Counting Down to the Twilight DVD Release


  • Borders set with postcards, exclusive bonus features, and movie party giveaways
  • Hot Topic with Taylor Lautner signed poster raffles and film cels
  • Barnes and Noble with phone skins
  • Target that just dropped their price
  • Wallmart with a section of the store
  • Blu-ray over at Target and Best Buy
  • plenty of other retailers not listed here
  • …and now Comcast is in on the act. You can get the movie via OnDemand at the stroke of midnight.

Now if you feel the need to see all the TV ads to hold you over until then, Summit has generously allowed us to put all four of them online. Our favorite is below.

So the question is, what are you doing Friday night and where?


  1. There’s mo midnight release at target right???

  2. Sugary Giggles says:

    This seems like a good topic to ask in, since I don’t think I got an answer before…

    What version and what store would be best for me if all I really want is…

    – Deleted scenes
    – Extended scenes
    – Bloopers, if they exist
    – Behind the scenes, if they exist
    – On a budget


    I’m thinking the standard 2 disc special edition should be fine. I’m not overly interested in commentary or actor interviews, unless its included on the version with the stuff I want.

  3. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Hot Topic! In addition to the autographed Taylor poster, they’re do raffles for other Twilight merch.

  4. I pre-ordered the 2 disc special edition on Amazon back in January because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it when it came out. But it won’t be delivered until 3/25 =(

  5. i’ll be at borders for sure. what does it mean about walmart’s “section of the store”?

  6. I’m going to Borders! I bought their exclusive set and me and a few friends are going and hopefully will win some stuff in the trivia and raffles.

  7. So I am still really confused as to which dvd set to buy. I really like the cover for Borders and how it comes with the pictures, but im really intrigued about the 45 min extra footage in the target dvd, so those are my two options…and as for the midnight release party, i will def be at a midnight release party, i was thinking borders, but the hot topic one sounds great as well, i need help!!! haha

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Walmart sent me an e-mail saying they are lowering the price of the 2 disc DVD from $22.86 to $17.97. I think they have the best price for the 2 DVD.

  9. 08ertwilighter says:

    liann – it’s quite literal. most/all wal-marts will have a section EXCLUSIVELY full of TWILIGHT stuff… if they don’t already (rumor has it, some stores already have basically everything in place)… giggles, i’d suggest hot topic. that’s where i’m getting mine, and the film cell seems like *basically* the coolest bonus item of all the possibilities…

  10. It’s times like these I wish I lived in the US… Release parties, not having to wait months for movies/DVDs and stuff like that.
    All I’m going to be doing on Friday is sleeping off camp.

  11. I’m going to Border’s. My Movie Awards sheet is all filled out-I’m a nerd.

    I pre-ordered the Border’s DVD w/ bonus stuff and Target’s Blue Ray version…double nerd.

    I think Target has the best deal for what your paying (not necessarily the price, but the bonus stuff).

  12. Is it friday yet?? I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!! As for what dvd to get my vote goes to Borders. I love the idea of the post cards…I’m looking forward to get them autograph at the next Twilight convention in Oct. Here in Chicago… However my friend is getting her copy at Target… We figured we can borrow each others dvd in case one has something the other doesn’t. As for the midnite party we both will be at Borders ready to play some Vampire beseball! Btw did u guys know that the Planet Hollywood in Times Square (NYC) has Edward and Bella’s clothes from the prom scene on display. I was there two weeks ago and took pics of them…it was a great feeling to see them πŸ™‚ so if u are in NYC or close by go check it out!! I did drive from Chicago to NYC but the trip wasn’t just for that for the record (I went with one of my girlfriends wedding dress shopping)

  13. I’ll be at borders on friday night πŸ˜€ i hope the borders edition dvd is as good as it looks on the photo. anybody else living in the redmond/bellevue area of washington????

  14. thanks 08ertwilighter! wow i’ll have to stop by and check it out.

  15. I’m going to the Borders midnight release with some friends! Which really isn’t going to be cool Saturday morning when I have to get up at 7:30 for work. I’m not going to get any sleep that night and I’m the supervisor on duty! Anyway, Borders seems to have the best deal with all the extra stuff.

    Then I’m going to go to Target and buy one there as well and give it to my sister so we can see if there’s any difference in details haha. I reserved 2 of the copies at Borders, but I may give that to my pregnant friend who hasn’t seen it yet but really likes vampire stories. She’ll be going on maternity leave in 2 weeks so that will give her something to watch when at home lol.

