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Buddy TV, whose reporters have actually read all the books, have come up with a list of the 10 Ways To Turn New Moon Into An Awesome Movie. They came up with a great reason at number 10 and it keeps getting better.

10. Victoria’s plan must loom ominously.


  1. Great suggestions! I specifically agree with #1 (selfish reason, really)-at least the part to show a slightly happier Edward. I know this book is mostly dark, but the Twilight the movie, i thought, was darker than it should’ve been. We need to see a more happy Edward at least at the end. Lighten it up a little Rob (even though I know you’re looking forward to playing Edward darker-no pun intended).

    I also liked how they mentioned the scenes w/ Charlie. Billy Burke was definitely a scene stealer. He had Charlie down.

  2. I agree. In the book there was more sarcasm and friendly conversation between Edward and Bella but in the book it was so much darker. 😀

  3. These are great suggestions, especially #1…MORE Rob! Love that they mentioned the proposal and Alice.

    It’s going to be depressing enough (my least favorite book) so we really are going to have to see Bella and Edward extremely happy at the end. Rob and Kristen are going to have to get over their “corny” phobia and do some corny love…because I NEED to see it. And if I don’t get some heart felt I love you’s, I will scream.

  4. But the real proposal is in Eclipse. The one in New Moon is just something Bella and Edward mention while trying to make some kind of compromise. I’m not THAT excited for that part. I’d be more excited for the real proposal in Eclipse with the ring and everything.

  5. Lissete, good point but the proposal in New Moon is fun and bantery. It also shows that Bella really does have Edward forever now…that he’s not leaving again.

  6. for me, new moon is all about one thing. italy, italy, italy…volterra has the potential to be the single best page-to-screen coming to life of all the books…

  7. I absolutely love this list. Spot on! It covered everything I had in mind. Even Charlie (I’ve always thought about how torn up he would be. I love his conversation with Alice in New Moon. It really shows his paternal side towards Bella and how it’s developed.)

    Hasn’t it been stated that Edward is only going to be in two scenes? Beginning and end, I suppose?

  8. Amazing list and absolutely dead on. It’s awfully rare to find writers who take the series seriously and know what the frak they’re talking about without making it into a joke at the expense of the work or fans that love the work.

    Though the script is done, how amazing would it be if it captured half of what, the writer, Kim Wetter wrote.

    Especially the Charlie scenes. Rosenberg has said on more than one occasion that Charlie turned out, unexpectedly to be one of her favorite characters. And with Billy Burke playing him beautifully, I hope we do see more of him.

    And an absolute fabulous idea of flashbacks of Edward & Bella in happier times. We, readers of the series, knows it has happened but friends I’ve turned on to the movie who haven’t read the books, should see those two in love to understand their suffering. And I wouldn’t mind seeing it either!

  9. Twilight Nymph says

    I agree with all those suggestions, they’re great, specially number 1. he he

  10. I’m all for the 10 suggestions, especially #1! I hope NM lives up to all our expectations and I plan on rereading NM over Spring Break to freshen my memory.

    I’m wondering how they’ll film the scenes from Bella’s house and the Cullen’s house now though since they’ll only be filming in Vancouver. It might be easier to film just inside house scenes, but how would they get another exact Cullen house? I guess only time will tell.

  11. More Edward is fine with me. I was talking about this with my friend before and at first I though that I don’t want them to put him in more than he is in the book.
    But in Twilight we haven’t seen them that much in love, we have to see THAT in New Moon so we could understand why is Bella so devastated when he leaves. I mean she is totally out it for 4 months, and then there’s that Jacob period when she also struggles.
    And I would love to se flash backs also.
    And about hallucinations, I think it would be great if we see Edward talking to her, he doesn’t have to be clear, he can be blurred or something.
    I’ve heard people say before if they put him in her hallucinations then we won’t feel that he is gone or something. I think the opposite, I think it would be heart breaking, she loves him so much, but he isn’t there, he isn’t real, and she imagines him….I don’t know but it is very sad to me.
    I mean I’m not saying this just because I like Rob (and I do haha) and I would love to see him more on screen, but because it is a movie, it is a visual media. And I think changes will be good for New Moon, of course if it’s done with TASTE and I hope they wont over do it.
    I so agree about Alice, I hope they show us that they’ve become friends. And we have to see great effects for the wolfs.
    I love all the suggestions, they are all spot on.:D

  12. stealth pooch says

    Great suggestions. There is definitely the threat of having another Revolutionary Road on our hands (great film but it made you want to kill yourself). I agree about Charlie, I’d not considered it much before but he definitely has the potential to add some much needed light relief.

