Forkfuls: The New Moon Cast

SPOILER TV There are various photos of the cast as they came outside during a break today. You can see them in various stages of make-up, wig, and wardrobe tests. The first pictures of Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner in their wigs. We are also wondering if they have gone with a wig for Jackson Rathbone since part of his hair is shaved close to his head and is dark for his role in The Last Airbender which he is shooting at the same time. TV to Meggz

EXTRA has Edi, Rachelle, and Kellan

DVD Extra From Summit

MTV has the Comic Con behind the scenes and Larry Carrol walks down memory lane.


  1. Wow…both Rob and Kristin smoking. I guess you truly do learn something new everyday. Didn’t know they smoked, but I guess I do now. :/

  2. WHERE ARE THEY FILMING? I live in Vancouver and I wanna visit the set ๐Ÿ™

  3. carol evans says:

    Yea I saw a pic of Kellan and Peter smoking tooo.

  4. Ick. I knew Rob, Kristin, Jackson, and a few other smoke, but I didn’t know Kellan does too. It’s so gross, and makes them not even appealing anymore. Why do so many movie stars smoke? Yuck.

    But, it’s cool to see them started on this!

  5. lirael cullen says:

    Its quite a turn-off seeing them all smoke. And i agree with Anna. They just fell a few steps down from my favorite actresses and actors..*sigh* oh well..
    Glad, things are finally starting to show up for New Moon though..

  6. Let them do what they want to do.

  7. Gross! All of them are smoking!

  8. Huh, I thought I would be the only one who noticed the smoking. The shots are probably all from “smoke” breaks. But I have to say that I think I can already see the improvements with the hair and makeup. I agree with someone who said that these are all beautiful people in real life, but somehow twilight made them look awful (not entirely), but its exciting to see the changes already.

  9. No one said they can’t do what they want to do, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion on it. I just sit here thinking “They all must REEK!”

  10. Eck. The nasty turn-off habit of smoking. First Kristen and then the rest of the cast.
    Let’s hope Taylor isn’t next. Of course I can’t do anything about it…

    Now what about those wigs and costumes? I’m having mixed feelings. Can’t wait for more though.

  11. I have to admit to being disappointed to see so many of them smoking as well. Especially since my 12 year old loves all the actors. Not that I expect them to all be perfect.

  12. Preach to the choir Pacey!

    Let them do what they bloody please. Everyone and their mother smoke in Hollywood-this isn’t news.

    I DON’T condone smoking, the mere smell of it drives me bonkers. HOWEVER, if I had 3,000 fans girls screaming at me AND paps constantly tracking me down, and all the pressure that is on this franchise I would:

    EASILY swallow a half a pack a day AND keep a flask on me. If this is the way they want to releive their stress or pass their time, may I ask? But who are WE to judge?? It’s not like Emmett is going to pull out a bong in the middle of “The Vote” scene.

  13. Jennifer says:

    So do all the actors smoke? I wonder what the pull of smoking is? Yuck! It’s too bad really, my opinion of them just went down a few nothces. But I guess the choice is theirs. I just hope they see how many young people look up to them.

  14. Sterling Snow says:

    Aww, it’s disappointing to see them all smoking.:(
    It makes me sad.

    I’m glad to finally have set pictures, though. One step closer to filming.

  15. Ew. I hope Taylor doesn’t join the bandwagon and start smoking, too. I couldn’t stand for him to be destroyed by that >_> (I’m part of the ANTI-smoking (etc.) club at my school, and anything about it is a HUGE turn-off. I was disappointed enough when I realized my new coworkers almost all smoked.)

  16. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    This is really bugging me Kirsten, Nikki, and Robert are all someking. This is insane very soon will see Taylor someking to cus he hangs out to much with Kristen and Nikki.
    sad, sad, sad
    i know its cool, but theirs other ways to heat up like hot coffee and hot coco.
    this really disapoints me.

