Dakota Fanning On Forbes List

Dakota Fanning made Forbes’ list of the 10 most valuable young stars list in the number 3 position. She’s right behind Harry Potter’s Dan Radcliffe and Miley Cyrus.  According to Forbes:

“All actors considered here were age 19 or younger at the time the survey results were released Feb. 10. More importantly, what they all have in common is range, says producer Rick Alvarez, whose credits include the upcoming film Dance Flick. Helping them is the fact that today’s audiences are able–and want–to see young actors in different kinds of roles.”


  1. i’m sorry, dakota is behind miley cyrus?
    what the…?
    dakota’s a professional, miley can’t act or sing to save her life.

    in case you haven’t noticed, i strongly dislike that girl.

  2. Elle,
    I certainly agree.
    I will admit that Dakota Fanning isn’t my favorite actress, but at least she can actually ACT!
    Sadly, however, Miley brings in the bucks because of her disney tween army… ::Shutter::

  3. NuttyNetty says:

    Elle and Sensei,
    I agree, too. lol. Dakota is a serious actress who gets her roles in movies because of extremely good talent and not only because a gazillion elementary kids like her *cough*miley*cough*

    i really like dakota, she should’ve been number one because unlike daniel radcliff and “hannah montana” she has shown that she can portray different characters and actually bring them to life. sorry but i don’t see daniel as anyone else other than Harry Potter. and i can most CERTAINLY not see Miley as anything BUT Hannah Montana o_0

  4. NuttyNetty says:

    to make things clear, i am not bashing Daniel 🙂 i love him and the Harry Potter films =]

  5. NuttyNetty,
    I can see what you mean about Daniel, but I think that’s only because we’ve all known him as Harry Potter for sooooooooo long. I think (at least, I hope) once the HP series is over, he’ll be able to show us more of what he can do.
    Miley, however, I don’t see that happening with.

  6. NuttyNetty & Sensei,
    I feel what you say about Daniel, but he has played other roles like in December Boys & Equus, which was COMPLETELY different than HP.

  7. ceecee,
    sadly, I’ve never seen either, so I can’t judge.

  8. dakota is awesome, i can’t bwlieve she wasn’t number 1, miley is more comedic, daniel’s awesome
    too, it would have been hard to put in order. except miley would definately have been third. shes never done any acting outside of comedy has she?

  9. Miley Cyrus? Who comes up with these lists?!

  10. Edwardian99 says:

    OKey i’m sorry but honestly…Dakota is BEHIMD Miley?! r u joking?

  11. Rachel A. says:

    Yes, I do agree, Dakota is definately more dynamic and talented (and less annoying) than Miley Cyrus. But the girl (MC) is very valuable…her concerts sell out in a matter of minutes, she has tons of merchandise, and she is barely 16. I do think she has a good voice, and while I find her acting over-exaggerated and annoying…she is definately more interesting to watch than the female lead of Twilight. Obviously Forbes was taking in a bunch of factors when they compiled this list (including ability to act, make money, fanbase, etc).

  12. I just can’t see that Dakota is behind Miley on the list. Miley can not sing – she can lipsync. She has had a double at one of her concerts who came out on stage for her. But you’re right, she does sell out concerts. However Rachel A, she is so annoying to watch in interviews. She comes across as a spoiled little kid who thinks the world revolves around her. She’s not genuine. She can’t act. I would much rather watch Kristen any day. She’s intelligent and real. So she’s shy and people give her a hard time because of it. She is an actress who has been in many movies and has proven herself.

  13. WHAT? Come on Miley Cyrus? Are you kidding me? Shes too immature and can’t act. Why is Dakota behind her? I think Dakota would do a way better job then Miley could do. Just let Miley stick to her little “Hannah Montana” show. I don’t know, but it just seems like she would ruin the movie. & I agree with Kate, at least Kristen CAN act. But it’s their choice if they want to ruin the movie and have Miley in it.

  14. Rachel A. says:

    Kristen’s ability to act is debatable. In my opinion she is neither dynamic or talented. But obviously there are people out there that think otherwise.

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