New Moon To Shoot Shoot In Montepulciano

The Welcome to Twilight Italian site has let us know that director of the Italian magazine Ciak, Piera Detasi has confirmed on her blog that New Moon will not film in Volterra. Instead it will film in Montepulciano.

Now if you read Italian, you can find the the whole story here. It essentially says that despite meetings and enticements from the mayor and  officials from Volterra, Summit has decided to film in Montepulciano. She states that she received this info from a Summit executive with whom she was having lunch.

The clock tower and plaza in Montepulciano (seen to the left)is a deadringer for the clock tower and plaza in Volterra. Interestingly enough, neither square has a fountain in the middle of it.

If you’re wondering why they didn’t pick Volterra, we suspect it’s much the same reason that they didn’t pick Forks or La Push:

  • accessibility
  • ability to house film crew and for days in a secure fashion
  • money

    You get a really good idea of how remote the actual Volterra is vs. Montepulciano on this map.
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    1. Shame, but from a logistical standpoint, I can see why they went with Montepulciano.

      Unless they plan to build a fountain, guessing we won’t be seeing that in the movie.

    2. I think the pictures look great 🙂 I’m really excited!
      You win some, you lose some. Whatever’s best for the film *shrug*

    3. It is a little sad they will not be filming in Volterra. I can see the clock tower in Montepulciano is pretty much a duplicate of the one in Volterra so I see no problem. As for the fountain…I don’t really know what to think, seeing as there never was one in Volterra in the first place. It was just something Stephenie added into the book.

    4. low budget for new moon??? i cant believe this.

    5. Twilightfreak says

      I am so lucky that I am Italian and speak both English and Italian.
      Now I can get the whole info.

    6. Twilightfreak says

      In the Italian story the woman said that the Summit people(lol)chose Montepuliciano instead of Volterra because Montepulciano is more beautiful….

    7. That’s OK. Montepulciano looks like Volterra, I’ve been to Voltera b/c I’m Italian, and they’re pretty similar.

    8. Sugary Giggles says

      It wouldn’t be too much effort on their part to build a fountain for the filming… I mean, if you think about the Cullen house and stuff in Twilight, they basically redid the whole house, they even brought in the trees.

    9. Wow i bet the city of volterra is bummed lol after how hard they tried to get the movie to shoot there, it must be upsetting…but i see why summit did it…i mean, you can only do what the budget will allow, and montepulciano does seem to be a more realistic place to film

    10. I don’t mind that they’re not using the real place. The photos look great! I love it! 🙂

    11. Montepulciano is definitely easier to get to than Volterra…. less bends and hills… 😀

    12. Anywhere in that region would be beautiful! We honeymooned in Siena (you can see it 1/2 way between Volterra and Montepuciano on the map), and I envisioned it the whole time I was reading the last few chapters. Sigh. Heavenly!

    13. FilDeCuivre says

      At least they are shooting in Italy! That’s the most important thing! From that picture the town looks beautiful and very Volterra-like. I’m so glad at the moment!

    14. A little sad but at least it’s in Italy. I’m sure it’ll turn out well.

    15. I can’t really understand this choise to film in Montepulciano instead of Volterra!
      In twilight movie they’ve changed so many things from the original book’s descriptions…so I can bealive that the reason is only the fountain in the middle of the square!!!

    16. Im not sad at all! Can you imagine the film makers trying to film this in Vancouver? I am so glad they are shooting in Italy!!…I could care less about the exact location.

    17. About the fountain….
      Its called Props.. they can easily find a fountain and place it in the center OR even shoot a seperate scene with Bella and an area with a up close when she jumps in then when she jumps out..then they can go back to the Montepulciano area. No one would know.. They do stuff like this ALL the time. I’m sure it will work out.
      As for this location..I LOVE it!!! It is Perfect! It looks so ancient. I think i even like it better than the actual Volterra clocktower.I can’t wait to see how N.M turns out!

    18. tuchulca(from Italy) says

      I know why Summit decided to shoot New Moon in Montepulciano instead of Volterra…..The greatest italian wine come from Montepulciano and we have a fiction called “Carabinieri7” set there, with hot guys acting!
      Italian Rules!!!!!

    19. Zookie Monster says

      OMG! That’s EXACTLY how I pictured the clock tower and stuff to look!!! 🙂

    20. Zookie Monster-you took the words right out of my mouth! It’s going to be great!!

    21. The very first thing I thought was “There’s no fountain.” And then I looked down the page, only to find out that the Volterra square doesn’t actually have one either. 🙂

      Anyways, I don’t think it’s a big deal that they aren’t filming in Volterra. This looks perfect. I mean, they didn’t even shoot in Forks. Besides, if we didn’t read this, most of us probably wouldn’t know the difference when we go see the movie (like me).

    22. D. Cullen Hale says

      when they are filming !!!???
      anyone know !???

    23. girlvampsfan says

      I can see why they wouldn’t want to film in Volterra. I don’t think we will be able to tell the difference I mean it took me like two weeks to know that Twilight wasn’t filmed in Forks. I still can’t believe they’re starting to fil today (Monday 3-16-09)!!!!!!

    24. @Rachel
      You’re absolutely correct. Aside from the Italians, or people who have visited both places, how many of you all would have known the difference if you never read the article?

      The fountain is not that important. It’s a waste of money to build one. Good CG cost serious money, and that’s what the budget should be focused on. If they do have extra cast they can just CG in the fountain.

    25. When they are filming?!?
      2 weeks in May, but which date?

    26. It would’ve been better in Volterra, but this new place looks nice too.

    27. does somebody know on which date that they are in montepulciano? Its a chance *g*

      thx for answers

    28. hi guys i’m italian and live in switzerland, i speak 3 languages, so i tried to get some informations about the new moon filming locations. well i do know that they’re shooting the movie in montepulciano in may. some people say they’re shooting it for two weeks. some say just for a couple days. some say they’re there for the end of may. something around the 19th. well whatever, i just hope to get the real date, so if someone knows please leave a comment. i try to be there by the date of the shooting, as i live near italy.


    29. im from austria and we also want to be there its the only chance to see them because later they will just shoot in canada. *g* i also hope to get the date


    31. if we know the date when they are filming we need something to stay. thanks very much for your help. maybe you know when they are there. canada is so far away. we are two persons *g* thanks very much. may be you can send me an email on

    32. Hey debby, have you found out anything els? montepulciano seems to deny that they are filming there for 25-30 of may.. is that true? Thanks!

    33. hey… dies anyone know when they are going to shoot in montepulciano? i am going to be in italy this year and i really wanna go there…
      if anyone knows the date pls reply to

    34. stephen parker says

      Ive been to Montepulciano and i gotta say this Volter place (excuse my spelling) must be hard to get to. Montepulciano is NOT easy accessible. End of story.


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