Peter Facinelli Surprises Fans in Washington

This just in from Lexiconer Sprstrgrl83

“So Peter Facinelli is in washington. We got to meet him and have conversations with him. he visited the army military base Fort Lewis. He will be there tomorrow also doing meet and greets he is such a nice guy and we also got to meet DeeDee Anderson the choreographer of the twilight.”


  1. omg! i just luv PetEr so much! He is sooo hot as Dr. Carlisle in Twilight movie. I can’t wait for New MOon. argggh. xo

  2. I’ll be heading to the PX in about an hour, YAY, can’t wait to get my DVD.

  3. TO COOL!
    Wish they’d send someone to come visit the Navy too!

  4. Have a question…
    I watched the deleted scenes last night on the second disc…and there were only about 6?

    Catherine Hardwicke said there was going to be 13….just wondering if any of you found the hidden ones!
    Especially that waterfall scene….


  5. That was a great place for Summit send to Peter. Looks like he was a crowd pleaser. We didn’t even think of the possibility of Fort Lewis though so thank God the girls didn’t hear of it and pile in cars to drive down there as fast as possible. All in all they seemed to enjoy their stakeouts although they led to nothing including no car wrecks which makes me happy.

  6. Edco1495 says:

    Hi all!! does any one know what time Peter will be there today?

  7. he is there right now..but the line is long but BF is unable to get his autograph but he enjoyed see him before he ships to iraq in a few weeks

  8. Oh my goodness.
    I was only an hour away from him and I didn’t know it?
    Ooo. That hurts.

  9. We just moved from fort lewis and am now stuck at fort Stewart georgia. Peter was just there?!?! I could scream!

  10. Ugh! I was at Hot Topic in Olympia, so close, but so far!

    Carlisle is my favorite <3

  11. I saw him when i was shopping for my birthday present. i was like. o.o is that CARLISLE?
    now i’m personally not a fan of the series, but yeah it was a shock to see him there.

  12. Only one pic?
    Is Dr. Cullcinelli!!
    I looking for almost all the Twilight webs and u.u is only this pic.

    So lucky girls!

  13. The studio, Summit, had nothing to do with Peter’s appearance at Ft. Lewis. He was there at his own expense. I know because I was directly involved. He was supposed to only be there from 11:00am-2:00pm, but when he found out that the line was wrapped around the PX, he had his flight rescheduled until the next day. He told me that he was not leaving until he had seen everyone in line. The line was constantly 400-500 yards long all day. He humbly thanked each and every soldier for their service to our country and graciously signed thousands of autographs and posed for pictures from 9:30 am Saturday until 1:30 am Sunday… 16 hours! Mr. Facinelli, we salute you!!!


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