Forkfuls: Twilight News Tidbits

According to Variety, Catherine Hardwicke is directing Stay. This comes just a day after word leaked that she is up for James Patterson’s Maximum Ride. More importantly it’s a Summit project, so much for bad blood!

Edi Gathegi is on radio in LA today. So unless he’s about to hop a really fast plane, we doubt he’s heading to any out-of-town release parties. The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet Edi Gathegi (“Twilight”); Corbin Bleu discusses his new album; Jennifer Jolly discusses saving money. (N) 11 a.m. KTTV 33556 (Source LA Times)

Kristen Stewart has both Ted Casablanca and VideoGum (warning, if you click language ahead) defending her. When people like Ted and VideoGum, who are known for their biting commentary and snide, over-the-top remarks are saying people are really getting to be a bit much in regards to Kristen, that’s a pretty major move, in particular when the “people” they are calling out is MTV Canada.

In a reversal from what we usually hear about Twilight, Newsweek liked the movie better than the book.

According to Lexiconer, Ashley, there is a contest on a radio show in Oklahoma City. that is called March Manness, and basiclly they are looking for and voting for the hottest man out there. So she nominated Rob! So get over there and vote!


  1. It’s good to hear someone in the business stand up for Kristen. I saw part of the MTV Canada video and I was shocked and more than a bit disgusted at their “response”. All it showed was their total lack of professionalism. As many of us who have watched more than their fair share of Twilight interviews it is pretty apparent that Kristen doesn’t really enjoy being interviewed and, like anyone would, she gets frustrated when the same ridiculous questions are asked over and over again.

  2. AnnieCullen says:

    I too felt the same way most did when Kris made those comments but I got over it. None of us know what it’s like to be in any of these actors shoes. Really MTV CANADA? Have u ever seen on of Kristen’s interviews? She always makes facial expressions, I didn’t see anything wrong other than her being quiet. MTV Canada u guy’s are the ones picking on a teenager, so who looks like the real B? I’m glad someone defended her for that.

  3. I did not find any of the “faces” she made to be offending at all. I think it was blown out of proportion, and then the line was crossed. The thing is we probably all make faces similar to that on a daily basis, we just aren’t filmed doing it. She is 18 and having to deal with an onslaught of sudden publicity. It is probably really unsettling and uncomfortable. Is it part of her job? Sure. Does that mean she will be fantastic at it instantly? No.

  4. Ashleigh says:

    on the Radio March Madness thing Roberts at 59.64% compared to Denzel Washington at 40.36%

  5. Jessica Luu says:

    I find that when people really dislike someone, they blow everything else out of proportion. Something that is usually overlooked would be called to the table and observed by these people.

    In Kristen Stewart’s case, I think that’s what happening. The rolling the eyes situation looked more like a background noise diverted her attention for the moment. I don’t really think rolling the eyes require someone to turn their head… unless I’m wrong there.

    It was a little odd how she was a bit too quiet. I think she should’ve spoken a little bit more just out of mere politeness of answering a question.

    But as for the hosts, I think that was really unprofessional. To me, that kind of situation is high school-like, show or no show.

  6. Frankly, while I do believe those interviewers are trying to get attention by hating on her, it is Kristen that needs to grow up and learn how to do her job, or find another one if she doesn’t want to be criticized.

    When you CHOOSE to become an actress, part of the deal is promotions, speaking with fans, respecting the fans (i.e. not calling them psycho, and yes, that is taken negatively universally), and doing INTERVIEWS to promote the movie.

    It has been obvious that Kristen does not respect Twilight as anything more than a moneymaker, so I can see why she wouldn’t be very enthusiastic to do interviews. Regardless, it is PART OF HER JOB to PROMOTE Twilight, not come off as a, for lack of better words, hardass who gets paid to do something she thinks she is above.

    A fireman may not enjoy running into buildings and risking his life, but he does enjoy being treated like a hero every day. Just like I’m sure Kristen enjoys all the money and offers, but does not enjoy doing Twilight/interviews. SUCK IT UP. DO YOUR JOB. If you want to be treated with respect, be worthy of respect and do your job just like anyone else.

  7. Wolfmistress89 says:

    I don’t think either of those two sites are defending her. They are just being unbiased.

    I admit it’s hard to be unbiased with the crappy attitude she shows, and then when she gets called on it says, “Oh gosh guys I’m just shy, I don’t dislike Twilight, even though I said it’s pretty much a worthless movie that just makes a lot of money! Gee!”