  17. So is Ashley the only Cullen that doesn’t smoke? I mean Rob, Jackson, Kellan, Peter, and Nikki… and then Kristen. I have friends that smoke and it doesn’t make me want to smoke, but I feel like some fans and young girls love these actors so much that they will try to be like them. And I know that the actors shouldn’t have to change who they are and they were not aware of all these pictures being taken, I just REALLY wish they didn’t smoke when the papparazzi takes pics of them……. on their own time & not knowing they are being watched or photographed is fine.

    I don’t smoke and I’m not against other people’s choices to smoke, but in some other pictures (not these) I wish they wouldn’t smoke so openly. I’m proud of Kellan though, he at least tried to keep his under the radar, I never knew he was a smoker- everyone else is very open with it.

    Sorry so long……. just wanted to make sure people didn’t think I was totally for or against smoking

  18. not that there is any good reason for smoking, but when you are on long sets all day in hair and make-up, along with shoots and filming. A lot of actors/models smoke. It’s not good for you, but it doesn’t turn me off to them. Im sure a few of them only do it while making a movie.

    Anyway, back to NM. Nikki’s wig looks so much better! I love it! It seems like they are learning from mistakes made in Twilight so I’m very happy about the movie.

    More set pictures please!

  19. Rochelle says:

    I went through all of those pics and then immediately headed to the comments to see if anyone else reacted the way I did about finding out they all smoked. (Except Jackson, does he smoke?) I am searching around in my brain for something to say but all I can come up with is “Why?” It really sits poorly with me and kinda disappoints me. Obviously they are free to do what they want, but it is such a horrible habit. And smelly. Who really wants to meet stinky people? Anyway … I am with Banana, anyone know where they are filming? I am just across the border and need to make my way up even if they will all be smoking and smelling like yuck:)

  20. Forgot to add, the hair and make-up looks great!!! I’m always nervous that things wont look the same the first time but if it doesn’t look exactly the same it looks better! So exciting!!!

  21. The hair looks way better this time around. But I am really disappointed to see most of them smoking. When most of your fans are young it is not something you want them to see you doing. However, I was so happy to see that Taylor wasn’t smoking, but he is under age so who knows what he will do later on. Hopefully he won’t pick that up!

  22. Stefanie says:

    Nikki’s wig look wayyyyy better!

  23. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    were i said cool i mean cold
    my bad

  24. I like Ashley’s hair better this time. Too bad Rob’s hair didn’t grow all the way out in time. Still looks good though.

    I love that everyone is disappointed in them smoking… just shows that L.A. is on a completely different wavelength than the rest of the world (a.k.a. reality).

  25. the cig industry is doing flips right now… lol better than an ad they payed 100 million for … heck they might have payed for this

    well… cant change others but if i was a role model to that many kids i would try not to smoke during a wardrobe test.. just my opinion

  26. cristy_702 says:

    Wow I can’t beleive almost all of them smoke (especially Rob)! That really changes how I think about them… ๐Ÿ˜ก

  27. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    Is THAT what jacaob wears in NM??? I hope they’re just experimenting… I mean my boy taylor would look perfect in anything but i mean what was THAT?!
    the wig looks way better though and believe me, if I have anything to do with it, taylor will NEVER smoke or do anything else stupid… even if his BIGGEST fan (and lover) ME wasn’t around, his parents are really strict and they’ve taught him good morals and values. thats one of the reasons why I am sooo obsessed with him
    <3 TAYLOR <3

  28. LOL but love all the wardrobes except for taylors awful wig… but they will shave his head soon enough and it will be good again… cant wait for NM

  29. tsk. tsk. I realize smoking relieves stress, but some of these guys are so young. Yay for Ashley, Taylor and Jackson for not smoking. There are cooler ways to die. But it’s a tough industry and if that’s the worst of it, then good for them!

    The wigs look great. Nikki’s is spot on and I like Taylor’s better now than in TW.

