LA Midnight release party with Ashley Greene

ET has footage of Ashley Greene at the LA midnight release party.  The locations and actors were as follows Edi NYC, Ahsley LA, Rachelle Utah, Nikki Chicago, Catherine Dallas.  We will have photos from events all over the country up later.  TY to Twicrack Addcit


  1. after a long day of suspense (trust it was long!) we finally made it to the Hot Topic in Lombard to meet Nikki Reed … (you don’t wanna know what it took Lisi and I to get there)

    Nikki is soooooooo nice!!!

  2. oh i got really good pics including a pic that i took with her =) ( i’m a lucky girl!) but i don’t know how to share them here =(

  3. you could email them to us like lauren did last night..???

  4. I’m always so impressed with the interviews, etc. that Ashley Greene does. Can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures and video clips 🙂

  5. Here’s my URL to my page on myspace …my Twilight Album is public so you guys will be able to see the pic.

  6. NezziLautner says:

    ashley is so wonderful with interviews! thanks to anyone who provided pics!

  7. SHE WAS HERE?!?!! WHERE I LIVE?!?! *cries* :'(
    Where exactly was she here in LA anyway???

  8. ashley greene was at the hot topic on hollywood and highland…. But I didint go eather (tear) lol

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