Edi: meadow showdown, workouts with Taylor, barefoot Laurent, and my favorite…which the audio on this is going to be fantastic…I got him to actually do the voice of Kelly (let’s see in the comments who knows who “Kelly” was).

So after the interview was over Edi looks at me because my questions were way different (as in I actually have read the books) than everyone else’s, and said “Wait, what website did you say you were from again?” So I replied, “The Twilight Lexicon, and we love your work. In fact we made you a present.”  I then indicate the tote bag that I had handed off to the PR team there with Edi. He took one look at the bag, jumped in the air (this was scary cause the ceiling was way low)pumped the air and said “YES!” Turned to me, gave me a high five (which I am so glad I didn’t miss because I am the most spastic person ever when it comes to things like that)and he said “Thank you guys so much!” He said that the fans are the greatest so supportive and he loves all the fansites out there.

Stand by for all of it on Borders Media.


  1. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says:

    …well, let’s just say that you didn’t need to be Alice to figure this one out.

    haha good guess lol

  2. Chloe Cullen says:

    Cool! I wanted to go to a release party sooo badly but I didn’t get to :(. The closest one to me was like, 2 hours away in LA anyways. Oooooh Kelly is his prank-calling voice 😉 That should be fun to listen to hahaha.

  3. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    The prank caller voice? AWESOME! Haha I can’t wait to hear it!

  4. Sounds like you guys were the best interviewers, but I expect nothing less from this group.

    I can’t wait to see his reaction to his gift. That is great!

  5. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    KELLY!!! lol…I’ve heard that story soooo many times…hilarious, but I wish they’d give us another practical joke, lol…he sounds like an awesome guy…I’m glad he was Laurent!!! too bad he has to die…unless they make him live, which they BETTER not…lol

  6. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    That is so awesome! I love it when they love the fans, Edi is amazing 😀
    another comment hehe

  7. LOLZ I think EVERYONE knows who Kelly is xD That was like the ultimate prank pulled on the set!

  8. Hahahaha Kelly his prank calling voice! He just looks like he would be so fun to hang out with doesnt he? I can’t wait to hear that! He better live it up while can because we all know he dies so he won’t be with Twilight for very long, which is sad because he is so nice from what I’ve seem

  9. NuttyNetty says:

    that’s awesome!!!! lol i LOVE this blog post 😀
    it makes me only MORE eager to make Team Bad Vamps Shirts to support Cam, Edi, and Rachelle =]

    and of Course, “kelly” the prankster xD

    you did have great questions and THANK you again for posting =]

  10. It is the voice he used to prank call Jackson and other cast members! Thy is going to be hillarious I can’t wait to see!!

  11. somethingblue says:

    I am so proud of Pel and BME for representing us all so well in NY with Edi. I would have definitely lamely missed the high five, so that was awesome you got it! And how ingenious that you had the bag made for him on the fly. I’m excited to see the interview!

  12. vampgirl says:

    the girl who called jackson/jasper, duh! lol. its like an edi love fest on the lex these days! i love it! i am sooooooooo jealous of all the girls in new york at that borders. when is all the stuff going up.

  13. Jennifer says:

    This is awesome! You guys rock 🙂

  14. It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

  15. Edi Gathegi is so awesome 🙂

  16. GenevieveCullen says:

    LOL, awww… I’m glad he liked the tote. It’d be too funny if he actually carries stuff around in it.

    I can’t wait to hear his infamous Kelly voice. He seems like such a chill guy.

  17. i feel lame in not knowing who Kelly was… is there audio or a recount of these pranks? they sound funny.

  18. misslelie says:

    lol…Kelly?? Sorry I didn’t really follow all the movie stuff… but sounds hilarious, is ther something on utube maybe that replays the pranks??LOL thatd be good im checking. He sounds like a really fun guy…too bad he has to die:-(

  19. ahhh love you guys for having good questions that aren’t annoyingly repetitive! i think the one i read the most is “did you know from the beginning whether twilight was going to be big?” GOD I’M SO SICK OF THAT LOL! but anyways, can’t wait for the video!

  20. I’m glad you guys rocked for NYC!!

  21. Kimberly says:

    lol 🙂
    “You have work tomorrow at 4:30 A.M.”
    “Did you get a phone call from Kelly?…no man..I was Kelly”



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