The Wolf Pack

LaineyΒ  Gossip has been busy.Β  She has now revealed a cast list to go along with the pictures she posted yesterday.

Jacob Black-Taylor Lautner

Sam Uley-Chaske Spencer

Quil Ateara-Tyson Houseman

Paul-Alex Meraz

Jared-Bronson Pelletier

Embry Call-Kiowa Gordon (I forgot him earlier sorry)

Emily Young-Tinsel Korey

TY to CV


  1. Woo-hoo! we got a bunch of HOT wolves! This movie is going to be awesome!

  2. Ana Duran says

    no Embry??

  3. woah! Look at Alex!!!!
    I wonder how the girl who plays Emily will look in the film!

  4. lirael cullen says

    hmm interesting..

  5. Don’t worry, Ana. There is an Embry. He’s being played (supposedly) by Kiowa Gordon, whoever that is. It says so on Lainey’s actual blog… Don’t know why his name isn’t here too.

  6. OH HOT DANG!! They are a way hot pack! They totally fit the characters just by their look. Taylor is also the hottest! πŸ˜€

  7. Yeah, Ana, I noticed that, too. I’m so glad Tinsel Korey is playing Emily, she’s so gorgeous! And I second the “Hot Wolf Pack” opinion =) Can anybody find a photo of Tyson Houseman, though? Even the imdb has nothing…

  8. Edit: thanks for the info sensei! I was worried about the no Embry thing, too.

  9. Jessica Luu says

    Tyson Houseman’s photo is on Lainey’s website. He’s the one with the glasses.

    If you guys want to take a look at Embry, I just saw a picture of him on the new moon movie website.

  10. misslelie says

    Such a great wolf pack…but so Seth(Oh wait hes not until the 3rd book really.) I cant find a pic of Tyson Houseman and when i did google images i got an old guy. Tinsel Korey is gorgeous so perfect for Emily!!

  11. NezziLautnerBlack says

    MAN!! we got a HOT wolf pack for sure! the cullen boys have got it coming! WOOT woot( I am taylor’s #1 most obsessed fan out there; he’s all over everything I HAVE (cept for my bedroom walls, b/c my mom would faint from either A) his HOTNESS or B) the fact that he is even up there!) and i still drool and forget to breathe everytime i SEE a pic of him!)
    all in one word OBSESSED!!! <3 !<3 !<3

  12. wow the wolf pack looks awesome! i am gonna miss Solomon as Sam though πŸ™ but oh well it’s still cool

  13. Very, very hot! My jaw about hit the floor when I saw a pic of Alex (Paul). Amazing.

    I did notice that Chaske and Tinsel were both involved with “Into the West”. Just a random bit of info. =)

  14. Vampangel says

    Woot! I love the wolf pack. Perfect casting! πŸ˜€

  15. I love their choice for Emily. She looks just right for the role. I can’t wait to see her with the scars.

  16. they’re all quite good looking, i am impressed πŸ™‚ that alex meraz is just… *fans self* lol πŸ™‚

  17. btw guys, if you’re looking for tyler houseman pictures or bronson pelletier, you can find them in lainey’s gallery.
    i noticed that if you scroll over the pictures it gives a caption of who’s in it, tyler’s the kid with glasses and bronson is in the red.

  18. what about Brandon Michael Vayda as jared

    was that a rumor?

  19. what a bunch of HOT looking wolves! LOL.

    And Tinsel is pretty πŸ™‚

    November is so farrrr away. LOL.

  20. If people really want pictures, Lainey has some on her blog, as does

  21. Honestly, I think the only person who actually looks Native American to me is the person who plays Sam, Chaske.
    To me, the girl who plays Emily, Tinsel, looks sorta Japanese. Jared, or Bronson, looks more latino than Native American, and Paul, or Alex, doesn’t even look Native American at all. And for the Tyson kid, I dont even wanna start. I dont think they made good decisions here but it is what it is. I’m just hoping New Moon will be as good, if not better, than Twilight.

  22. Now THAT’S how I pictured Sam!

  23. Rockin'It says

    Right on! This looks really good! They’re all so HOT!!!
    @Meggz, i couldn’t agree more on Alex! Dang! Paul just became my new favorite wolf (besides Jake… and Seth!)

  24. Dang! I’m liking the wolfpack πŸ˜‰ Especially Alex (Paul)! There’s a pic of Tyson Houseman on

  25. I think all the actors chosen look great and I am pleased they chose relative unknowns. But where is the press release from Summit about the whole cast including the Volturi? Where are Stephenie’s comments. When Twilight was in the works SM’s web site had updates daily about the actors chosen etc. I am missing her comments. Why do we have to get the info from a gossip site, (as much as I appreciate it).

