Kellan Lutz on the Ryan Seacrest Show

Kellan Lutz called into the Ryan Seacrest show today.  Ryan said to Kellan:

“Rob is the lead, but you’re the better-looking Cullen.”

Kellan responded:

“Ooh, I need to hang out with people like you more often!”

Get the whole story here. No word on where Kellan was when he made the phone call.

This is probably our last post today as we are all in route to various events. We’ll try to post on Twitter anything that breaks that is big!


  1. Wolfmistress89 says:

    They are both so dreamy. *sigh*

    I’ll even admit that Kristen is pretty cute.

  2. Dark Brown Pools says:

    Rob needs to shave. He looks homeless! Kellan is pretty cute, I must admit…

  3. random bit of news says:

    saw this on google last night… I’m not too excited about it. what do you guys think?

  4. lirael cullen says:

    There both smokin’ hott… although i think Kellan would be the person to have the most fun with =D.

    And to all the people that are going to release parties! Have fun! And think about all the rest of us stuck at home!!! Cheers ya’ll…

  5. lirael cullen says:

    A tribute sequel to the twilight saga??? Is that for real people???

  6. random bit of news says:

    I was searching for new moon stuff and found it last night. the website seems legit. there’s even an entry on ebay

  7. I can’t choose between them.They’re both cute in their own ways.

    I’m going to miss the Lexicon.Have fun!

  8. NuttyNetty says:

    kellan is the better looking cullen in the movie 🙂
    that’s fo sho <3 i love his dimples!

  9. I have to confess that it’s a big stretch for me to consider Rob good-looking. Kellan, on the other hand, is totally hot!

  10. I checked out the link that “random bit of news” posted. As far as the tribute to the Twilight Saga link, that’s not at all how I think Stephenie Meyer would write a continuation and I’m just fine with her “Happily ever after” ending of Breaking Dawn. I wouldn’t mind reading a book (of hers!) that was a continuation but any other rendering would have to be pretty close to how she’d write it for me to want to read it. (If all that makes

  11. GenevieveCullen says:

    Lol, awww… Kellan’s a sweetie. Their both fantastic guys 🙂

    And Russet Noon? I’ll pass. The only addition the Twilight Saga needs is “Dark High Noon”.

  12. Twilight Nymph says:

    Okay what about the return of the love triangle? In BD Bella says she doesn’t feel that pull anymore and neither does Jacob. Obviously this girl did not read BD all the way.

  13. @ random bit of news
    There’s only one Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer, of course. I’m not going to read that. Besides, the happy ending is fine for me. Everything is the way it should be in Breaking Dawn. Or I think so, at least.

  14. I think that is really rude of Ryan Seacrest and I’m beginning to think he is jealous of Rob Pattinson!! We shouldn’t be insulting anyone from Twilight. And lets’ face it, Ryan, you are a guy and obviously don’t know good looking when you see it!
    Rob is Edward for a reason. And well, you’re not!

  15. Both are very cute. However I don’t know any girls who need the men in the media business to tell them which guy is the most hot. Thank you Catherine for giving us a cast of guys few media males could pick.

  16. Have fun tonight! Rob is so fine! Personally, I don’t see any comparison. He is different-smart, witty, multi-talented, drop-dead, tall, hunky hair, mysterious, etc. He made the movie! Picture it w/o him! I want more Twilight. I need to get over it!

  17. A lot of men are obviously jealous of Rob. I was talking to the girls who hang at my house and they said “why don’t the guys just read Twilight and copy what Edward does instead of acting jealous, that’s what I would do if I were a guy?” All I can say is damn good question girls!

  18. misslelie says:

    OMG, at first I was like wow RPatzz is ugly(like when the movie first came out.) But then i wus like hawttttte(when i saw the movie) and now ive seen Kellan and im like dammmmmmmn he is fine. Rob just looks to homely and like sure he has like a debonare european quality to him but Kellan is like the all-american boy abercrombie/hollister/aeropostale model. Wayyyyyyy hotter in my opinion.

  19. Rachel A. says:

    Yeah, Kellan is dreamy, Rob is ok, but I am not attracted to him in the least. If they had a pretty Bella (no I do not think KS is pretty) then I would say Kellan should have been Edward, but he is way too hot for KS (no offense).