  8. I felt that the two commentators of MTV Canada had every right to free speech. I mean did you hear Kristen’s response, or lack of one, to the questions she was asked?! Its not a surprise that she’s terrible at interviews and cannot seem to complete a sentence without mixing up her words. I saw the interview on MTV Canada and wondered why she couldn’t answer any of the questions that she was asked, like she was above them. I don’t think it was unprofessional at all for the hosts to express their emotions about the interview. I completely agreed with what they had to say.

    Kristen seriously needs to take some classes or hire a coach to teach her how to speak properly. I’ve sworn off listening to her interviews because she is a disaster.

  9. i love Kristen! Dan was totally out of line! if they wanted her to appreciate the interview and the question, then they shouldve asked a more well-thought out question that hasn’t been repeated millions of times for the past year. I think that was totally uncalled for. AND her “expression” was one that she alwaysss makes, i don’t think it was to be rude or a b****. and calling her a “high-schooly” girl pleaseeee, her vocab is probably better then anyone in that “aftershow.” I think Dan and Jesse needs to watch themselves.

  10. Kristen did nothing wrong in that interview, I didn’t find anything offending about her face expression.
    And when that interviwer asked that stupid question, I rolled my eyes. How many times are we going to hear that kind of stupid questions?! She was just recycling old questions that were asked so many times before. They are boring and stupid and I think they are offending to the viewers, because it looks like people are only intrested in how is it to kiss a vampire and nothing else.
    If anyone made a mistake it is that reporter, she didn’t even prepare for it.

    Calling her a “b” word was totally out of line and I’m glad people were complaining about it, he “apologized”, but to me it didn’t seem like he meant it. But I’m glad people are seeing that this lets hate Kristen campaign is becoming really ugly. I don’t care if she isn’t the best in promoting her movies and answering moronic questions, she just didn’t deserve to be bashed like that.
    I said this somewhere else..but I’m sorry for Kristen, for Rob because he is always mentioned in that stupid way…and for the rest of the cast.

  11. So Casablanca article doesn’t overtly support Kristen, though someone called her ‘feelingful’ andd the Videogum article does support Kristen although they add that they think that she isn’t exactly media savvy. as well they initially believed that she was snobbish (which they argue could also just be misinterpreted shyness)…
    anyways, I am a fan of Dan and Jesse and their show, as well as Kristen. I will say that calling someone a bitch on television isn’t exactly a smart decision, but I think it came out of frustration or annoyance from previous interviews that went awry, which eventually turned into a Kristen bash (not that it makes it okay, it’s just my assumption based on what I watched)
    The game that Jesse was playing with the actors was the ‘after showdown’ where they will mention a person, place or thing and you must answer with the first things that pop into your head. It’s obvious that the game didn’t exactly go smoothly, but I think that Kristen, the guy from the Adventureland film, as well as Jesse can shoulder the blame for that. Besides, knocking Jesse for asking about Robert Pattinson is just foolish! Practically every media outlet asks her about him, including twilight fans (example: my memory is semi-weak but I’m fairly certain there was someone that asked Kristen what it was like to kiss Robert as recently as Tokyo) It’s important to note that Jesse asked about on-screen kisses, and Robert Pattinson separately…so technically there’s no reason for Kristen’s lack of ‘media savvy’ as well. Jesse could’ve chosen different topics as well, or maybe she didn’t explain the game properly…who knows…

  12. Wow. I had never seen that MTV Canada clip before. That’s just… sad. I’m sure Kristen isn’t the easiest person in the world to interview, but part of being a good interviewer is asking the right questions, to bring a quiet person like Kristen out of her shell. (And actually, it’s NOT Kristen’s job to give a good interview. It’s the JOURNALIST’S job to GET one. She wasn’t even there to promote Twilight in the first place.)

    I’m not saying Kristen’s perfect, but all the hateful comments about her are getting ridiculous. And to see that kind of attitude from people on the Internet is one thing, but coming from journalists? That’s just unprofessional.

    Also… the Newsweek article is… um… yeah. On the one hand, I’m glad she liked the movie, but her comments summarized just about everything I hate about people’s misconceptions of the Twilight series. “A parable for abstinence”? Yeah… Not so much. Especially not if you consider the series as a whole.

    I’m starting to think that people just hear that Stephenie’s Mormon and that Bella and Edward don’t have sex in the first book and automatically assume the series must be anti-sex or something. I’ve had some conversations with fellow college students that have given me the same impression. At least this writer actually read the first book before passing judgment… Although I wonder if her preconceived attitude toward the series shaped her perceptions somewhat.

