Kristen’s Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Last night Kristen appeared on JImmy Kimmel live to talk about her recent projects The Cake Eaters, Adventureland

and of course New Moon.Β  TY to Melissa.



  1. I like this. It was funny. I prefer Kristen in live/video interviews. She’s much more real as a person. Magazine interviews make her sound like a snob or unthankful or whatever.

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says

    I LoVE HER!

  3. I completely agree with you Theresa πŸ˜€ Words are always twisted around in magazine articles, but when you see her live she’s an amazing person.

  4. I really think people take her the wrong way. They think she can’t get her words out when really she says the most amazing things! I love how she really gets her acting parts, that means shes dedicated. LOVE HER! πŸ™‚

  5. I also agree with all of you. She seems like she could be really funny! We love you Kristen!!!!!

  6. this is my favorite interview ye…its so funny! lol it love it when she says “its kinda funny” lol hahahah she awesome…..

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  8. i love her!! she is so real and down to earth. i understand how things she says gets taken the wrong way but love the fact she doesn’t sit around and kiss everyones butt like other young hollywood actresses.

    She really enjoys her job, which happens to be acting and its just an awkward, normal, beautiful girl.

  9. I love kristen, she’s so great…i love that she’s really intellectual and actually puts thought into her roles instead of just asking how much they pay lol

  10. This was awesome! Loved Kristen. πŸ™‚

  11. “and not the back seat of your car”
    she’s really bad with interveiws – all awkward πŸ™‚
    she’s amazing

  12. πŸ™‚

  13. I really think that Kristen is better live too, Theresa. Though, even live interviews can’t rid Kristen of her awkward demeanor. πŸ˜‰

    The clip was nice, and I think that Jimmy was GREAT. LOL. I was chuckling the whole time. I think Jimmy did some good with Kristen. πŸ™‚

  14. Kristen is okay. But, I thought she didn’t even read the book or heard of it until she got the part. But, I think I’m wrong.

  15. @ Amanda… she didnt read the books or anything until she got the part, but she is just as into it as we are…apperantly she went to used book stores and stuff and missed all of the twilight madness until she was offered the roll, but she is totally into it now and is excited about the roll…atleast thats what i have heard in interviews

  16. I think she’s really awesome! Great interview!

  17. She rocked this interview out! As well as that dress- hot. πŸ˜›

    She finally seems like she’s getting a little bit more comfortable… Practice makes perfect! lol- she was actually even pretty funny in a couple of spots πŸ™‚

  18. I guess I’m the only one who thought she looked like she didn’t want to be there lol. She has gotten better in interviews though.

  19. ahhh her interviews are all so awkward. but, you know that she is trying- i think that is just something that she doesn’t like to do. but- i think its harsh to say that shes a snob or something – i don’t get that AT ALL. she’s great.

  20. She’s growing on me. I think we’re all gettting used to her personality which is a very..this is who I am, hope you like it, if not then, sorry. I like her πŸ™‚

  21. I thought this was her best live interview to date. I think Jimmy helped alot. He is funny and relaxed and I think HIS demeanor helped her. I am definitely a Kristen fan.

  22. i love how she always seems awkward in her interviews!!! She seems like such a chill person and I’d be fun to hang out with her but I still think her acting is bad

  23. I am not a KS fan but this interview was definitely not her worst. I really don’t buy that she is a legit Twilight fan because she only read the first book before she filmed Twilight and I do not understand how anyone could stop at book 1. That is just my opinion of course. Yeah, Miriam, I agree…her acting is far from good (in my opinion).

    On a side note, how come she is never wearing makeup in her movies? Her face is not that feminine, but a little eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss can definitely make a big difference. Compare how she looks in interviews to how she looks in movies. I do not think she is at fault, it is the makeup artists (or lack thereof).

  24. Meh..this interview was a little better. But seriously, if we were to meet in real life I don’t think we could be friends. I’m pretty chill and she even bores me. At least watching her in this interview didn’t make me want to kill myself, like in past interviews.

  25. omg i cant believe the cake eaters is finally coming out. it was filmed in my hometown. im actually in the background of the trailer…it made me laugh. i forgot how bad my hair was 3 years ago lol.

  26. Outside of Chicago back in the day there was an Adventureland. I wonder if it’s coincidence or if it harkens back to that.

    I just wonder about her acting… in the movie she seems bored like in real life. She seems to have only one persona.

    Anyhow, she was sooo jittery. More talkative though which was nice, but a bundle of nerves. I wonder when it’ll get easier for her…

  27. tanner nicole says

    She did sooo much better in this interview than the letterman one. she was funny and not as, um..cold. lol still love her.

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