Walmart Really Does Have Everything

There are also some great still photos over at Robert


  1. Well heck.

  2. It’s Wal-mart…one L. FYI

  3. When was this? Was he really there or was that via satelite?

  4. Lizzie Mademe says:

    He was really at Walmart’s Corporate Headquarters as their Celebrity Guest. How nice that he was able to speak about New Moon, without everyone screaming, “I love you, Rob”. Maybe he will no longer think everyone in the US is crazy.

  5. LOL to Lizzie. I think it’s going to take a lot more than that to persuade Rob THAT. 😉

    Lucky people who were there. Me jealous. 🙁

  6. I wish he’d come back to the bay’d be like HELLA sweet lol

  7. Sugary Giggles says:

    Were those fans or WalMart employees? I saw a lot of male heads in the crowd there, and a few of em were taking pictures…

  8. I would have single handedly shamed Walmart had I been part of that crowd that day. I wouldn’t be able to hold the squeels at bay…and I’d probably wet myself. Ya…it’s a good thing I wasn’t there.

  9. Christina B. says:

    I live about a mile away from Wal-Mart Corporate Headquarters and I had no idea he was even in town. I am extremely depressed about not being able to see him. I am pretty sure I would have made a complete fool of myself.

  10. was that in Canada or the US?

  11.…walmart…woohoo walmart!

  12. it was for a share holders meeting at the headquaters. I had to look it up because if he was in town for a public appearance and I didnt know about it (go to Univ of Arkansas, so very nearby) I would have freaked.

  13. NezziLautnerBlack says:

    OMG i totally forgot THE DVD IS COMING OUT THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going t walmart though, think i am getting mine from target..
    anyway, idon’t really like rob but he knows taylor so… I probably would have squeeled anyway! why would he talk to shareholders who aren’t teen girls!?!?!??!

  14. I think its for some new twilight promo push walmart is going to be doing.. I’m sure plenty of parents there were taking pictures for their daughters.

  15. mmm i love me some rob pattinson =D i’m not sure if it’s the inhuman good looks, the insane amount of talent, or the sexy british accent, but he really knows how to get a girl’s blood pumping =P

  16. That was my Saturday to work but I opted to work at my desk instead of attending the meeting. Didn’t even know he was there until Monday. I could’ve just kicked myself.

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