    Just because Ryan Seacrest stated the Kellan is better looking than Rob does not mean he is by any means jealous of Rob. Ryan is better looking than Rob (in my opinion). This is like when I said I’m not a fan of KS and then 5 girls told me that I am jealous of her. Trust me, not so.

  20. Rachel A. says:

    @ CW (about how you wish guys would act like Edward), I think Edward acts annoying half the time. Too serious and too emo. I like a guy that has a sense of humor. Not saying Edward isnt totally romantic, because he is, but…there is more to be desired (from a girl like me anyway). Plus if Edward (in the books) wasn’t rich, and out of this world good-looking I don’t think his appeal would be so great.

  21. I have to say Rob is a doll! I could NOT picture Kellan as Edward at all… He is good looking, but not my type. To jock-ish for me…

    I do think Ryan may be a bit threatened by Rob. Ryan is cute… Rob is beautiful.

    And to whoever said Rob is homely? I shake my head in disbelief.

  22. I agree, hellooooooooooooo kellan! lol actually can I have both? ill have both ANY day.

  23. i think rob is GORGEOUS!!! it’s perfect that you guys don’t think so…less competition! (:

  24. Seacrest is an ass; he is always trying to pit people against one another. They are both good looking and they are friends. I think Rob is gorgeous and Kellan is cute, so I like them both. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what looks good to one person, may not to another, that’s the way it is. We can enjoy them both we don’t have to choose. I do think Ryan Seacrest is a jerk!

  25. Twilight Nymph says:

    Kellan is good looking too, but yeah he just seems to Jockish for my taste. Me on the other hand appreciate those qualities Rob has according to Kellan. Being humble and yeah throwing in a little bit of shy in there. Hey for that matter throw in the hair, eyes, and accent and perfect. LOL I don’t know why I feel like it’s the shy ones that are honest and the confident ones dishonest. Maybe it’s just me.

  26. FYI-I may be behind on this piece of news, but just got the March GQ at Safeway. I thought it was supposed to hit stands on 3/24-what a pleasant surprise…

  27. i soo think that kellan is hotter then Rob, sorry but true!

    as for Russet noon, what a crock of umm… yea! everyone knows that is steph wrote a contuning book the love triangle wouldnt be a problem, jake imprented! it wont change in time. nessie is gonna live forever as the other half breed pointed out, she gets all the joys of being a vamp with none of the draw backs, plus bella is worried that the bite might kill her as it would the wolfs with what all else they have the same. if i read that other girls book (who is she to think she can copy stephs writeing, working off someone elses populer books, not being able to com up with her own ideas) i would probaly get more frustrated then i am now. i want a nother book but not from anyone else but steph!

  28. okies soo i think that kellan is a lil better looking then rob even though i’m not a jock chaiser i usally like the more musical looking and such sort!

    and angelic i agree with you on that Russet Noon thing! that’s just bull that someone thinks they can really write a continuing book from someone else’s series. it wouldn’t be worth reading cuase she dosn’t know the people in the books like steph does! and i to wish she would write another book, one from Renesmee’s point of view showing how she grows and if her powers grow with her, if she has lil vamp pups, will the volturi come back years later and so on! wouldn’t it be kewl if she could put her thoughts in others heads from a mile away and even make them carrie out her thoughts as if they were her own! hehe i sooo hope steph adds another book!

  29. Rob all the way. Kellan looks too American and certainly wouldn’t make a good Edward, not enough tortured, too sporty, all wrong. And he is not good looking enough to be a model. Rob was a teen model. He has the high cheekbones which make a face, the great jawline, the hands, the whole package. And hmm, Rob doesn’t seem “débonnaire” (right spelling) at all; “débonnaire” is mostly used for older men.

  30. littleyellowporsche says:

    Kellen is the hotter cullen for sure!

  31. No comparison. Rob all the way. American guys can’t compete with a sexy European. Kellan is not an ugly guy, but looks like every jock in America, nothing special. Rob OTOH, holy Brit hotness! His ‘let me take you to bed’ eyes, jaw, cheekbones, lips, hair, tall lanky body, wit, goofy charm, intellect, shyness, humbleness, musical talent, and sexy accent make him a complete English stud muffin!