    I think I’d also add the Italian set however. It’s really important to the story, absolutely stunning location-wise, and gives the director a chance to reference other vampire myths and stories.

  13. I think all of those were excellent suggestions. I also think they need to pull a little attention to Bella hearing Edward’s voice when she does her “stupid” moments. I also feel that Italy has to be big. Not just the Volturi, but Bella’s emotions when she trying to race across to get to the clock tower and Edward in time. Those are just a few of the things that I also claim important. If anyone has any suggestions and would like their opinion, so to my site and leave comments on the article. I’ll put a post up with everyone’s comments. I feel everyone’s opinions matter. The movie is made for us, so our voice should be heard as well!

  14. Devon061381 says

    I had a huuuuuge stupid grin on my face after reading those 10 suggestions, because they are so dead-on!!! I 100% agree with every point.

    This is making me extremely giddy and excited for a whole new round of Twilight Tuesdays, to see what cast and crew are up to while filming, via Larry!

  15. The list was absolutely great! However, I can’t really let it get me too excited, because the script has been written already… 🙁


  16. I agree with angel

  17. Totally agree with Angel….lol

  18. Rachel A. says

    Angel…hopefully they already had these things in mind before they started! 🙂

    I agree with a lot of you, I hope that they make Italy the highlight. Like some of you, New Moon was my least favorite book…I have totally skipped past the Jacob parts several times when I have reread the book (can you tell that I am not a fan of his?). I trust Weitz’s ability to cast and I am excited to see who the other Vulturi are. I think we will see more talent with the Italians than anyone else so far.

    Flashbacks of Edward and Bella together are a good idea. The first movie did nothing to develop their romance (weird isn’t it?) so we definitely need some sort of acknowledgment that they are in fact in love with each other.

    One more thing, they either need to tone down Edward’s lipstick, or put some on Bella. In Twilight he looked like the girl and she looked like the boy. :-/

  19. I have hope hopes that this new twilight movie New Moon will fill in those gaps that the first movie left. although the movie was good, it could have been better. I wish they had shown Edward’s mind reading ability more and how he is so protective of Bella. I did miss some of the “gentlemanly” things he did for Bella which in the book she liked. And it’s also a great contrast of Edward, suave and cool versus Jacob impulsive, brash, and typical teenage without the old world charm which is all Edward.

    i can’t wait for New Moon. 🙂

  20. I agree with all these suggestions, to the people who are worried because the script has been written. Don’t worry, don’t you know they do rewrites all the time, if something is not working they’ll rewrite it, I think they call it daily’s. They do this on movies and TV. shows all the time.

  21. GenevieveCullen says

    WOW, THANK YOU BUDDY TV! Someone who actually reads the books before spouting their two cents!

    I agree with all of their suggestions. I’m a little worried about Edward’s scenes. As much as I love Edward and seeing Rob on screen, I’m worried that they might try to oversaturate the movie with him and downplay Jacob’s building relationship with Bella. It’s going to be a fine line to walk. I really hope that the two scenes Rob refers to is before he leaves and when he comes back with his “presence” through the middle as voice-overs and flashbacks.

    I want them to stay true to the book and not just cash in on our obsession with Edward/Robert.

  22. I agree with everything that was suggested. I think there is a definite need to balance out the darkness with some lighter moments. But the book, at its core is dark!(there is no way of getting around that people!) Don’t want them to loose that.

    It’s actually my favourite book of the series. It’s got the true essence of classic love novels of two true loves separated and what them to bring that pain and angst we feel when reading the book to screen.

