Stephenie Meyer To Make An Appearance With Other Authors

This from Stephenie Meyer’s website.

Hey guys! This is just a heads up about an event I’m involved with here in Phoenix. The plan was for me to go entirely hermit this year (or decade), but there are always those things important enough to pull me out of my burrow.

One of my dear friends and mentors, Faith Hochhalter—a truly gifted book buyer who put together some of my most successful events—was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am not the only author who was helped along by her talent and enthusiasm, and all of us who have enjoyed her influence in our lives and careers are eager to help her through this rough time. To assist with her medical bills, several young adult writers are joining together for a fund-raising event: Project Save the Book Babe.

The event will be on April 4th in Tempe, AZ; it will include live music, a panel discussion with the attending authors, and an auction of some fun and/or rare items from each author. All the information about the event and the authors attending can be found at

Personally, I’ll be auctioning some ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my books, an early marked up manuscript or two, my dress from the Eclipse prom, and the fluffy original epilogue to Forever Dawn, along with signed books, of course.

We’re still in the process of putting this together, so more info will be forthcoming over the next week. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th) so if you’re interested in attending and helping us save our Book Babe Faith, hurry over to the site and check it out.

Thank you!


Just a few of the other authors at the event are Brandom Mull, Janette Allison, and  Shannon Hale.

Edited: On a personal note, I met Faith during the Eclipse Prom two years ago. You could tell just by meeting her that she LOVES what she does for a living, and goes that extra mile to engage children and teen readers. She’s a person who really “gets teens” and doesn’t talk down to them.

I’m sure many of you who attended the event met Faith that weekend as she was one of the many people handing out tickets, giving information, and answering many questions, many of which were repetitive, with a smile.  I strongly urge you to support this effort in any way that you can.



  1. i live too far away =(

  2. WOW! The stuff she’s auctioning off! Those are some great things! I wish I was richer… and living in Arizona. 🙂

  3. if only i was richhhhhhh
    i want an advance reader’s copyyyyy

  4. I hope they’ll consider doing an online auction for people that can’t attend – it would bring in a ton of money. What I wouldn’t pay for a manuscript or the FD epilogue!!!

  5. It’s imes like this that I wished I lived in America! Not only is STEPHENIE going to be there, but Frank Beddor and Shannon Hale? My Two other favourite authors?!?
    It’s really unfair. =[ I’m tempted to save up for airplane tickets, but I won’t be able to get the money in only one month or so. Especially as I have no job and a ticket from England would be around $500…
    Ah, there’s no chance.
    Anyway, to anyone who’s going, have fun!

  6. oh maan! that sounds bomb. i wish i didn’t have such a busy schedule that week!! i’d give anything to have a forever dawn epilogue fer sure. daaang

  7. IndigoMisfit says:

    That is such a good cause. Get well soon “Book Babe”.

  8. Oh my god, I really hope this can help Faith get better, it is such a shock to hear she has cancer. I met her at the Eclipse Prom, and because I came from England it was a bit hairy trying to get the tickets sorted out, but she was so helpful over the phone, and we’ve corresponded since and she’s helped me out with buying books! I really hope she gets better! She is such a lovely woman. That is such a lovely idea to try and help raise funds for the medical bills, and I hope it is very successful.

  9. I think it’s supposed to say Janette Rallison….

  10. I wish it was online! im no where near arizona =(

  11. I saw Faith at the Eclipse prom too! I really want to help out! That’s an amazing ensemble of authors in one place. How exciting.

  12. I really wouldn’t mind donating some money, but I can’t make it out to an auction. Is there another way to do this online?

  13. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Ooh hoo hoo! I live in Tempe!

  14. Hi, this is not really about what the writing on the page was about it is about the books. I hope Stephenie Meyer gets this message. Well anyway I like the idea about having a 5th book about Edwards side but I think you should expand the books more, just like harry potter, 4 books are not enough! I mean we do want to find out how Renesmee does how she gets older and if Charlie finds out that she is a Vampire and how Edwards, Bellas and the Cullen Family is. I wish at least you could add 2 or 3 more books to the series. I cant stop reading these series over and over again but I really would like more books with the twilight series. Please think about it and if you find my email, email me!

  15. Since I live in the area, I will try to make it.

    My prayers are with Faith.

  16. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Wow, that would be pretty cool to be able to read Forever Dawn. It’s really nice that she and other authors are doing this.

  17. I sooooooooooooooooooooo wish I could come, but I’d need plane tickets. Toooooo expensive to save up for in two weeks.
    What I’d give to read Forever Dawn, or even an ARC or an unedited version of one of the Saga books… UGGGGGGGH I wish they had an online auction so that those who live far away (like MICHIGAN) can still get a fair chance at getting the items.
    I’m sure tonssssssss of obsessed fans who live closer, though, will go. There’ll be a HUGE turnout, I know it =)
    Good luck saving Faith! She’ll be in my prayers.

  18. girlvampsfan says:

    I sooooo wish I could help but two things are standing in the way:
    1) I’m broke
    2) I don’t live in Arizona
    3) Did I mention I’M BROKE
    but I hope they raise a lot of money to help her

  19. That’s a really nice thing to do.I wish I could go but I live much too far away.

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    You may not remember me, however, I look forward to supporting Faith. I’ve known Faith for years. She has always been a trooper. I plan to bring my daughter-in-law, as a surprise. She is MAD about you.
    See ya.

  21. Stephanie,
    P.S.Let me know if I can be of any help, please.

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