Twilight Actors Popping In At Surprise Locations

This just in from Stephenie Meyer’s website:


On Friday, March 20, 2009, from 10PM until 12 midnight, Summit Home Entertainment and retailers across the country will provide TWILIGHT fans with the chance to celebrate the midnight DVD release of the film that has unanimously been described as a “full-blown pop culture phenomenon.” Participating retailers will stay open late as fans line up to purchase the DVD of the epic romance at midnight parties. While there, contests, autographed merchandise raffles, giveaways, limited edition merchandise including collectable clothing and memorabilia will all be available!

In addition, TWILIGHT actors and filmmakers will be making surprise appearances at select locations throughout the country!

Visit to locate a release party near you!


  1. Chloe Cullen says

    Am I first?? Haha. Anyways, I’m sad b/c I’m not sure I’m going to be able to GO to one of the release parties, since I currently have no money to purchase the DVD.. :(. Sounds AMAZING though. If I do end up going, I hope to end up at one of those “select locations” πŸ˜‰

  2. Ugh!!! I live in a tiny town in south texas that will NEVER get an appearance from a twilight cast member =( the closest they ever come is Dallas!!!

  3. AH!!
    OK, better be in NYC! I know like none of the actors are in the city now, but if they decide to come here, go to the one at Penn Plaza, because EVERYONE will be there and it will be AWESOME!!

  4. well I live in New Zealand, so…. :'(

  5. I am excited πŸ™‚ I live in Orlando so there are plenty of release parties going on here and I did hear that Rob will be in Florida on the 20th…randomly, but I still heard it. I hope it’s true πŸ™‚

  6. Surprise locations? That’s going to mean New York, LA, Seattle, etc…places they can travel to and from fairly quickly. Sadly I’m not located in one of those places πŸ™

  7. No way Rob and Kristen would be out there. Taylor, I can see. I remember reading he made an appearance when Breaking Dawn was released.

    Rob alone would require just too much damn security.

    I’m in Austin, TX. I can see Catherine showing up since this is where she went to school.

  8. Any idea of where the select locations are?

  9. Twifanatic Amanda says

    OMG! I want someone to come to Lewisville, Texas! At Borders, I will be there and it will be awesome πŸ™‚


  11. aww i’ll keep fingers crossed for the rest of you guys 😐 there’s definitely no famous person from twilight coming to toronto

  12. OMG! What are the odds one of them will come to Chicago…Mmmm it is Edward’s place of birth you know :). So if any1 in the Chi know anything about a potential appearance pls do share!

  13. Am hoping they come and visit in columbus circle in new york becuz i no that robert stay in one of the hotels located rite on 59th street yea i saw him becuz my school is located there jjay college but anyway yea and kristen stewart she could also be coming who knows when she went to one of the late night show in new york i for got that guys name but yea she stayed in the donald trump hotel located right on 59th also so am hoping they go to borders located on 59th street(fingers crossed)

  14. And hey i almost forgot Ashley Greene was also in 59th street two days ago on saks 5th avenue and she hasnt left yet sooooooo am also hoping am not gonna point no fingers!

  15. I really can’t see Robert going to any of these things…Taylor on the other hand or any of the other male actors yeah, that I can see.

  16. That’s amazing! They came to my Hot Topic for the tour, and that is where I am going for the release party… so it would be awesome if someone came back.

  17. Hey Lexicon, anyway you can get some info about where the stars will be? Shouldn’t they publicize it to get more people to come out?

    Taylor came to Grand Rapids,Michigan where is is from, for the Breaking Dawn release. I live in GR now and it would be sweet if he came here again.

    My bet is on Seattle…i doubt they will travel far b/c they are shooting now.

    It’s all very hush hush. I think they are trying to avoid a riot.

  18. AnnieCullen says

    That is so awesome, But who knows if they’ll come to any of the Chicago Locations.

  19. Ana Duran says

    I’m thinking of going but I don’t really like crowds. so maybe I’ll go to the one in New York. on 31st and 6th ave. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  20. Hey at least most of you live in the States, we in the UK don’t get the DVD till April and we have no chance of having any of the cast at our Twilight night!

  21. Do you think they would be willing to come to Shaker Heights, Ohio? There is a Borders in Beachwood, and they are having a release party…

  22. I live in the middle of nowhere West Virginia. I can almost guarantee you won’t find a cast member here.

  23. That would be a dream come true for the people in my hometown of Fayetteville,NC. There are a lot of Twilight fans here and I don’t know what we would do if one of the crew showed up at the Hot Topic party I’m going to Friday night. I guess we’ll have to wait and see some reports as to where some of the cast/crew showed up. It’ going to be an interesting ride from now until this weekend.

  24. @Ana
    The Borders you’re talking about is on W33rd and 7th ave.