  26. JM – I wonder if it’s because she’s “Going hermit for the year” (according to her site press release from the other day about something else). I can see why she’d want to lay low but I do enjoy hearing anything from her πŸ™‚

  27. FilDeCuivre says

    Wow, the wolf pack will be so hot! Especially Paul!

  28. Rockin'It says

    Oh! And there are some pictures of Tyson Houseman on Flickr. I just wanna get a better look at Kiowa Gordon!

    I’m REALLY hoping we get to see then all “Quileuted up,” cuz I’m wondering how Tyson is gonna play Quil. In New Moon, yes, Quil is the youngest (not counting Seth) but he’s supposed to be really buff. I mean, it says in the book that Bella describes that Quil’s shirt strains against his muscular chest (and that Quil seemed very aware, and proud, of that fact.) Quil is supposed to be really cocky and player-ish before he imprints.

    Anybody else think that that’s not exactly the description of Tyson?

  29. Switzerland says

    those are some HOTHOTHOT natives mannn πŸ™‚

  30. Mahriah Schmidt says

    What about Brandon Michael Vayda?Wasn’t he cast a while back?

  31. so i just checked out, thanks marcela πŸ™‚
    anddd that kiowa is cuteeeeeeeeeee

  32. Im so happy they picked these guys to play the roles but where is Leah?!?!!?

  33. GenevieveCullen says

    Alex, you might have just diverted my obsession with Robert, you sexy werewolf you πŸ˜€

    I must agree with Rockin’It, I was expecting Quil to be buffer. But who knows, we’ve only seen one picture.

    Tinsel is very lovely and all the other choices look good as well. I still kinda miss Solomon but I must admit, Chaske looks like a good Sam. Hopefully he’ll have as much passion as Sol did.

  34. I know the actor playing Sam decide to not come back but what happened to the actor that played Embry? Anyone know why he won’t be reprising the role?

  35. I’m really excited to see them all in New Moon. All of them are sort of good looking. I can’t wait!

  36. looks good to me! I pictured Sam looking like that too. I’m excited to finally get to hear some casting news. Bring on the Volturi news!

  37. This post deserves a tweenie comment: HAWTT!!!

  38. perfect. absolutely perfect.
    emily is nailed (gorgeous girl, that tinsel). sam is right on. paul omg i haven’t pictured him THAT hot, but oh well, i’ll take it. lol
    seriously, imdb is sure not helping right now. in behalf of all twilighters, I need MORE pics. please. πŸ™‚

    how ’bout the volturi?
    can’t wait. omg

  39. phwoar, they chose well, why didnt they keep solemon though?


    TINSEL KOREY seems like she is acknowledging that she will be in new moon…

  41. twilightroxz says

    OMG!!! i luv whos playing paul soooo hot well i guess they have to be hot lol they did an amazing job on casting new moon is going to be sick!

  42. twilightroxz says

    o i cant c the pic of Tyson where can u see it?

  43. Alu Rathbone says

    Why are they not casting Solomon? Those Jerks…

  44. i dont care how they look i just hope they can act

  45. Medya [MSquared] says

    Mmm Alex Meraz.
    I’m gonna be crushing on Paul during New Moon, oh god.

  46. They better make those guys look alot tanner, they are gonna look vampires next to Taylor!

  47. I love who they’ve got cast. Most of them fit the picture in my head. Sam is awesome looking…he’s definitely Sam. Tinsel is so beautiful as Emily. Paul is just Paul…he seems to hold that cockiness and agression. Tyson is adorable though he doesn’t look like the Quil from my head but that’s okay…we’ll see how that plays out. They look fantastic and i can’t wait to get more New Moon news and pictures. Hopefully ones where they’re in costume. They’re great and i’m ecstatic that they seriously choose real Natives.

    By and By, they are Natives. Of course some are probably not full Native, but if you look at races, looks are different in everyone. Lighter skin, darker skin…squint-y eyes, wide eyes…darker hair, lighter hair…it varies. I’m part Native American and i have really dark hair and eyes, yet i have pale skin and wide eyes…it varies.

    I am so dang proud that my heritage is being portrayed in a big blockbuster movie. And it’s not going to be about cowboys and Indians. It’s about ordinary kids that happen to transform into wolves now and again.


  48. lirael cullen says

    Rian I couldn’t have said it better!! I’m full Apache and i’m not even that dark in skin color XD.. so yeah, Native Pride all the way..^_^

  49. WHOA! HELLO Alex Meraz.hahaha. I personally like the Old Sam better and i wish Krys was still in the wolf pack..but i think these guys will be good! Love the choice for Emily too!

  50. waiit what happened to the Sam and Embry from the first film?? i really liked them πŸ™

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