    A good scene that should be included is one that is an extra scene stephenie meyer wrote on her official website of when we see edward’s reaction when rosalie phones to inform him on bella’s death…just a thought 🙂

  23. teamswitzerlandxo says

    No.1 yes! … obviously
    I agree the volturi should be scary but not horror-film-chainsaw-murderer scary.Like quiet and deadly scary.Ooo . . .
    I think Taylor should portray Jacob like he’s more outspoken, kind of like a rebel ’cause he is in a way but in fairness, we didn’t really pick up on that in Twilight.
    Definitely more Alice. All I can really remember about her from the film was when Bella met the Cullens and the baseball scene when she says ‘it’s time’ and then pitches (is that right? I don’t know much about baseball)maybe i left out some.ill check when the dvd comes out.
    I’m still really excited for New Moon , though!

  24. I agree with you Lisa about the contrast between Edward and Jacob. (One reason I was happy they cast Rob Pattinson is because I figured he would have that whole “gentlemanly” manner thing down as an Englishman as opposed to some cute, but ill-mannered teenaged American boy. But I didn’t see enough of that on the screen.)

    I also agree with you Claire. I hope, hope, hope Melissa Rosenburg read the phone conversation between Edward and Rosalie that’s on SM’s website. It’s incredibly moving and it’s got to be in the movie! Otherwise, great job Buddy TV…you totally nailed it.

  25. good list!

    personally, i dont really mind if edward isn’t in it all that much. yes, i know everyone loves robert pattinson, but edward is out of the new moon BOOK for ages…i jsut hope they dont try and change it too much so that it fails…they’d have to put a bunch of extra stuff in to make it work….

  26. I’m sure Rosenberg found a way in infuse more “Edward” without taking away from Bella’s heartache. I don’t believe for a minute that Rob is only in two scenes. That would be the death nell for this movie and they know it. We have got to see and hear I love you’s before Edward leaves though.

  27. Woooo NEW number one: New actors for Edward and Bella. THAT would make New Moon about 80 times better. But that’s just me.

  28. I liked the ten suggestions.
    But, sorry guys! I want to see less of Edward in New Moon. Edward lovers just hear me out:
    This is the time when Bella is devastated by Edward’s decision to remove himself completely from Bella’s life. I feel that in order to get this across and be true to the book-Edward needs to be heard but not seen.
    Here’s why: When Edward returns Bella is not the same “human girl/woman” that he left at the beginning of the book. She has “survived” his abrupt departure(granted it was excruciating for her).
    What so many Edward lovers fail to acknowledge in New Moon is the healing that Jacob Black brings to Bella’s life at a time when she needs it the most.
    Say what you will about Jacob- he’s the entire reason that Edward has a Bella to come back to. Without Jacob’s presence in her life, Edward would have returned to Forks to find Bella a shell of her former self.
    New Moon needs to focus on Jacob and Bella because Edward comes home and realizes he has a legitimate rival, even if Bella can’t acknowledge it herself. Here begins the triangle! that propels Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…;)

  29. I love the suggestions.I agree with Avery.I also think that there shouldn’t be TOO much Rob in New Moon because then the movie wouldn’t be true to the book.And I don’t want New Moon to be ruined because of that.

  30. Chrystina says

    I hope I don’t get shot at for saying so, but I really hope this story is told better on the big screen. I did enjoy Twilight (the film), but I think it was because I knew the back side, I read the books, I was in love with the characters.. but I don’t think the story was told very well or shown otherwise. There was no character depth told. It felt like a summary and you had to already be a fan to love it. I also think there were too many real deep parts that were ruined by bad acting. Like when Bella steps in front of the fan and Edward looks like he wants to kill her, every time I saw the movie, the whole theater was laughing at RPattz face. I wouldn’t change the actors… I just hope that New Moon is told better… good luck to the new director!

  31. Good point Chrystina, EVERYONE in the theater was laughing at all the parts that were supposed to be serious because they were so poorly done. I was wondering if the movie got the same reactions everywhere (aka, people in the theater couldn’t stop laughing because of how bad it was), and it looks like there was at least one other area! 🙂

    I am totally positive that Weitz will do much better than Hardwicke. I am pretty sure Summit could not do any worse than her (no offense to her as a person).

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