    Target is really confusing me by saying they have a 3-disc special edition. At first I heard it was just the ITunes music CD, then I heard that Catherine Hardwicke said there’s supposed to be some kind of “kissing montage”. That drew me in big time (I’m a dork), so I’m not sure if that’s on all the special 2-disc editions out there or just on the Target DVD.

    I really wish every merchant would offer the same thing, I think it’s unfair to us to have to choose so much ugh. But I guess that’s how they make their money!

  16. urcoolcarrie says:

    I am going to be at hot topic. I was going to try to make it over to borders (I’m in Utah) to see the SLTA, but I already have it pre-ordered at Hot Topic, and I just think it will be ok to just get that. He has everything I want PLUS some. πŸ™‚

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!! πŸ˜€

  17. alice_rocks says:

    Hot Topic..The only place in town throwing a midnight release..also the only place in town to reserve a copy. Also did a pre-order thru Target to get the special 3 disc set with the free iTunes download…need to have it for my iPod too!

    Thanks for all the amazing DVD info!

  18. So….. I think Target’s is the best choice, isn’t it?
    Question: Are there ALL existing extras on the 3 dvds?
    I think the only differnece is that there are no merch-products and stuff addet, huh?
    I’m only interested in the extras, so target?
    Won’t be able to go to a midnight release, I will go to USA in the Osterferien (Spring break in Germany :D) =(

    Sorry for the bad english i guess….

  19. Amazon also dropped the price as well, which I knew they were going to do. It’s $17.99. That seems to be the average price for the DVD.

  20. The extras on the Target 3rd disc are the extras you’ll find on the UK version of the movie.

    I’m sticking with my Borders edition, plus I did the iTunes pre-order and there saying you’re getting bonus stuff as well.

  21. Devon061381 says:

    Well I will be sitting at home Friday. My bff and I decided to get up super early and head to Target before 8 am when they open so we can get the 3-disc special edition with the iTunes copy. I was going to go to Borders for the release party, but I forgot about preordering by Feb. 4 to get the spec. edition from them, so I’m not going to bother. So we’ll get up early, grab our dvd, and head out somewhere for breakfast πŸ™‚

  22. i’m so excited!! i’m getting mine at borders and i can’t wait till the release party XD

  23. Well, I preordered the copy from FYE and they are having a party in our mall in collaboration with Waldenbooks. We don’t have a Borders. I purchased the DVD box a couple of weeks ago that came with 10 photo cards, one of which is Robert sitting at the piano which is my fave. Might have to swing by our local walmart and check out what they have as well, although I won’t be able to go at 10:00 when the party’s all begin.

  24. I’m going to the Hot Topic party with my friends and then get up later on Saturday to buy the Target edition. This is going to be a great party and I know we’re going to have a lot of fun. Can’t wait ’till Friday night!

  25. lirael cullen says:

    hahah i’m kinda glad i live off the grid in a sleepy little village. I’ll just walk into walmart or some other place to buy it hahah. I might have to wait a while actually to buy it…:( oh well…

  26. go to costco thats is where im getting mine it is the best one out there!!!!!!!! also the most expensive but who cares!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Julie M. says:

    Does the Costco have any extra stuff that the other stores don’t have?

  28. Nightswimming says:

    At least one other Lexiconer and I will be at the Oak Park Borders (Chicago area) for their release party. I hope others will join us!

    1144 Lake St
    Oak Park, IL 60301

  29. Friday night I will out club hopping and I’m getting my dvd from Target!!

  30. Ok you guys, it’s really driving me crazy that you keep spelling “Wal-Mart” as Wallmart. Are you doing that for a reason? Because it’s not spelled WALL and MART. it’s spelled Wal-Mart. please tell me you’re doing it on purpose.

  31. GenevieveCullen says:

    Are there seriously no Canadians heading out to Chapters on Friday?! I guess it’s just me and my brother…

    I didn’t pre-order from anyone. I just want the extras and all these different versions with their “exclusive” features are pissing me off.

    As much as I love Twilight, I refuse to buy 8 versions of a B+ movie just to see the all extras that could easily fit on a 2 disc DVD set.

    I feel like I’m being milked.

