Catherine Hardwicke at the Midnight Release Party in Dallas

A huge thank you to Leah who just sent in this great footage of Catherine at the Midnight ReleaseParty in Dallas.  It looks like everyone had an amazing time.  Also stayed tuned for footage from Twilight Series Theories who ran a podcast and hosted the event.  I am sure the commentary will be fabulous.  Look closely in the second video and you can see Kallie.
I was lucky enough to find the Borders where Catherine Hardwicke made an appearance for the midnight release of the the dvd. She stopped in at about 11:30pm, answered a few questions, and stayed past 1:00 am signing autographs. I have attached a couple of pictures of the general crowd, Catherine talking, Catherine signing autographs, and one of me and Catherine.

Please be sure to check out all teh videos at Underamidnightsun’s Youtube Channel.



  1. Great coverage!

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I saw Catherine at the Blockbuster she was at before this! It was awesome! I was so freaking excited! Oh and I was on the news! haha

  3. ahh. WHY! I live in Houston and I have all these awesome people 3 hours away from me. I’m moving to Dallas.

    • Noureen Shallwani says:

      Lol, that’s what a lot of my friends from Houston want to do! Lol! Well a couple of stars like Robert did come down here once, so yeahh it is a pretty star catchy place(:

  4. i went to the blockbuster but as SOON as i got to the bracelet people they passed out the very last one. so upset!! but we were there like 30 ,minutes taking pictures of her then went to the Borders (cause Im amazing and wrote down both addresses lol) and since i live in frisco they were both only like 15 minutes away. The Borders security guy had a little dog standing outside with him. haha. anyways, we were at borders where people with a twilight website were doing trivia and prizes and stuff then at 11:48 (looked at my phone) Catherine showed up there too!! we were like “we didnt follow HER, she followed US here!!”
    so they said she would sign,and everyone got excited, 🙂 they paused, then added “oh ya! you need a bracelet” and lots of people stopped chereing and groaned. 🙁 i, of course, didnt have a bracelet because we went to blockbuster first. but at borders, it was funny because they had little tape arrows all over the floor that were supposed to direct people around. lol
    so that was what my sister, my mom, nad i did friday night.
    heres something about the other parties TWILIGHT people went to-

  5. It was a Blockbuster in Frisco and a Borders in Allen. and at borders, someone knocked all the clearance books of the case. it was so funny, i tooted. lol TMI!!

  6. Im sorry- keep adding more- but i will send my pictures after i figure out how to get them off my phone.

  7. aww so cool! i wish someone would come down to poor old baton rouge — no one visits us in louisiana!!


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