DVD Release Party Round Up

We have been getting in all kinds of reports from release around the country.  From Forks to Puerto Rico people lined up to meet actors or just to be the first in line to get Twilight on DVD.

The Daily Penninsula reports that in Forks nearly 600 people turned out to celebrate teh DVD release.  People came from as far away as Maryland. The Quileute Dancers shared parts of their history, including parts of their sacred wolf dance.

Here are some photos from the Kitson DVD Party.  Thanks to Vescara for sending in the pics.



Even “Pocket Edward” ventured out to a midnight release party in hopes of meeting Ashely Greene.  You can check out his adventures here.

And finally we have a report from Puerto Rico.  Thanks Iva for the report and pictures.

Puerto Rico also had its own Midnight DVD release party at the Borders located in Plaza Las Américas, the island’s largest shopping mall. While it was a small affair in comparison with other ones held at the larger cities, those of us who attended had huge amounts of fun. My friend Marta and I got there early in the evening to indulge in some Twilight related fun and excitement.

The Borders staff was amazing and planned a night full of Twilight inspired ideas, such as very hard trivia questions, a rock band that played very cool music,  the Twilight Movie Awards, and a lookalike contest. One of the best moments came when the staff played the message from the cast. The screaming was so loud that they very graciously played it at least four times so that we could all scream at the appropriate moments. I was very impressed with their dedication and enthusiasm!

I am sending you guys some pics of our adventures waiting to get our hands on our exclusive Borders Twilight DVD. Needless to say, we went straight to Marta’s home to see it IMMEDIATELY.



  1. 1st one to comment!! anyway i am from puerto rico!!

  2. 08ertwilighter says:

    good pictures from the kitson event! i noticed the sign for a 76 gas station in the background – i haven’t seen one of those in about 10 years! anyway, isn’t this ‘edward’ a wanna-be? i clicked the link, figuring it was the “lauren’s bite” ‘edward’ adventures, but it wasn’t… oh well, still not that bad.

  3. Julie M. says:

    Are you talking about the guy next to Rachelle? That’s Kellan, who plays Emmett.

  4. Jasper37 says:

    Great Pictures!


  5. Nice to hear about the Puerto Rican release party. I live on the island, but was too sick to go, sadly.

    Thanks for sharing the coverage, Lexicon. Really appreciate it!

  6. Ahhh, my man Kellan is looking hot 😉

  7. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    The Hot Topic party I attended was soooo lame & i’m angry. First after waiting in line, at 10 o’clock, they let groups of 20 in the store to shop & take pictures with the Edward stand, then put u back in line till Midnight.. Everyone pu thenames into the ding for thutographed Talorposter & other pzes, but they not giveay prie way at lla

  8. Mahriah I’m sorry that the Hot Topic event was such a disaster but, your post really made me laugh! What happened at the end of your post…? You just gave up writing. Anyways, Kellan looks cute holding those pink flowers!

  9. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Sue…ha ha, sorry. I’m on my cell & if I type something really long, it won’t let me see what i’m typing anymore, so it gets all screwed up. Basically, Hot Topic didn’t give away any prizes.

  10. Thank you guys for publishing my update!

    I forgot to mention that one of the store employees mentioned that the Twilight Saga has been selling constantly for the past year and that it doesn’t seem like it will die down anytime soon. This is quite an impressive fact and just proves that the series keeps reaching new readers all the time 🙂

  11. Oh, and Kellan and Rachelle look amazing!

  12. Pocket Edward is absolutely hilarious.

    Would have been good to see Ashley’s response up close and personal with him… it’s just gold.

    I look very much forward to Pocket Edward’s adventures…

  13. Pinkramirolg says:

    OMG!!!! I didn’t know that Borders was having a release party in Puerto Rico. Im sad that I didn’t went!!!

  14. Hey! 😀 I wanted to see if someone from P.R. had posted anything related to the release party and I found this 🙂 I was actually there too! (Plaza Las Americas) I even saw you taking the picture of the 2 girls in uniform :O I absolutely loved the enthusiasm that floated around :DD I even tried that beverage called “Bellas Blood”
    Im so glad my friend invited me.
    Anyways, les envio saludos desde Hatillo, Puerto Rico!

  15. Oh and who is Pocket Edward?? D:

  16. LOL i like how there’s a huge edward face on the last picture

  17. Hey Vivian,
    It was a pretty cool event! I had a lot of fun. I tried Bella’s Blood as well but didn’t like it. Bella’s Blood is just too sweet for me! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!
    ¡Saludos desde Bayamón!

  18. Pocket Edward is an Edward doll that has…adventures…with his ‘owners’…who take photos of him in weird, random places, and even has his own blog.

    Pocket Edward is hilarious!

  19. Hi Iva :] I too agree on the Bella’s Blood thing…it nearly gave me a stomach ache xD
    But since I paid for it…lol I saw a video of pocket Edward: funny!

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