    It must’ve been really cold out. Or does Rob have naturally horrific posture? We’d share the affliction, you think I’d be able to spot something like that.

  30. Meh, so they smoke. They need something to deal with the stress. They’ll all have lung cancer and holes in their throats later in life. At least they’re not alcoholics.

    I think the wigs and makeup looks great so far. I can’t wait to see more. I’m surprised to see anything this early in filming. Excited to see what else we’ll get to see soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I actually think Taylor’s wig looks better. It kinds looks like plastic in TW. And everyone else’s hair looks much better too, but I hope they keep Alice’s hair the same it was so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And on a random note does anyone know if Ashley smokes? I’m just wondering since it seems like everyone besides her and Taylor do.

  32. I can’t believe they all smoke. I only saw 4 people not smoking(Rosalie, Alice, Jacob, Jasper).
    if that was Nikki in her wig than I don’t think anybody will be able to see the difference so she has nothing to worri abbout. They all are going to do awesome.

  33. Wow, surprised most everyone had the same comment to share. Soooo disappointed in the smoking. I thought it was just Kristen and Nikke, but now Kellan, Peter and Rob! Oh guys, a little part of my heart just wilted!

    Nikki looks Sooooo much better with that wig!

  34. oh, as nezzi4teamtaycob said, I think Taylor has had too many good values instilled in him to not smoke. and with how athletic he’s been since small (football, baseball, martial arts) and how hard he worked at buffing up those 30 lbs, it would seem out of character for him to smoke.

  35. Pretty sure Rob has always smoked…

  36. I will stay away from what the actors do with their personal lives and focus on Twilight ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say…I am LOVING the hair and makeup. Nikki’s wig looks fantastic! I love Ashley’s wig too! Cute!

  37. Is that Peter’s actual hair or do you think he’s wearing a wig as well?

  38. Rachel A. says:

    Breaking News Just In! Smoking is harmful to your body, and everyone that is around you when you smoke is subjected to the same dangers. Oh wait, didn’t we find that out over 20 years ago?

    As far as the cast looks: Taylor’s wig looks at least 1000% better, I didn’t mind Nikki’s hair in Twilight, this looks fine, Jackson’s hair looks kinda like an old man (hopefully it won’t in NM though). I was hoping that they would make Kristen more feminine in this film…looks like they have not.

  39. Rachel A. says:

    p.s. glad to see that a lot of the twilight fans are smart enough to not smoke ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Good to see things are rolling along. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I think the cullens look much better!!!! wow! especially nikki and ashley look great!!

  42. OK, I don’t know why you are all obsessing over them smoking. It’s a habit. Granted, a bad one, but a habit nonetheless. And they can all do whatever they want – they are people with their own lives.
    Plus, it must be stressful living with the fact that every move you make is put on the internet.
    I was excited to see these pictures – I can’t believe it is actually starting!!! AH!

  43. I LOVE Nikkis hair. It looks so much better!

  44. It’s just ick, that’s all. Jackson smokes too, I saw pictures of him on the Twilight set smoking.

    I too think Rosalie & Jacob’s wigs look so much better. I didn’t even notice Jackson, going back to look.

  45. who is the girl with dark hair in the black dress with yellow carrying bags? there’s a few pictures of her and i have no idea who that is

  46. ew. i can’t believe how many of them smoke!

  47. The fact that they’re all smokers really is irrelevant.

  48. Jane volturi says:

    NO KELLAN NO!!!! DONT SMOKE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. HAHA Rachel A’s comment is too funny!! I do think Kristen looks fine though, she’s so cute to me I don’t think she needs any improvements. Ashley’s is the biggest improvement, she looks hot whereas before she looked too elfish.

  50. Jackson is playing the part of Sokka in The Last Airbender and if they are keeping the same hairstyle that was on the animated character, his hair would only be shaved on the sides and back with the top long. I wasn’t able to tell from the pictures that his hair was any different than before. Less fluffy, but that’s a good thing.

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