Salt Lake City Actor Location Revealed

Riverton Wallmart

13502 S Hamilton View Road

Riverton, Utah

No word on who, but the where is confirmed.


  1. I am kind of sad cause they are not coming to massachusets. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Sigh…
    I hope people take lots of pictures for us AZ girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. teamedward says:

    Darn.. i dont live in utah.
    come to texas!

  4. someones coming to Dallas

  5. can you guys please find out the Los Angeles location… I’ve been look everywere

  6. does anyone know the chicago location yet? I live right next to woodfield mall so it be awesome if the cast member went there! I need to know! lol

  7. I can’t believe they are going to hop down to Seattle! My girls are hoping that since Taylor was still in BC today they will send him down for a quick trip to Seattle. It’s only 4 hours by car unless you get stuck at the border. I can just see my evening is going to be taken up with a stake out. At least 2 of them can drive now!

  8. they should just send someone somewhere near or in vancouver..gosh c’mon ppl canada is great!

  9. vampireartist says:

    Wait what is this? why are the actors going to Utah? do they live there i’m confused.

  10. Wahooo! I’m like 10 minutes from there. I will take lots of pictures for everybody to see.

  11. @ vampireartist…the cast members are going to be @ select stores in NYC, LA, Salt Lake City, chicago, dallas, etc….tonight at the dvd parties.

  12. I thought they were going to Utah since Utah had the most opening day sales for the movie.

  13. OMG!!! I am so excited…I will have to drive out there after work!!! Yay for us!!!

  14. HELLO, Does anyone know where the Dallas location going to be.

  15. LITERALLY 2 minutes from my house! I cant wait! Wohoo Riverton!

  16. Riverton?? that’s weird.. but not too far.. I hope it’s someone good that comes!!

  17. What time are you guys going to go to the Riverton Walmart?

  18. Utah probably has the most fans per capita out of all of the other states. So that’s why we get someone!

  19. tabcullen says:

    My sister said she just heard on the radio that the Blockbuster on Lebanon and Legacy(Frisco, Texas. North of Dallas) was having this thing where if you give a pint of blood, you can get a pint of ice cream AND A CHANCE TO MEET ROBERT PATTINSON

  20. Maddie Cullen says:

    duuuudee i just got an email from summit!! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha im so excited for tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I need to know the chicago location! I’m also only like ten minutes from woodfield.

  22. What was the email?

  23. I am thinking about heading about 9 pm (I am sure it will be packed by then though). I have 2 year old to put down to bed, so I wait until he is asleep and home with my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Surprisingly enough….walmart currently has no plans for a “line” or anything. Don’t they realize the craziness that will be happening? They said “well, the party starts at 10.” Little do they realize….

  25. Yes I only live 15 minutes from Riverton !

  26. NO WAY!!!! I’m so glad us Utahns get in on this!!! I’m so there ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Looks like I will be seeing a ton of your girls there! We know its not Kellan because he was on KIIS FM today. Anyone want to take a guess on who it could be?

  28. They don’t have plans for a line? Wow…just wait to see the looks on their faces…

  29. I was there yesterday and I heard 2 co-workers talking about how crazy the mid-night release party would be. I thought “why would it be any crazier than any other store selling the dvd” now I see why!

  30. ScarletRubie says:

    i NEED to know where and who is coming to dallas, if they reveal the location late and its not the one close to my house i can’t go!!

  31. Walmart has a private jet that they used when they sent Rob to Arkansas or wherever he was for a Walmart meeting last week….so I wouldn’t be surprised if they flew whoever in on their private jet. When I called Walmart to get the details….they said “rumor has it that a supporting cast member may be making a surprise appearance.” Hmmmm….who could it be. Somebody on another website said that the rumor is Rachelle Lefevre….but I have no idea where they got the information.

  32. I have a feeling its going to be Nikki or Edi

  33. P.S. I am happy with whoever they send…but I was secretly hoping it would be male! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. If it’s Rob, which I doubt it is, they are going to have to pry my kung fu grip off of his arm ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. I’m guessing it’s Robert. Maybe it’s wishful thinking hehe. But, I heard before that most actors would be turning up at Borders a couple weeks ago, and since ours is at a Walmart and he did that meeting with Walmart the other day, maybe he’d be coming to a Walmart?(I guess my reasoning is kind of a stretch) I don’t know! I guess it could be anyone.

  36. Edi is in New York. Rachelle is filming in Vancouver still.

  37. Oh, that would be the highlight of my life if Rob is there!!!! I’m going to guess at Nikki tho

  38. I would seriously die if it was Robert. Walmart said not to bring kids (who would?) because there are going to be crowded with teens. I hope I am not the only one….but I am a mom…ha ha Am I the only one that is not a teen?

  39. Audra- I am 26 and married with a 2 year old, you are not alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Oh, there will be just as many adults as teens, I promise ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s how it was waiting all night for Breaking Dawn, and at the midnight movie here. You’ll be good I bet

  41. Sorry I keep posting…but I am just so excited! Walmart also said that it’s going to be a prom theme and to wear a prom dress or costume. Best costume wins a 37 inch flatscreen tv. Am I the only one who isn’t going to be dressed up?

  42. urcoolcarrie says:

    Yay!! Hey, to any of you Lexers who are going to be there, I’m going to be dressing up as Rosalie (grey jacket, high heels, blonde hair, etc.), so come say hi!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m only 5 minutes away from there. Its so EXCITING!!!

  43. i must!!! know the dallas location!!!! anyone know where it is????

  44. Anyone know anything about the NYC one???

  45. YES!! I’ll be dressed up too!!!

  46. I thought Edi was gonna be in NY?
    But I’m so excited. Waiting for the rest of the list!

  47. I am not dressing up.

    I am posting a ton right now too. I hardly ever comment, but this is just too exciting to pass up!

  48. I need to know the chicago location!

    I’m like fifteen minutes from both Lombard and Woodfield sooo….Robert anyone?

  49. How can I lose like 10 lbs before tonight?

  50. I heard Dallas is the director.

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