  32. Rachael: I am a Mom and not a young one at that so my opinion would be influenced by my long life. But I agree with you, I find Edward controlling and I would never put up with that in my life, and New Moon is my favorite book because Edward is not in it so much. If I were a girl I would be team Jacob. But I think Rob plays Edward well and he is very good looking, there is a group of girls 15 to 18 who are often at my house and they are about evenly divided between Rob, Taylor and Both camps. None are what I would call obsessed but they sure are having a lot of fun with Twilight.

  33. How can we decide their both really hawt! but i do have to say that all of my friends think rob is hotter!

  34. hey Lexicon,

    i don’t know if you’ve seen it yet but Rob and Cam were seen in a West Side Story portfolio for Vanity Fair, here’s the link-

    even though you can’t really see them, they’re there!

  35. CW,I’m not a teen either, I would love to have Edwards love, nothing to put up with. Edward maybe over protective, but he is not controlling. Maybe he should have let James kill her right there in the field; or better yet, he just should have let her get crushed by the van; end of story, Bella would have been rotting away in the cemetery.

  36. It’s cool that people are writing about Russet Noon. All comments, positive or netgative, are welcome. Check out Russet Noon on YouTube.

    Actually, we would have 2 comments as the owners of this site:

    1) Would be that you might want to acquaint yourself with copyright law since you’ve violated that in a huge way. You can’t sell your post Breaking Dawn fan fic on Ebay! It’s illegal to take anyone’s characters and write your own story using them unless it transformative ( critque/parody )

    2) Are you seriously linking on your site to these comments especially since they are…well frankly flaming your stupidity.

    3) The Twilight Lexicon in no way is condoning or endorsing this venture which the link on your site would seem to imply!

  37. So the massive amount of non-transformative Twilight fanfics out there are also in violation of copyright laws, according to your accusation, especially considering that webmasters are making money off the ads.

    And what about all the unofficial Twilight merchandise being auctioned on eBay right now?

    I think we’re not the ones who need to acquaint ourselves with copyright laws here.

    By no means am I saying you are the only one in violation of the law, just that you are in violation of it. I’m also saying that you are so desperate for PR that you’ve linked to these comments on your website as if to suggest we are endorsing you, when in fact the posters here are pretty much calling you out. And we certainly aren’t endorsing you as we have had a long standing policy of only covering officially licensed merchandise for sale. I’m saying it takes a new kind of balls or stupidity to send out an APB (AKA a newswire press release that came up on every Google alert in town) announcing it.

    Much merchandise out there on Ebay, Etsy, and other places cleverly skirts copyright law. For example: A shirt that says “Cullen Lover” with no usage of the Summit or Little Brown graphics is not in violation. Other merchandise, from what we hear from our inbox, that does make use of such material has been caught and slapped with a C&D. On the other hand, there are other sets over on CafePress that have actually been granted licenses and they are not in violation.

    As for fan-fic, it’s always been in violation. Authors can shut it down anytime they want (See Anne Rice and JR Ward for starters). Many authors usually turn a blind eye to fanfic authors as long as they aren’t trying to make money off the fanfic itself, and websites looking to pay the server bills. However at any time they could easily issue a C&D and take you to court and win if in fact that is what it came to. They are especially vigilant when it comes to someone making a profit off of their brainchild (note theirs, not yours for the taking) you might want to familiarize yourself with the recent court case involving the publishing company that tried to publish a non-transformative Harry Potter work. The court vigorously upheld the rights of authors to have derivative works be granted permission and transformative works to continue as always. Yours is clearly derivative and therefore in violation.

    One would think that as a 36 year-old film-maker (according to your YouTube profile) you might be aware of this. Given that you sent a press release the day the Twilight DVD came out would seem to indicate you’ve had some marketing experience, and usually copyright comes up in say marketing 101.

    So when it comes right down to it, you’re a self admitted thief whose only defense is “well they were doing it too.” (*Insert foot stamp, pouty lip, and flounce here*)