Forkfuls: Twilight Saga Tidbits

UK’s Glamour magazine is starting voting in  “The 2009 GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards” They will be honoring the best female talent from across the globe on June 2nd, but you have to vote to see who they will honor. It just so happens that Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, and Kristen Stewart are nominated in various categories. TY to Twilighters.

Catherine Hardwicke on being honored at the  Texas Film Awards: ““They told me I had to wear red, OK. I just found that out about a week ago. This is the only red thing I have, and it’s by Oscar de la Renta and I wore it to the Vatican to the premiere of ‘Nativity.'”

The vampires may be vegetarians, but most of the cast isn’t. They had a cast dinner at a steakhouse in Vancouver before heading out for the weekend. The mangament said, “They were a pleasant bunch, very courteous.”

Cover Boy Battle: Team Rob or Team Zach?


  1. I hate it when they make a Team Rob & a Team Zach.
    They’re 2 completely different people,
    how can you compare & say who’s better?

  2. @Andrea
    I agree with you Andrea. The whole thing is immature and juvenile. But, unfortunately, there are people who take that stuff seriously.

  3. thats what i was thinking andrea! but thats whats cool about the world many different forms of beautiful.

  4. NezziLautnerBlack says:

    MAN!! the site with the site with the cast eating out and stuff has like a million viruses and my computer almost crashed!!! YIKES!

  5. You know, the whole cover boy battle thing is really making me mad. I’m really not a fan of how the people who posted comments on the site think Twilight is the only thing Rob has done and will do in the future. They obviously haven’t done their research. And I agree you with you guys.. they are totally different and you can’t really compare.

  6. Yeah Aislinn, I agree. It’s stupid of them to think that the only thing Rob has done is Twilight. What about Little Ashes? And The Haunted Airman?

  7. being vegeterian helps me a lot in toning down my body fats and staying fit-‘.

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