    Ah well. That’s how it goes, I guess. -sigh- At least she was positive about the movie.

  13. The way it was edited together made it look worse than what it probably was.

    Kristen Stewart usually comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful young woman, who is not entirely comfortable with the sudden fame that has been thrust on her. Who would be?

    The MTV Canada show comes across as completely unprofessional in their approach to this.

    The interviewer needed to take recognise that the interview wasn’t working, take responsiblity for the interview and change tact. They didn’t.

  14. Kristen Stewart is sure getting publicity isn’t she? That’s always good for a career. I like her and I like everything I’ve seen her in–including her interviews. The fact that she’s her own person and unique is very refreshing to me. I’m excited to see more of her work.

  15. i couldn’t find where to vote for rob on that radio website. oh well…

  16. I have a comment for each one of these:

    1)Well we know which Twilight premier party he’s going to be at. Have fun LA!!!!

    2)I’ll admit that at first I was a little harsh… oh who am I kidding I hated her but now I t seems she has a little more life to her and I don’t hate her or talk about her anymore.

    3)I took me three hours to find his pic but I voted for him

  17. Keri Lynn says:

    It takes awhile to get to the RPatz page so here’s the link if anyone wants it.

  18. Ok…I thought the way that MTV guy reacted was freakin HILARIOUS! I was cracking up the whole time LOL. That being said I do agree w/ him on alot of what he said, because she was ridiculous for just sitting there w/ a crappy look on her face! FYI…she’s not shy at all cause when she’s asked about her Joan Jett role she’ll chat until the cows come home. She just doesn’t want to be bother w/ the “insane fandom”, so she acts $hitty and then excuse it w/ “I’m just awkward and shy”. I really don’t care how much she goes around talking about how awesome NM is going to be, and how proud she is of Taylor. She only does it because 1) Taylor’s her friend and 2) she probably got scolded for how she was acting during interviews. It’s no secret I don’t like her, I’ve stated it several times on here. It just disgusts me that she can insult the fans for months and then all is forgiven because she started being nice at the Japan premier! Oh well, there’s always going to be those people who think she can do no wrong because she’s so “cool”. Vent over 😉

  19. I couldn’t even get through the video clip of MTV Canada without almost crying. I put myself in Kristins position, and while I’m sure she is used to this having grown up in the business, I know I would not have been able to take it.
    It doesn’t matter whether you like Kristin or not, this was really uncalled for. These people do not really knows her, so how can they claim to hate her based on a few interviews and a few comments? They might not like her for it, but hating someone requires you to actually know the person.
    Oh, and to “Sitsu”, she never said she has a problem being critisized, as I’m sure she knows it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself. Also, poeple become actors because they love to ACT; she doesn’t have to love being interviewed. She sucks it up, and tries to do it, because she is in it so that she can do what she loves to do: act.

  20. Wow… I used to dislike Kristen ever since the filming of Twilight ended because of all her attitude towards the movie. I thought it was really cute how she acted before and while filming the movie, but after it, it seemed as if she didn’t care anymore. She seemed bored and kind of tired of it… And mostly after her father’s comment at the Oscars! But now, after all those shows and everything she’s been put through, I kind of feel for her, and I’ve come to like her again, in an odd and sad way… Come on, she’s only 18 and thrown into the world alone, and on a huge fandom, and really, we all monitor everything that happens surrounding the movies. Now I believe she’s just plain shy and unexperienced, and somehow, I feel like she deserves a second chance and maybe even a break. Poor girl is only human, and she must feel overwhelmed by all the media, and really seems like she has no clue as to how to act properly for all the fans’ liking. After all these things, she finally feels like a Bella to me, even though Bella has more of a personality that we can relate to, but poor Kristen, she finally seems human to me.

  21. Dan Levy said exactly what everyone was thinking. Kristen Stewart is ungrateful and is very replaceable. Her acting is mediocre at best and that’s putting it nicely. She’s a horrible Bella. Yeah, she’s been asked the same questions over and over. Who cares? Be nice about, brush it off and get over it. It’s not a big deal. It’s your job to promote your movies. All Jesse was trying to do was get people to watch her movie. I really hope they replace her with someone who can actually act. Good job Dan!!

  22. IndigoMisfit says:

    First of, Kristin DOES need to work on her interview skills. We all know that, so I’m not going to get into the details. But she is still a kid. (Yes 18 is still a kid, at least in my old woman eyes) I would suggest taking lessons from a professional.