    I live in NYC, and of course I’m not going. I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, I would say Robert wouldn’t go near any of Midnight release parties unless he accidently drunkly stumbled there.

    Kristen, I don’t see doing it, unless she still needs to play nice with the fans.

    I see Taylor, Ashley, Kellan, Rachelle, and Edi making surprise visits.

  25. @Wendy- I am definitely with you. No one is going to come to Pennsylvania. But I can dream can’t I haha. (:
    … And if some miracle did occur and any of the cast came to the party I’ll be at I seriously think I would per my pants… And then cry.

  26. I live in Utah and I honestly hope that some of the cast members visit places they’ve never been to yet !

  27. This is when I do not like living in a small town….If I thought Taylor would be in Michigan, I would drive to Grand Rapids, it’s only like 45 minutes from me….but, oh well, just have to settle for going to the Wal-mart release party!!!

  28. Tabcullen says

    I definitely think some one should come to the Dallas area…

    More specifically the Frisco area…

    More specifically the Hot Topic at Stonebriar…

    Just a suggestion…

    Or,Twifantic Amanda, im up for Lewisville. Maybe there’s power in numbers.

  29. They are not going to advertise ahead of time because they do not want the hysteria. My guess would be little towns and little parties. They do not want this out of control especially if they want the “bigger” stars to come out.

  30. lirael cullen says

    hahah as if my dream that they would come to new mexico… *sigh* … oh well

  31. (Oooh, my first post on the Lexicon *savors the moment*)

    Hmm, definitely don’t think it would be St. Louis. Bummer πŸ™

  32. Hey…. Bellingham WA isn’t that far out of their way just 30 some miles away… πŸ˜€

  33. Do you think Minnesota is out of the question?

  34. Why oh why can you only find on the web site release parties in the US????? Not that it really matters as I already know of 2 near me, but it would be nice to be able to put in a Canadian zip. πŸ™‚

  35. SuperVixen says

    I’m hoping someone will be at the Borders in NYC in addition to Pel of course πŸ™‚

    Any strategies for making sure you secure a wristband? I’m new to all of this and have never been to an event like this.

  36. I find this really shocking. My daughter just texted me that the Freshman class at her (Catholic girls)school just voted Twilight Saga the best book series after a run off election with the Harry Potter series! I sure never would have guessed that!

  37. I am hoping for the Walmart in Deptford, NJ… Rob’s been visiting Walmart lately, right? And Deptford is 20 min from Philly airport!!!

  38. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that since they filmed parts of the movie in & around Port.OR that someone, anyone from the movie might pop into one of the DVD Parties here!!!!!!

  39. Have the stores been picked yet? Anyway i wish they could come here to Massachusets!! Are they ever going to tell us what the stores names are?

  40. GenevieveCullen says

    @Cara, your Canadian too!? Lol, I was starting to think my brother and I were the only ones in the country who were going to Chapters on Friday.

    Of course, none of the actors would think of going to a release party in THE COUNTRY THEY ARE ALREADY IN. Nope, my luck just isn’t good enough.

  41. While some of you will be staying up late on Friday to get your copy, I will be comfy at home watching the copy that I bought YESTERDAY (Tuesday) at Kroger.

  42. Barbara-how could you buy a copy yesterday when it isn’t being released until Saturday? I’m confused!

  43. I’ve got a feeling that one of the cast members will be in Forks at the party there and maybe one in Seattle at a Border’s…but it’s just a feeling/guess!

  44. xI-MustBeDreamingx says

    That would be awesome.
    Too bad they probably wouldn’t show up at a small town Wal-mart.
    Oh well, still it’ll be fun. ^^

  45. K.Smith when you say Port.OR are you to reffering to Port Orchard- as in Kitsap County, Puget Sound area Port Orchard. They’ve been there- Port Orchard?

  46. @GenevieveCullen, yep………..Canadian. You are right tho, no one would show up at a release party in the same country that they are FILMING in. Guess there are not enough to go around anyway. May not be going to a release party afterall, but you and your bro have a good time. I am not too big on driving 1.5 hrs to get to one. πŸ™‚

  47. Alexa-Lynn says

    oh goodness!!!!!!!!!!!i sooooooooooooooooooo hope they come to Toms River New Jersey! HOT TOPIC RELEASE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i would cry!!! i hear robert is supposed to come here to my mall but its a reallly big rumr so i doubt it =( all i want for my birthday is to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my birthday is the release is march 21(release date) and that woudl be the best gift if he showed up like it was rumored!!!!! i love him and the entire Twilight cast!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  48. Do you think there is a chance anyone will come to CT?!?!?
    i don’t know but, stephanie was born here so,…

  49. UUMM How about visiting your fans down here in south Tennessee, like maybe Chattanooga~

  50. Nothing is ever going to happen in Montreal.

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