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The Borders Media site is featuring a video that will be shown in their stores tonight. Various cast memebers send their greetings. Ashley Greene and Rachelle are in full make-up including their costumes. There’s a HUGE improvement on the contact lenses from the first movie. Get the video here.

In the video they mention the Twilight movie awards that are being held in their stores. Don’t forget to bring your ballots.


  1. schmudii says:

    this is soooooo amazing!!!

  2. Sugary Giggles says:

    Victoria’s [Rachelle] eyes are good! Alice’s [Ashley] were too… yellow, not enough gold. But it’s really nice that you can actually SEE the colors without the need for over dramatic super close ups…

  3. Omg, Rob looked really pale!!!!
    Ashley looked scary, I don’t like how her eyes look and that her hair is now black and not its original dark brown.
    Rachelle looked reallly good!!! Her eyes scared me, but Victoria is supposed to be that way!
    And Taylor looked hooooooooooooooooot! I like him, just not Jacob!
    EEEK! I can’t wait for this movie!

  4. Wow…Alice looks…not so good. I liked the eyes in Twilight. Guess we’ll see what it looks like on film though. Oh, um, did anyone else get their Twilight DVD early in the mail, because I did. I’m 27 years old and squealed like a little kid when I opened my mail box.

  5. Rachelle’s eyes were really scary which is good! I can’t wait for the DVD but I’ll have to.

  6. NezziLautnerBlack says:

    omtc(oh my twilight cast!) i am SOO Sad ad MAD right now!!!! ARGH, i was looking forward to the party tonight(even though i am 100% sure that no one interesting will be coming to MY borders) and guess what??
    my mom won’t let me go ‘cuz i have stupid flu and strep throat i am ready to KILL someone right now!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for ranting but…yea…

  7. Did anyone go to Borders to get the Wristband for the special edition DVD? I tried this AM. No wristbands, but a comment that they had plenty of copies. Didn’t clarify if ti was the special edition.

  8. Victoria says:

    Rachelle’s eyes were perfect! When I saw them my mouth popped open in awe. Ashley’s are… a bit too yellow, as Sugary Giggle said. But as we all know, the colours do change, so maybe this is the “I-just-drank-the-blood-of-a-huge-animal-ten-seconds-ago” colour. Hopefully there will be darker variations.

    And Rob was so cute at the end.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures from this photo shoot 🙂

  9. I like the new look of the eyes but wont it be very obvious that there is a huge difference between the movies?

  10. GenevieveCullen says:

    Rachelle looks FABULOUS! Ashley’s contacts are a little more yellow than I was expecting but their looks are a big improvement from last time.

    LOVE IT.

  11. victoria’s hair looks a lot more “fire like” which is how i imagined it….

  12. Julie M. says:

    I think they all look great! Alice’s eyes look awesome. I don’t think they will look different from Twilight. You guys are too critical!

  13. livvycullen says:

    wow i love all of them i think the makeup looks FABULOUS!! lol love rob’s laugh at the end!

  14. Kimberlyp says:

    Will be seeing everyone at the Nashville West End Borders tonight…Yeah!!!

  15. Victoria says:

    I just realised what Ashley’s eyes reminded me of – Michael Jackson in the end of the Thriller video.

  16. Oh yea Victoria they do look like Michael Jackson in Thriller. Either way their makeup look awesome and Victoria’s eyes scared me too…which is very good. Yea i’m excited!

  17. Everyone looks great! Victoria looks 10000Xs better, and I actually think Ashley looks great. I think that she’s the PERFECT alice! (: I’m so freaking excited for New Moon… and the Borders party!!!!

  18. LOL best vampire special effect!! Were there any that were actually good?
    Loved the movie, but the special effects were awful.

  19. WOW! Ashley and Rachelle look amazing! You can actually see the redness of Victoria’s eyes. To be quite honest, i’ve watched Twilight a dozen times and i could never see the redness of the nomads eyes. Yes, now we will! I mean come on the books said the vampires eyes were brilliant red. She looks so creepy! I love it!