    Second, those questions the interviewer asked were horrible. “On screen kissing, does it ever get easier?” (Hello, she is a kid! Not all young girls are comfortable talking about that! You aren’t going to get the answer you want.) and I believe the other one was just “Robert Pattinson?” Is that even a question? I would suggest these people take a class in interviewing with a professional.

  23. Woahhh…
    My computer crashes for a day and I miss this?
    Can someone please explain what all of this drama surrounding KStew is?

  24. Attitude!!! Kristen is a snob and no she really dosen’t act like she even likes or respects anything to do with Twilight! Don’t like her very much.When they interviewed her dad at the Golden Globes which Rob presented at …and they didn’t ask her…wonder why. He said she would attend when she makes a REAL movie!!!Like father like daughter?

  25. @Laura & Sitsu
    I agree with both of you. Kristen is NOT shy. Twilight is just another paycheck for her. There is noting unique about her at all, she acts the same exact way that all of Hollywood’s “bad girls” act, the only thing she’s missing is a mug shot. Kristen is pretty, petite, and photogenic, and she has a Diva sized ego, it’s people dislike of her that’s making her famous. Hollywood doesn’t like good people they want the bad girls, and Kristen is going to keep playing that card until people finally had enough of her. This is Christmas for her PR people. I blame Catherine for this. She was lazy at her job, as director and didn’t audition anyone else for the role of Bella.

    Taylor, Ashley, and Dakota are going to be the break out stars of New Moon, and Summit needs to put them in the fore front and have Kristen fade into the background.

  26. Again, I’ll explain the GAME that Jesse was trying to play with the actors….the AFTERSHOW-DOWN is pretty much meant to be a word association game. if Jesse said “cars”, maybe someone might name a model, make…heck even a personal story about their first car. I don’t think Jesse was being a bad interviewer, I think it’s perfectly fine for her to ask about on-screen kisses, or Robert Pattinson….can Kristen or the other guy not think of ONE WORD that comes to mind when either are mentioned? Honestly, if the actors felt uncomfortable answering the questions, they should’ve just said that instead of just sitting there silent, or just said ANYTHING to move the game along.

  27. I’ve definitely seen enough interviews and stories about kristen, but I still feel like I honestly can’t judge her AT ALL. I really CAN’T imagine the position she’s in so I’m really trying not to judge. I don’t think that anyone can really understand her position unless they’ve actually been in it.

  28. Rachel A. says:

    Most everyone knows that I am NOT a KS fan. I would be overjoyed if they replaced her with basically anyone else. I think her “acting” would be bad in a high school play (let alone the big screen). She has proven time and time again she is not a Twilight fan. That weed head comment was spot on…who doesn’t do their hair for an interview? That being said, I still think the MTV peeps were over the top with their responce. I would like to say a lot of things sometimes, but they would get me into trouble and make me look immature. Which is exactly what the MTV people did, they made themselves look immature. I am not defending KS, I am merely agreeing that the MTV people were not professional.

    I agree with Melissa, pull KS out of the interviews, promotions, etc. and focus on people that can positively and maturely handle themselves in public, like Taylor, Ashley, and Dakota. The whole world knows that KS is terrible in interviews. She should just stop them all together. And I know that she probably gets annoyed being asked the same questions over and over again, but I cannot count the number of interviews I have seen with Stephenie Meyer where they ask her where she came up with the idea etc. She (Stephenie) always answered with a smile on her face. Which is what is expected. It is not rocket science…but KS hasn’t caught on yet.

    As far as the Newsweek article goes…sounds like the lady needs to read a steamy romance novel or something. I liked the pure love of Twilight, and although many people no longer wait till they are married to…be intimately involved…it is nice to read about or see a couple who does wait.

  29. That video was really unwatchable.I think those people were completely unprofessional and immature.That was highly rude,more than rude.
    And calling Kristen like that…

    I think it was natural for Kristen to be annoyed at that repeated question and it didn’t seem to me that she was being rude in any way.

    Those people should sincerely apologize to Kristen.

  30. I’ve never really cared about Kristen Stewart or her comments about Twilight. I just don’t care, but after watching this interview with MTV Canada and reading Laura’s comment, I could not agree more with what Dan said. It was absolutely perfectly spot on. And reading that VideoGum interview was such a contradiction. He or she starts off the article with calling her everything that Dan had called her and even worse. VideoGum even brought up the c-word, and it was just implied that what Dan said was worse. Kristen Stewart WAS a b****. It’s her job and she’s getting paid for it. Like Dan said, Robert Pattinson is paying her bills, nobody is seeing Twilight for her and her horrendous performance.

