Borders Special Edition DVD preview

The folks at Borders gave us a sneak peak at what exactly comes with the special edition DVD.  We’re thinking the cards are PERFECT for actor autographs if you are attending any of the upcoming Twilight conventions.

Don’t forget the Lexicon is going to be at 4 differnt Borders parties where we will be giving out some fantatic prizes from tee shirts to Twilight Movie Companions autotgraphed by Peter Facinelli, Justin Chon, and Ashley Greene. Get if you missed the details, get them here.


  1. OMG I cant wait to get mine!!!!! it looks so pretty! yay!

  2. I really want this one. I didn’t preorder it from Borders early enough, so if I order online it’ll take longer to get. 🙁
    I think I’m getting the Target 3 disc as a gift. idk yet. I want both. 🙂

  3. eh, i’ve seen all of those stills before.
    and as much as i love the look of that dvd set, i’m still happy with my target 3-disc order.
    i personally think its a better deal, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

  4. The HTIC says:

    what happened to the extra bonus borders disc?

  5. yea..i was just thinking about that HTIC

  6. On my computer it says the video is no longer available 🙁

  7. nvm, I tried like 5 times and I just tried again and it worked 🙂
    I like those pictures, but i’m getting mine from barnes and noble

  8. omg, now i really can’t wait till the dvd comes out!! it all looks so pretty inside XD lol

  9. Wait I’m confused… I don’t know if I sound slow,but I thought the Border’s DVD was 3-disc for whoever got the wristbands? Is it 2 or 3 discs?

  10. Those cards look nice. 🙂

  11. That looks awesome 🙂 Unfortunately, I couldn’t preorder mine early so I’m getting the Target 3-disk DVD because it comes with an Itunes download

  12. OO. Doesn’t that look nice? I can’t wait to go to the party! 🙂

    HTIC, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it magically disappeared on us. 😉 But seriously, what happened?

  13. Alu Rathbone says:

    Just an idea, maybe you should have Lexicon people in all the major major cities… like New York City, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Houston, and Dallas.

    So that instead of the Nashville and the few other cities you will be at that only a few fans get to benefit from.

    Again this was just an idea. So don’t kill me.

  14. I am really mad at Borders! I contacted my local store today and they told me that even though I pre-ordered my DVD early and choose to pick it up at my local store I am still not guarantee to get it at the Midnight Party. Instead, I have to come to the store at normal business hours on the 20th to get this ticket(not a wristband) or else I am out of luck. I am working from 9 to 9 that day so how am I going to get my hands on that ticket?

    I am asking Borders what’s the use of a telling us to pre-order early if it doesn’t guarantee getting the DVD on March 21st? I am going to cancel my order and get it at Target instead.

  15. if you pre-order the dvd to have it picked up in the store, it’s because the borders warehouse will ship your dvd on march 21st to the store of your choice. the dvds that borders gets before march 21st are for people who didn’t pre order and are there for those who want to buy a copy day of, or afterwards. if you want to get your copy day of, you need to get a wristband.

  16. It is frustrating for us fans to not have an email address for Stephanie. I know we must be a pain, yet, we can give her ideas that may be good for her movies. Example: I thought and I have heard the best song for Edward coming back in New Moon. Yes, it is old, yet…it is so passionate! Exactly the mood and desire Bella and Edward have. It is Barbara Lewis’s song, “Hello Stranger” You must listen! It is sooo perfect! even as it is old! Like Edward! Steph herself listened to the beach boys when she was writing Breaking Dawn. Why not this one? If you grasp the pain and love and desire between Edward and Bella, you will grasp this song.

  17. It does not seem that great. Thanks for the video I will definetly be getting my DVD from Target. The pictures are great and everything but I have already seen those pics before. I just wish Target would have a DVD party.

  18. Julie M. says:

    The Borders DVD also comes with special footage exclusive to Borders that isn’t on the other DVD’s. I do like the other extra stuff that Target has to offer and I’ve already preordered it from Borders, but I think I’m going to be frivolous and get the Target one also! 🙂

  19. The box looks beautiful.And the pics are great too.I can’t wait to get mine!

  20. Though i would LOVE to have those pictures to hang in my room, the one from target is a better deal and I get an itunes download with it…

  21. muy bueno el dvd , y conhicido que tendra el dvd especial ???

  22. now i am really confused.
    who is offering what now?
    what is borders offering (what happened to bonus dvd)?
    how do you go about getting it (pre-order for in store, wristbands…)?

  23. Yes I’m getting the Target 3 disc DVD also!!! I was gonna pre-order from borders but when I read that it wasn’t a guarantee I skipped it and went for Target!!! Woo hoo itunes download!!!

  24. I just went to my local Borders, and I’m getting all sorts of different answers. One employee is saying there’s going to be a ton of the Border’s ed. to a small amount of them. I’m also hearing they might be handing out the red bracelets earler in the day to not until after 10 pm. I even had one employee telling me they already sold out of the spec. ed dvds.


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