  32. JessakaMitz says:

    I’m going to ATTEMPT to go to a Borders here in Hawaii. If it’s too crowded, I’m probably gonna jet and go to sleep. LOL. Come back in the morning since my name is on the list. I predict it will be crazy.

  33. “The extras on the Target 3rd disc are the extras you’ll find on the UK version of the movie.”

    — there are extra scenes in the UK version movie that’s not on the US version??? damn…I’ll go broke trying to buy these different dvds. LOL.

    I already preordred mine from Borders and will be getting two extra copies (a friend and my second copy) on Friday (hopefully they’ll have enough!)…

    Now i’m thinking I may need to get the 3 disc edition as well from Target..or is it Wal-mart? argh. somebody clarify this please!

  34. Stephanie says:

    I’m getting the Target edition ONLY bc of the price and the iTunes!!!

    I pre-ordered at Hot Topic, but I don’t think I’ll go to their midnight release, because my good friend didn’t order there. The people at HT seem pretty strict about bringing friends. So, I’ll probably just pick up my DVD the next morning.

    I think my friend and I will head to Borders, then FYE, then WalMart (since it’s open 24/7). FYE is offering a free Cullen Crest bag (which looks cute in pics) with a purchase of the DVD and another DVD. I can get back with you on other details like their “party” and other fun stuff.

  35. Hmm, well gee.
    Hopefully, I’ll be chilling with Alphie and hoping to get that movie companion book and other stuff at the Borders in Nashville!
    πŸ˜€ Can’t wait!

  36. I’ll be watching Twilight on my transatlantic flight to London.

  37. My friends and I are going to the Hot Topic Store in Layton Utah I know it will be insane but fun!!!

  38. For those that don’t want to wait or don’t care about the “extra” extras provided by Target, Wal-mart, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Hot Topic, etc., my Kroger here in Duluth, GA has just the REGULAR deluxe edition on sale TODAY. For those that can’t wait …. πŸ™‚

  39. im going to the hottopic one. im so excited but really wanted the borders one
    but its okay

  40. This is straight off the Target website:

    * This exclusive edition includes an iTunes download of the film and bonus content including a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and Edward’s piano concert
    * Features Robert Pattinson on “Becoming Edward,” Kristen Stewart on “Becoming Bella,” Catherine Hardwicke’s vampire kiss montage and Bella’s lullaby remix music video
    * 2-Disc Special Edition includes commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, 5 extended and 5 deleted scenes and introductions
    * Also includes a 7-part documentary “The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen” and music videos by Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park
    * Also includes a Comic-Con fandom piece, a Comic-Con NY sneak, 3 trailers and a Penelope sneak

    That’s where I’ll be!

  41. Thank you Erin, does anyone else have the details on the borders dvd? Does it have all the stuff on the regular dvd plus borders footage, i still have no idea what includes what someone please help me! I’ve been waiting for this for months and now this is really complicated.

  42. stroodle99 says:

    I have the hot topic party pass, but won’t be able to go πŸ™ I am sooo sad. But at least I will be able to pick up my dvd this weekend!

  43. okay im sooo excited for friday ima be at the hot topic party. It sucks that so many versions of the dvd are coming out i dont have a job and its kinda hard to explain to your parents why you want another version of the same movie

  44. There are no Borders stores here in Montreal so I’ll just be celebrating at home.

  45. girlvampsfan says:

    My favorite comercial is the fourth one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I mean the one where you hear Emmet say “she’s not one of us” and you see Edward save Bella. I love it realy makes me want to buy it even more.

  46. I’m having a sleepover party with my friends and everything twilight we can find!!!

  47. Sterling Snow says:

    I’m going to the Hot Topic Midnight Release Party with some friends.
    Yes, I’m soooo excited, Friday can’t come fast enough.:)

    The employees at my Hot Topic told me they were trying to have people bring just a parent/guardian (if you’re underage) to try to keep the number of people down, but if you ask me, it’s a wasted effort. The store will already be overflowing, so why not just make it even MORE overflowing? Spread around more of the Twilighter love πŸ™‚

  48. Honorable Gucci says:

    A friend and I are going to be at Borders in Riverside, CA for the party =). The manager was trying to down-play the event, but we all know it’s going to be much bigger than they anticipate! Any other Lexiconers going to be there?

  49. Border’s release party!!!!! Me and my 3 friends are all going and then we’re having a sleepover at my house to stay up and watch it as many times as we can. We’ve been counting down the days and hours. (:


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