Forkfuls: Bits and Pieces of Twilight & New Moon News

Jamie Kennedy thinks that Jennifer Love Hewitt is his Bella.

Kristen Stewart wants eco-friendly sneakers.

Rachelle LeFevre is a flaming redhead again and meeting fans in Vancouver.

Justin Chon opens in Crossing Over this weekend. Go check it some newly released stills of Justin.


According to Jackson Rathbone filming may start a little earlier than planned. Also, Jackson’s first Criminal Minds
photo surfaces.


  1. Well that jamie kennedy comment was really sweet, but how in the world did he get Jennifer Love Hewitt? Is that strange to anyone else?

  2. i LOVE Rachelles hair!!! and i am sooo excited that they are starting to film early!!!

  3. Can I just say that Justin Chon is the coolest guy ever!!!!! I met him at the Twilight convention in Feb. and well let me tell you he’s super nice and has a awesome personality =)

    We joked around about his lines on the movie and he ended up writing on the autograph he gave me that I can cry on his shoulder any time =) super cool guy…love him too!

  4. NuttyNetty says:

    lol that’s an awesome story Gwen 😀

    also i loved the comment about bella as well 🙂

  5. I love twilight

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    It looks like Rachelle’s hair looks closer to that of what Victoria’s is supposed to be. I loved that Bella comment, so sweet. Oh, and that’s cool that Kristen is trying to go environment friendly, if that is actually the case and not just to make a statement.

  7. AriLovesEdward says:

    I can’t believe how “down low” this project New Moon is. For twilight I knew every fraking detail, from wehere and when they are filming to who was going to be in it.. For New Moon I still have no clue who the Volturi are being played by, and filming starts monday! The suspense is killing me!!!!!!

  8. NezziLautner says:

    love ’em all!! me too i wish they had more details. i mean we can’t even know where they doing frickin’ anything!! UGH!! not like i would be able to go anyway.. .just good to know

  9. Filming will start on the 16th! 😀

  10. Why couldn’t they have given Rachelle red hair to begin with. It just makes it weird because she had blonde hair in the first movie and now all of a sudden her hair changed colors(which cant happen for vampires). They should have avoided that flaw to begin with in the first movie because she had a fairly known part. I didn’t understand how they could given Victoria blonde hair in Twilight when it said she had firey red hair. Plus her hair needs to be a darker red, but at least its red lol.

  11. Rachelle’s hair should’ve been that color in Twilight.Now she’ll really look like Victoria.

  12. Amber Pederson says:

    AAWWWW! JAMIE! I just got done watching a GW episode today, so that makes it DOUBLY cute!


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