Nikki Reed at the Midnight Release Party in Chicago

Here is a report from Chicago from Lexiconer Emerald.  Thanks for sending in the coverage.

Nikki Reed was in one of the Hot Topics in Chicago area.  She was super sweet and did not have a lot of time to talk to everyone, but everyone who came had the opportunity tobuy a signed DVD and she briefly talked to us.  She told us how much she appreciated us coming out and how she loved her fans.  She looked like she was about to cry!  She was absolutely gorgeous and so thankful for everything!


  1. Anyone know where Kristen was? I heard that Taylor was a no show and Rob didn’t participate.
    Nikki looked really pretty.

  2. YAY EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kristen, Robert, and Taylor stayed in Vancouver.


    We <3 our Emilyyy!

  5. AMAZING!!! So who took that picture? I took that picture!
    She was honestly the nicest person ever! I felt so awful for her.. She kept trying to sign things and take pictures with the fans but her guards were trying to make her leave and pushing people out of the way.

  6. p.s. I LOVE that you are credited as Emerald.

  7. haha thanks monica. silly email address from Jr. High.

  8. DevinluvsTWILIGHT says:

    Kristen and Taylor were filming the cliff diving scene

  9. Why didnt she have more time to stay and take pictures? Isnt that the point of going there anyway? To sign things and take pics with the fans? i dont get it…

  10. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I am starting to like Nikki.
    She looks sincere and sweet here!

  11. She spent a lot of time signing the DVDs! But it also took her 8 hours to get there, there were a lot of complications. We were kind of upset at first, because she did not spend much time with the fans, but then she came out and talked to us some more, signed a few things and took pictures. So it was well worth it!

  12. Katiedid says:

    I was there!! She had everyone sing happy birthday to Kristen and looked soo sad to have to leave people without signatures. She was so sweet!!

  13. shhh that was supposed to be a secret!!! haha

  14. Where in chicago was Nikki?

  15. emma!!omg you’re soo lucky!! and you have your DVD!! why can’t they come to mexico!!
    so now you’ve met nikki, ashley, peter and Justin! i hate you!

  16. Where did the event end up happening and how did you find out it was their?
    wish i could have went. lol it
    sounds like it turned out great

  17. I wish I could have gone. I live a couple hours away from there…

    Does anyone know where Jackson was? Wasn’t he shooting the Avatar movie in Greenland (or Iceland, I don’t remember which)?

  18. Savannah says:

    DARN IT. I was so close!
    I just didn’t know which store until too late…
    all I ask for in life is to meet Taylor
    seriously. haha

  19. OMG! Emily you’re so lucky!I wanna cry! I wish I could have gone! 🙁

  20. Which Borders in Chicago!!??

  21. Nikki was awesome! i honestly didn’t think much of her before last nite and i’m so glad she prove me wrong. She was so nice! super nice i should say…she stoped to pose for a picture with me and signed my book next to Ashley’s autograph =)

    so worth the drive around the city to finally made it to Lombard and wait in line for two hours….

    if you guys wanna see the pics i took my Twilight Album on my page on myspace is public… (

  22. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    OMG EMILY you lucky JERK! They wouldn’t let me have a picture with Catherine! JEALOUS!

  23. Oh My GOD! Im so ticked! I live in Chicago, and when I could’ve met Nikki I was dragged to Mary Poppins on Broadway! I am SO angry! But, I’ve met Ashley Green and Justin Chon. I was at the Twilight convention in Chicago (Muahaha! Fricken Awesome!) So, Im okay xD

  24. i wish i could’ve went!! i’ve loved Nikki Reed since i saw her in Thirteen, but i live like 2 hours away from Chicago & stupid Access Hollywood took forever to announce the location. plus i figured they would send someone with a small part to Chicago. i understand why AH waited so long but it still makes me angry… no wonder i don’t watch their show =p

  25. Emily!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!! yeah for the Wallcitas!!!!
    So awesome one of us got into the lexicon!!!
    luv ya Emma!!!

  26. twilight fan says:

    i was there and i was at the end of the line so really didnt get to see her. I did get to hear her soi know im not Rob or Taylor i thought that was funny.

  27. i got a signed DVD from her. I wish i would hve been closer up in line i herd she was very nice and i thought i was cool the way she made us sing happy birthday to kristen she looked kind of sad when she came out for the secound time to sign autgraphes.

  28. aweeeee this stinks,i live in australia. and my cousins were there and i rang them to ask if they could get me an autograph and they didnt:(
    they didnt even bother getting one anyway:(

  29. I actually got to go to this! It was amazing! I got her to sign my shirt and my dvd! It was so much fun and I’m lucky to have gone. It was one of the coolest experiences being in a mall that late! I’ve never been more devoted to anything in my life!

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