    Ashley looks so much better this time around. Her hair is actually darker–alice’s hair is black–and the eyes are so cat-like. I love them. And like someone said, there will probably be many variations to the golden eyes colors. And who knows, maybe the colors translate into something completely different on film?

    I love them! Frightenly beautiful! Can’t wait til New Moon comes out, and man i want to see those pictures they were talking about!

  20. OMG! I actually squealed. Their eyes look so, so vampire. The color seems so unnatural, it screams danger! (to human) and, at the same time, they look beautiful. (sry if my english is bad)
    Ahhh, it’s not fair. DVD doesn’t come out in my country till the next month!

  21. @freakin loon-went to borders at 8:45 and there were 6 ppl in line for the wristband (one lady brought a chair to sit on! didn’t want to ask how long she was sitting there). By the time 9am hit there were about 10 ppl behind me. They allowed me to get 2 wristbands and allow up to 3 special edition dvds per wristband to purchase tonight. The lady said that you HAD to have the wristband to purchase the dvd tonight. They only had 120 copies of it to sell. She said that’s all each Borders had to sell (I doubt that’s the case for the stores w/ the cast making appearances).

  22. Wow. The eyes are…Really, REALLY bright @_@

  23. Rachel A. says:

    Yay! Way to pay attention to detail! Thanks people putting NM together. I get more excited about NM with every new piece of info that comes out.

  24. I think Ashleys eyes are too yellow. Hell Ashleys eyes scare me more than Rachelles haha.
    But maybe they are like that for photoshoot. When you see Edward on posters for Twilight he looks scary and very dramatic. So maybe they won’t be that yellow in the movie, that would be weird. Or they have to be that way for it to be noticed in the movie…who knows. I believe they know what they’re doing.

    Anyway I love everything else that they’ve done, the hair, the make up. Rob’s hair is still a bit too short, but I don’t know when he’s starting filming so maybe it will grow till then.
    Kristen was right, vamps really do look fresh this time around.:D

  25. 08ertwilighter says:

    love it! very cool to see all these actors as they’ll appear soon! i love ashley and rachelle in their parts – of course, i love their characters, so there goes… my friend will probably be happier this time around (she was complaining how alice’s hair wasn’t right last time – mainly color-wise…)!

  26. 08ertwilighter says:

    anybody else notice how geeky/nerdy rob seemed in this one? oh well, still awesome…

  27. Pawprint says:

    I loved Rachelle’s new look! She’s even more Victoria-ish this time, if that’s even possible! Her hair looks awesome and the eyes are great! Seems as if she just drank blood, just the color that I pictured Bella’s when she became a newborn! She’s great!

    And Ashley, her hair color is great! The book said it was black, and now it is! I only wish they make it even spikier for the shoot and movie, Alice is that crazy! On the eyes, though, I don’t like that yellow, they’re supposed to be golden, not yellow, but I believe they’ll manage to make them great for the movie, they always do!

    I love these changes they’ve made, cant’ wait for New Moon to be out! That’s one thing I love about this movie, they waiting time will be smaller this time around! Go New Moon and its cast!

  28. I was surprised that Ashley’s eyes were so yellow. Aren’t they supposed to be butterscotch? She looked terrific, though, and so did Rachelle. Kristen Stewart looked very pretty in the video and Rob was just adorable, as usual. I have a good feeling about NM. Even though Edward will be gone for a good chunk of it, I think it will be even better than “Twilight”. I’m looking forward to more action, the motorcycles, the cliff diving, more Alice, Italy & the scenes at the Cullen house.

  29. Stellar211 says:

    I liked Alice’s hair in Twilight more. It’s supposed to be spikey. And I hope the eyes don’t look that yellow in the movie. But that’s a BIG improvement for the red eyes =]

  30. 243venus says:

    the contacts looked so muck better!

  31. 243venus says:

    also i liked Alice’s hair better in Twilight better.

