Twilight Boosting Other Sales

Just yesterday we told you how curious readers of Eclipse in France have started this sales trend. The country is now reading Wuthering Heights at a rate never seen before. Well it looks like there’s another trend going on in the USA.

According to The Arizona Republic, Twilight is breathing new life into supernatural fiction. Several well known authors in that genre are mentioned. Fellow vampire writer, PC Cast, said about Stephenie “She has done a great job of reminding teenagers how much fun it is to read. Kids definitely go into bookstores after reading ‘Twilight’ and want something else like it.”

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  1. OOh i love p.c. cast!!! her novels are great! i especially love the “house of night” series

  2. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Way to go AZ Republic…i’m reppng for the 602 haha. I enjoy PC Cast. After I read the Twilight Saga 5 times, I went to Borders & bought the first book in her House of Night Series.

  3. Stephen King might owe her a thank-you for raising up a new generation of readers! Oh, and an apology.

  4. papermoon says:

    i also like PC Cast, both the house of night series and the goddess rising series. <3

  5. Hooray! Teens reading more books! This is the whole reason I’m going into library science. It’s authors like Stephenie that make this happen!

  6. Way to go Stephenie! She’s absolutely marvelous!

  7. I think it’s great that kid’s are reading!! I’m 22, but I can tell you her books got me realizing how much I used to love reading as a kid and made me pick up the great habit again.


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