Edi Gathegi at Midnight Release Party in NYC

Edi Gathegi was at the Penn Plaza Borders store for the relaese party last night.  We were there and the party was amazing.  The Borders employees were fantastic in organizing the scavenger hunt and trivia contest for the nearly  500 fans that turned out.  Twilight Live had a podcast featuring NoMoreMarbles, Kimbra Hickey(the hands of Twilight) and Craig and Tom from Evil Iguana.  Our very own Pel co-hosted with Kara from the TwilightMOMS.

Check out Just Jared for more photos of Edi and Ashley. 

Edi signed all the DVDs, did interviews with the media and entertained the crowd by answering some their questions.  We worked with Borders and you will be able to see our coverage of the event at Borders.com.  We will let you know when it is posted and you may even get to hear Kelly, Edi’s alternate cranking calling voice.

The video below is from Twist Magazine and is of Edi’s arrival.


  1. Oh my, I see my head! The big bulky man is covering it, but still I’m there! The screams are still echoing in my head. Edi is such a fun guy, he’s really optimistic and a great entertainer. I still haven’t finished my scavenger hunt from last night though…Does anyone have the answers?

  2. I was in front of the stage so I got to see him pretty well, but I let people with cameras go in front of me. My friend finished the scavenger hunt, but she had to hand in her sheet to get the pass, so I can’t tell you the answer. I got the second-to-last autograph pass too, on the account of some nice people who said I should get one because of my awesome Alice Cullen costume. Thanks again guys.

  3. Loved the videos!

  4. NezziLautner says:

    its not FAIR!! He was the closest one to me and I DIDN’T GET TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! actually i didn’t even go to local border’s cuz i am recovering from the flu and strep throat right now and even though i begged in between coughs and chill my mom wouldn’t let me go 🙁 waaaaaah!

  5. i was there and i got one of the signed DVD lol

  6. I live in NYC, too, but I didn’t go. I’m glad you guys had fun and Edi entertained you.

  7. It was really cool seeing Edi. I didn’t win one of the passes to get a signed DVD, but it seems like everyone got them. That was weird, but a great surprise.

  8. GenevieveCullen says:

    “Babies taste like candy, cuz I’m a vampire!” LMAO! Gawd… I love Edi. He’s too funny.

    As soon as school is finished, I’m hitting up youtube and watching all his interview for some much needed humour. Wish I could have been there =/

  9. Sounds like fun. (:
    About that scavenger hunt…I went to my local border’s and my friends and I were running around with the paper trying to find everythimg. When we had the whole thing filled out we realized we were almost the first ones done, so we ran up to the front desk to ask where we hand it in because we thought we might get something cool. Well, the lady tells us that it was just for fun and asked if we enjoyed it. It really wasn’t fun we were running around frantically and sweating because it was so freaking hot! Haha… sorry for my rant I just had to share that the border’s workers in my town must think that theyre funny.
    The rest of the night was really fun though and I was so glad that I went. (:

  10. I was there with my husband and son. It was fun.

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