Edi Gathegi Talks To MTV About New Moon

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  1. ooooooh i’m so excited for the wolf and vampire scene! i hope they DO show it edi! wolf vs. vamp battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wolfgirlie says:

    lulz. thats my friends comment above. & were totally gonna kick his butt lynn!!!!!!!!!!! duh. you read nm. but yeah, i guess thats the only action in the film!!!!!!!!! besides the volturi of course 😉

  3. hahaha. love him
    “no pun intended. or maybe I did”

    sooooo loking forward to see New Moon
    whit all the new actors. hope they do a good job 🙂

  4. La Bruja says:

    I LOVE Edi!Can’t wait to see him in the meadow scene!

  5. Rachel A. says:

    Although I wasn’t a huge fan of TL performance in Twilight I love how dedicated he is to the role. He definately had to fight to keep it, and I am looking forward to seeing his scenes under the new director.

  6. Its going to be so great to see him a little more evil rather then laid back and such.

  7. darn. this is what happens when you’re not a U.S. citizen!

  8. haha that was a cute interview.

  9. NezziLautnerBlack says:

    I love Edi!! its too bad he has only one scene… but its imp so thats OK! and its in a scene with taylor!!!… are there ANY scenes without taylor??/! this is why i am going to love NM!! Argh, i canNOT wait!!(esp. those shirtless scenes, ooh la la <3!!)

  10. i love edi…i first saw him as a guest character in “house” and he was my fav intern…it’s great to see him being part of twilight =D

  11. shortstuff says:

    boo for mtv videos.. they can’t be viewed outside of USA..

  12. Come on Larry C., you really think Taylor got so buff by doing push-ups? LOL I just thought that comment was funny. Edi seems very pumped. New Moon is gonna be awesome!!


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