  32. OMG! They looked amazing!

  33. Zookie Monster says:

    Am I the only one who loves Ashley’s eyes???? They all looked amazing 🙂 Ashley’s was actually my favorite…because I imagined it like that…

  34. You aren’t alone Zookie!! Ashley and Rachelle look AMAZING in my opinion. I really like all of the improvements they’ve made and I’m sure things will transfer a little differently in the movie so maybe it won’t be too much for the people with some doubts. I’m glad we can see the contacts better and Kristen was right “clean and crisp” is a good way to describe the vamps. They just look so put together and fresh, which is how I pictured them. And look at Taylor!! He is adorable, but he is definitely a more mature adorable now!! I’m so excited =)

  35. Robert was adorable in that interview, especially at the end. 🙂

  36. IndigoMisfit says:

    Wow…the vampires look CREEPY but it’s probably the lighting or lack there of in contrast with their costumes. Also, I love Bella’s plaid lumberjack shirt, really, I do.

  37. tinkerbella says:

    Yay!!! I can’t wait. I have high expectations this time. Looks like our new director is doing a phenomenol job so far. Rob is sooooo adorable. He’s all serious but oh so sexy and cute at the same time. The contacts look exactly how they’re supposed to…freaky in a chilly, scarey, yet beautiful sort of way. BTW, they didn’t show that movie at the Borders I went to. The party was kinda lame. They had a group of 30 or so girls ages 8-13 doing a “discussion” in the back. I listened in and it wasn’t worth anything. Everyone else was just standing around. So I went and got lost in the Jane Austen section til midnight:)

  38. Borders was extremely disappointing for me. Mine did not give out the wrist bands at all. This made things pretty disorderly. They did NOT show the video of the cast! Instead they gave it away to a girl who had 5 guys with her doing the scavenger hunt. Not fair, that video was for everyone. They also did not do the movie awards with the ballot. They made 2 pots of coffee and had two little coffee cakes for like 100 people. It was not fun really, they didn’t do a count down down, they didn’t rev people up. Extremely not cool 🙁

  39. My Boarders was also a BUST!
    There was no music playing!
    There was no food! – No wristbands (only purple plastic ones)!
    They collected the ballots before 10pm because I was there at 10:09pm!
    The trivia was fun but it all was so slow and the staff was less than excited.
    One small table with decoration but that was it. Just because Ithaca is a small town doesn’t mean we are small fans.
    Very disappointing!!

  40. There is not enough room here to describe how pathetic the Borders release party was, at least in our area, but I’ll try.

    MandyTh – You guys got coffee and coffee cakes? All we got was the location of the drinking fountain.

    My friend Andrea had called the store manager and was told that they had alot of great giveaways and prizes. Apparently the store manager was talking about another Borders store.

    You could tell that they didn’t plan out any of the activities before hand. None of the store employees, all five of them, ok ok so maybe there were seven, seemed to know what was going on. Ask all seven employees the same question, get seven different answers.

    During the trivia contest the two girls running it were still trying to decide how to do it. And the prize for winning the trivia contest? Two chocolate lollipops! And not even good chocolate! What – they couldn’t spare a Twilight sticker sheet at least? My friend Sonia made us all gift bags that were fantastic, maybe Borders should have asked for her help. Hot Topic raffled off a signed Jacob poster and the Edward standee and Borders gave out chocolate lollipops!

    This Borders didn’t give out wristbands either. They just had people line up, one line for those who reserved a copy before Friday and one for those who reserved a copy that day. The employees kept sending people to the wrong lines and so the lines started to merge.

    About five minutes before midnight one employee was overhead saying that they misplaced the list of who reserved the exclusive edition. They eventually found it. They stopped selling ten minutes after they started because they were selling the exclusive edition to people who didn’t reserve it. So they had to separate the lines again. When they finally got the lines figured out it moved along pretty quickly so I suppose that’s something.

    We will not be going to another Borders event.

  41. Sorry about the essay I wrote!

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