  31. KatieCullen77 says:

    That was so uncalled for from MTV Canada. Very unprofessional, especially since she took the time out of her schedule to give them an interview. If I was her, I would not want to do another interview with them. I’m glad there was some people defending her.

  32. livvycullen says:

    tht interview and some of the peoples comments on here make me SICK. Kristen did absolutly NOTHING wrong in tht interview except act like she always does; nervous and unsure of herself but she NEVER did anything tht called for those people calling her the b word.i am sick and tired of people bashing kristen. She is a person like everyone else and a very down to earth, shy one at tht.whats really sad is tht people have the time to talk trash about people tht they dont even know!! if u were in her place when they asked Robert Pattinson? ( which by the way is a name NOT a question) wat would u say?? personally i would probably act like kristen. wat DO u say to tht?? Those people DISGUST me! They should go get a life! oh and thanks for the people who support kristen! it makes me feel alot better when i read positve comments instead of some of the negative ones on here.

  33. I want to MURDDER the entire idiots in that video. Seriously, there must have been about three brain cells between the whole lot of them. I want to tear them to shreds. Twilight Fans it’s time to band together and internet storm the videogum website and basically defend our beloved Kristen who is a vastly superior person (a little media-shy but hey, it happens!). These moronic idiots are so self-important. You present The Hills After Show….yes The Hills After Show. Intelligent stuff right there peopl. Grrr this makes me so angry!!!

  34. livvycullen says:

    thank you kevin

  35. livvycullen says:

    i would love to murder them too 🙂

  36. I think the Kristen bashing has been ridiculous. She may not give the best interviews, but at least she’s not a big phony like other actresses her age. She always seems intelligent and well-intentioned to me. No matter what, it’s very obnoxious and inappropriate for someone to refer to a young lady as a b**ch. She doesn’t deserve that. I find it refreshing that she’s not as polished as other celebrities. I don’t want to hear trite, predictable answers in an interview or see some actress who is obviously full of herself. Kristen appears to be just the opposite.

  37. This Kristen bashing is way out of hand. She’s not rude, she is shy. She is intelligent yet very quiet. She knows this about her personality. She has said she finds it difficult to make a joke. She’s a logical person. These hosts were the ones being rude. What kind of interview is that? The hosts wanted to make themselves seem superior at the expense of someone else. Even Kristen’s co star was uneasy and I have seen him give good interviews. Kristen has been much better in interviews lately when they people actually want to hear what she has to say. She does not deserve to be called a b**ch or a c**t. These hosts deserve to be fired. As someone who is also quiet, I fel horribel for her. To be ridiculed because you are shy…well it’s just like a knife to the stomach. She’s putting herself out there for her job, treat her with respect.

  38. I have seen her in interviews and quite honestly they are usually very awkward. I have nothing against Kristen Stewart but she chose this career and she has to learn how to deal with her fame. But quite honestly they need to come up with new questions for the actors of Twilight because they are always asking the same questions and it is boring, repetitive, and annoying to me so I can imagine how it must feel to have to answer the same questions over and over and over.

  39. by the way guys, i don’t know if anyone even cares at this point, but Dan actually apologized for calling Kristen a b****.

  40. Jess – If you couldn’t watch that clip without crying, I am afraid you need some mental help, dear. You do not need to know someone personally to hate someone. And if she doesn’t like interviews and just has a passion for acting, she needs to take it to her local theatre because interviewing skills comes with professional acting chops, and personally I thinks he has neither.

    livvycullen – If people stating their opinions “sick[en]” and “disgust” you, perhaps you need a life? Just because I disagree with the casting choice for Bella doesn’t mean I am going to feel sick and disgusted with her. On the contrary, I like her, she is cute, she just isn’t a fab actress.

    Kevin and Livvy – Murder? Really? That far. Wow. You can join Jess in the psych ward, plz.

  41. livvycullen says:

    ya he did but the apoligy was not sincere at all.People probably made him do it.

  42. This is why I don’t watch the interviews and crap. I don’t care what Kristen thinks of the movies or whatever, just as long as it looks good on screen, and she doesn’t ruin it, she can think whatever she wants.

    Oh, and Catherine directing MaxRide…mmmm…idk

  43. livvycullen says:

    oh dont worry sitsu i have a life 🙂

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