Edi Gathegi Is In New York

So despite the fact that the LA Times is reporting that Edi Gathegi is appearing on a radio program in LA today (It has to be via call in) he is clearly in New York City! This can’t be accidental. Wonder what NYC release party he’ll be at:

EDITED: Here is Edi’s interview with us last year where he first referenced the “black olives”. (Part 1 and part 2 )

And the Lexicon has always loved Edi! Check out our Edi support items!


  1. ahhh!!! come to penn plaza! come to penn plaza!!!!

  2. ScarletRubie says:

    I like the shirt!!

  3. Great interview. And I like the shirt!

  4. idg the shirt….i feel so out of the loop….

  5. SuperVixen says:

    I second Penn Plaza!

  6. Awesome interview!!!!

    if Edi is in NYC that means the changes of Rob making an appearance in CHicago are 1 out of 4 =)

    im so excited for tonite!

  7. i don’t get the shirt either. Am I missing something or Am I spouse to take that personally? Please help me understand before I go off on someone. Anybody out there willing to help me?

  8. oxSamm11 says:

    haha okay i’m not the only one who doesnt get the shirt, I was worried there was something obvious I was missing, but i’m glad im not alone:P what does it mean?

  9. Wolfmistress89 says:

    Why would I want an ugly shirt that absolutely no one would get, including most Twilight fans? Geez. I’d rather have a shirt that said I <3 Laurent or something like that.

    Nice plug for your store btw. I’ll stick to Hot Topic though.

  10. I didn’t get it either until I clicked on the video above it where Edi is interviewed by Fox. He refers to the fact that Stephenie wrote Laurent as “olive” skinned and so people criticized Edi being cast, since he didn’t fit the role. Edi then comments that there are “black olives”, so it shouldn’t matter that he’s a black vampire. I totally wouldn’t have gotten what the shirt meant otherwise. I would have thought it was offensive or something.

  11. GenevieveCullen says:

    LOL, I saw that shirt before and I had no idea what it meant.

    I was a little disappointed when I watched the movie and saw that he wasn’t “olived skinned” but hearing Edi put it that way, LMAO. I love that guy 😀 He’s got the greatest personality.

  12. I really hope Edi going to the Penn Plaza Boarders. I can’t see them having it anywhere else.

  13. musicbox02 says:

    Was there a lot said about his race when the movie came out? I must have missed all that. Anyway, I think he is great. I personally like that not everyone was white, like all of the characters at Forks High. Regardless of how they were described, don’t get all riled up I love my white sisters and brother 🙂 I just think it includes all fans.

  14. vampgirl says:

    yes there was sooooo much said about his race look it up on imbd. but i heard the interview and i loved teh shirt for a while. even before the movie came out! edi is a the best bad vamp!!!!!!!!!! besides victoria that is of course. lol.

  15. Dark Brown Pools says:

    Man! I wish I was in New York! Too bad I’m stuck in San Francisco…does anyone know if anyone famous is coming to San Francisco, California?

  16. Rachelle LeFevre is officially in Wal-Mart in Riverton, UT.

  17. chichichobits says:

    I can’t post on the forum because of logging issues and I did email the board admin a couple of times about it to no avail, so I’m posting it here whatever. Okay so I attended the twilight release party at 2 Penn Plaza. I met some fans earlier that morning when we got the wrist bands. They had a podcast with some of the fansites or fan people associated like twimoms, of course TL, nomoremarbles, Craig, and the lady that holds the apple on the cover of Twilight. It was great they talked about TwiCon in reference to guests that would be attending, New Moons news about special effects and locations of the movie–they will be filming in Monte Pinto instead of Volterra in Italy ( I’m screwing this up lol), and other topics that I can’t remember right now. It was cool they had a trivia contest and Team Jacob triumphed over Team Edward. Some of the giveaway prizes included sharpies, bookmarks, signed companion book, shirt off of Craig’s back lol, and special passes. At this event they also had undead face paint makeup, fortune telling, and a scavenger. I liked it but was pretty annoyed at not being called on even though we were right there in front like come on. It really pissed me off royally. No offense but it’s like they kept calling on screeching manic twitards–not my thing. If you were normal they looked over you seriously I’m still mad about that. There was a mini award ceremony with red envelopes in which we found out who won what in each category. Anyway at the end of the night there was a special appearance by Edi Gathegi, Laurent, who was so nice to everybody. He took the time to answer questions that were asked and he was pretty helpful to the staff. It was really cool definitely best thing of the night. The special passes were rewarded signed dvd copies from Edi. I’m not sure if they were different from the other signed copies they had downstairs. If anyone that had a pass maybe can post a photo to see if there is indeed a difference. They had many cameras running and I think a few were doing Borders interviews. Overall it was pretty good. Would I do it again, maybe or maybe not it really depends. Not really a fan of crowds and I was pretty annoyed at the end of the night but I’m a twilight fan so that’s one of the things that I would suffer for.

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