Forkfuls: Twilight News Tidbits

According to Variety, Catherine Hardwicke is directing Stay. This comes just a day after word leaked that she is up for James Patterson’s Maximum Ride. More importantly it’s a Summit project, so much for bad blood!

Edi Gathegi is on radio in LA today. So unless he’s about to hop a really fast plane, we doubt he’s heading to any out-of-town release parties. The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet Edi Gathegi (“Twilight”); Corbin Bleu discusses his new album; Jennifer Jolly discusses saving money. (N) 11 a.m. KTTV 33556 (Source LA Times)

Kristen Stewart has both Ted Casablanca and VideoGum (warning, if you click language ahead) defending her. When people like Ted and VideoGum, who are known for their biting commentary and snide, over-the-top remarks are saying people are really getting to be a bit much in regards to Kristen, that’s a pretty major move, in particular when the “people” they are calling out is MTV Canada.

In a reversal from what we usually hear about Twilight, Newsweek liked the movie better than the book.

According to Lexiconer, Ashley, there is a contest on a radio show in Oklahoma City. that is called March Manness, and basiclly they are looking for and voting for the hottest man out there. So she nominated Rob! So get over there and vote!